The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 464 462:Victory Had Already Been Decided

Flames raged around the place.

Needles were struck all over the person's body.

His veins bulge and mana swirled around him and got sucked as if there was a black hole.

All the pores of his body seemed to be open and mana was pulled into it and transmitted to the body.

Alex spat a mouthful of dark lumpy substance and got rid of all the impurities his body had accumulated over the month.

Terrifying gusts swept all around the place and reddish mana ensheathed him wholly filled with destructiveness.

He opened his eyes and glowed and soon his body that was radiating flames unexpectedly disappeared along with the stoppage of the flow of the mana.

For a moment, everything returned to nothingness as if he was a common man without any power or mana.

And soon a crimson appeared over his head which soon disappeared along with the mana.

But only Alex knew just how much stronger he had become. He had burnt his flesh and pushed his muscle beyond the limit of human endurance.

Using the elixirs had broadened his mana vessel greatly which he further enhanced using the poison treatment to get rid of the waste circulating in his vessels.

He only had a minor breakthrough. Though there was no change in his realm, the improvement he had achieved here was beyond the breakthrough

in a realm and more than that he was able to condense more mana into his core making it a small red-hot sun that stored the fiery mana and he was also one step closer to creating his technique.

[Astral Starlight]

The technique that he had invented was to due the sudden inspiration while dealing with the Goddess of war, though he is far from stepping into stage 1 of it.

Instead of rushing ahead to make it through, he honed all his skills and practised those that he wasn't able to use before due to his limited strength.

Alex stood from his seat and stretched his body a bit.

Alex raised his fist and with a smirk, he clenched his fist.


Taking his position, he threw a punch towards the sky. As he drew the punch, the sound of the air being ripped apart was heard followed by a cracking sound akin to breaking a barrier of sound.


"Oop!" Alex muttered as he observed the damage that occurred in the sky.


Quite near to the place where the battle was going, a dense amount of demonic and dark energy intervened with each other.

The place looked like a spot descended from hell with a suffocating aura to it.

No vegetation was present on this land. Everything starting from soil to air was black with a rotten and disgusting odour.

It looked like an abyss filled with nothing but the filth of the world.

The Fortress of the Defence line which humans had inhabited and used by Kinley forces had now become a breeding ground for monsters and a resting place for demons.

"So, in the end, you are telling me that the ones who are fighting with Kinley were slowly falling apart."

The demon in charge of the whole operation stared at the two individuals standing in front of him.

Halton, who was in charge of the frontier, took charge against Kinkey forces and was now hanging his head down as if he had committed a grave sin.

While the other one stood straight with a haughty attitude without any care.

Angelina smiled seductively and spoke, "What can you expect from this incompetent man?"

"Both you as well as your lower part are useless."

Halton felt the blood rushing over his head and he shouted"Angelica, don't you dare."

"An old hag-like is too distasteful to arouse anyone. You are too ugly for my brother to rise."

"What did you say? Say that again and see if I don't crush your ball."Angelina screamed with a distorted expression.

"Both of you shut up?"Beig screamed in anger.

"Our army is equal to the other side and on top of that we have those monsters so why are we falling behind."

"Why are you asking me? My side is doing well"

"My troops are keeping the Arkham in check, unlike this asshole."Angelica snorted and folded her head over her chest causing her two big assets to jiggle.

The Succubus was enjoying herself drinking the blood of the enemies on the battlefield but had to come here due to the sudden call of this man.

Halton stepped forward and tried to appease Beig's anger.

"The reason we are losing is because of that Ex Saintess of humans. Her presence is quite dominating."

"Her aura is weakening the miasma and the undead as well as suppressing our demonic energy and at the same time she is healing the wounded."

"She is too difficult to handle alone and with the support of the one behind her, it is making it hard for us to march closer."

"I have heard that her beauty transcends humanity. I would like to taste her flesh and blood."Angelic spoke while licking her lips seductively.

'Why is this bitch always in heat? I wish someone would just break her and make a mess of her until she begged.'

Halton muttered, gritting his teeth.

Beig pinched his forehead due to the headache coming from his annoying subordinates.

"Has Kinley deployed the Mythic rankers?"

Halton shook his head.

"Then use the pill of darkness and ask everyone to aim for her. Try to destroy the members of the Church as much as possible but there is no need to take too much risk."

"Our main target is Athena.Also use the Mythic rankers if required."

"Can I go?"Angelica asked with a cute expression.


"Why, there is no problem on my side?"Angelica spoke with a spout.

"Since, there are no problems. Finish things on the Arkham side as quickly as possible. Then you can fight with Kinley and have as much fun as possible."

"Fun...Yeah!"Angelica shouted as if she was a girl that was forced to stay in her room and was finally allowed to get out.

"Hey, limp head. Wait for me a bit ."

"You...."Halton wanted to scream but was stopped from seeing the madness on her face which sent shivers down her spine.

"I will wrap things up quickly and then we will have fun. We will capture that girl and have fun with her. We will spend some sweet and good time by torturing the girl who gave us a hard time."Angelica giggled and her brain started to run wildly.

"I am taking my leave," Angelica muttered and left with a gust of wind.

Beig gave Halton a pitiful look and muttered"Don't listen to her and finish things as quickly as possible.

"Yes Sir!"Halton nodded and left.

Beig's expression changed as both of his subordinates retreated.

Folding his arms he walked towards the basement with a sinister expression.

"Struggle...Struggle as much as you want."

Walking inside the place where dozens of grotesque figures were preserved behind the glass, he smiled cruelly and looked at the thing in the huge lab.

"The victory had already been decided. Unless they intervene, which they won't, you all are just lambs waiting to be slaughtered by me."


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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 464 462:Victory Had Already Been Decided