The Great Demon System
Chapter 90: A Simps Fury 1

90 A Simp's Fury 1

When he tried to contact Jayden using their mind-link nothing at all happened. It reminded him exactly of the time when Jayden had gone to General Ryker's office in order to take the lie detector test in his stead. In Moby's mind, there could only be one explanation for why his mind link had stopped working, a magic crystal used for blocking communications, one other than the one that she used to reinforce the entrance of the cave.

He learned the hard way back then that his powers were not omnipotent and with no limits, that they still had to abide by the rules of the world.

Truly, Moby's prediction was indeed true. Other than food, a sleeping bag, a high-quality 16k camera and an album folder full of Moby's pictures titled "Top secret do not touch or I will kill you", she had brought 2 magic crystals, one for defence, and one for anti communications just for a moment such as this. She knew that Moby and Jayden had some way of communicating with each other as part of Jayden's filthy manipulation towards him but she didn't know what it was exactly. Additionally, She also brought a large bottle of weird purple liquid that was powerful poison and some rope for emergency reasons that she ended up using for the traps that she planted to try and kill Haley.

Moby was still shocked and confused about what happened. However, he knew that he needed to find a way to get out of the cave and quick. Knowing Natalia and what "going to take out the trash" meant, he knew that she was headed straight for Jayden's location that she had managed to find and know about by some unknown mean he did not at all predict. He doubted that Jayden, even in her evolved form would be a match for Natalia. He was convinced that she needed his help to win. He was currently running borrowed time. He needed to quickly reach Natalia and Jayden before Jayden undoubtedly dies.

"Hey! Jay, can you help me get out of here? I really need to go and help Natalia! Can you be a real homie and use your earth ability to create a tunnel to the outside? It would be much faster and more efficient than me using my energy ability," Moby said, trying his best to act as nice natural as possible so that he follows his request without any suspicions.

Moby ran right past Jay who was completely silent, looking at the ground hiding his face and headed straight for the back wall of the very tall and large dome-shaped cave they were in.

"Start tunnelling from here! We don't really have mu…" Moby said before being interrupted by his legs being engulfed in the ground and a giant rock spearheaded straight for his head which he promptly dodged by flexing his head to the right in an extremely drastic way.

"I know that you are a stupid fucking man whore that flip flops from girl to girl all the time!!

"From Haley to Natalia in only 3 days of time! Have you need shame, decency or pride!"

" You were the reason that Haley died! I still don't understand why she even liked an ugly mug like yours! I know that you must have done something to her!! That is the only explanation for why she ever liked you!!"

"You ruined everything! Without you around she would have definitely fallen for me and she would still be alive and in my embrace right now! I've been waiting for this moment for so long now!"

"I bided my time until Natalia was gone because I knew that she would definitely side with you without a doubt!! But with you alone, I definitely stand a chance! I don't care about my own life anymore!! I will definitely be arrested or even killed when the lie detector comes back that I killed someone but I don't give a shit! It will all be worth it if I can take you out with me!!"

"Now please do me a favour and die!!" Jay screamed like a lunatic, forming several rock spears around him, shooting them straight at the seemingly stuck and speechless Moby,"

As soon as the spears neared him, they were all destroyed by a blast of purple energy before Moby just casually walked out of the bindings ensnaring his legs with a devilish smile on his face that was followed up by a mighty laugh that echoed throughout the entire cave.

Over the past 3 days, Moby had managed to level up 9 times, reaching level 40, he assigned all the stats he had gained into agility and intelligence except for 30 points that he had used on mind to get it to level 100. The skill he obtained was not at all useful in combat but it was extremely useful in many other cases despite its major drawbacks. He could clearly see why Avilia claimed that it could help him bypass the lie detector if used correctly.

Moby's new stats were as follows.


Name: Moby Kane

Race: Draconic Demon Of Sin

Level: 40

XP to next level 1,400/40,000

Power Level: 12,600 (11,000 + 1,600)

Hp: 165/165

Demon Energy: 271/315

Demon Energy regeneration: 189 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 336 (281 + 55)

Agility: 337 (312 + 25)

Endurance: 272 (222 + 50)

Intelligence: 315 (285 + 30)

Mind: 140 (100 + 40)

Available Points to distribute: 0


"HAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Are you actually being serious?? You are still crying and simping over an ugly dead goblin!! That's too jokes!! And yeah! You were right! I don't give a shit about any of you!! I never had! Except for Natalia who I have special plans for and Neia who was an actually nice human being! I had just been acting nice towards your sorry ass to keep a face up for reasons that your tiny pee sized brain could not understand!"

"Now, I don't really have time for this shit so I am going to repeat myself only once more…" Moby said in an ominous voice, demon flashing towards Jay, nearly effortlessly dodging all of his attempts at attacking him.

Then, when he finally reached him, Moby grabbed and held up Jay by the face, tightly crushing and squeezing it with an iron grip before saying in a serious tone,.

"Make a fucking tunnel out of here before I shove my sword up your ass, making it come out of the other end!"

"*Cough* *Cough* What the fuck! How the hell are you so strong!! You were never like this when we were hunting!" Jay screamed while at the same time trying to catch a breath of air, kicking and shoving in front of him with no avail.

"Don't Make me fucking repeat myself!" Moby said, tightening his grip on his head to the point of almost forming cracks in his skull.

"I don't fucking care!! *Cough* I would rather die than help out filth like you!!" Jay retorted, biting Moby's hand prompting him to infuse it with pure demon energy, burning the tongue and face of the still biting Jay like he didn't care about the pain at all.

'What the fuck is wrong with this guy!! He's absolutely psycho batshit crazy! Why won't he just fucking behave and do like he was told!!' Moby inwardly cursed his seemingly neverending bad luck.

Moby did not want to kill Jay just yet. He had no other choice but to force Jay into making an alternative exit for him with his earth ability if he wanted to make it to Jayden on time. If he vaporized a hole himself, It would use up most of his demon energy to do so, something he could not afford to do if he wanted to even have a chance against a fully powered Natalia. He could always make the tunnel then use his drain skill on Jay but it would only replenish a small portion of his demon energy as his drain skill was still at level 1 and was very inefficient so he decided against it. He also doubted that his mind control would work on the stubborn minded Jay and he was not willing to try, just to end up wasting his demon energy. And, even if it somehow did work, the control time would definitely not be long enough for him to complete anywhere near a full tunnel so he just scrapped that idea completely.

"Last chance before I gouge your eyes out, crush your balls and burn your sack, forcing you to swallow it before finally giving you a slow… Painful death…" Moby threatened once again, lifting his left hand, surrounding it with demon energy like he was about to strike before increasing the intensity of the energy flowing around his right hand, causing the still biting jay to grunt in pain as his teeth started to burn off and his mouth began to salivate blood.

'Well, shit! It seems like he still has no intention of cooperating! I'll just have to increase the pain 10 fold and see how he likes it!' Moby thought with growing impatience.

Then, As he was about to use his energy-infused hand to rip Jay's eyes right out of his sockets, a large, powerful, purple arrow came from the side, forcing him to let go of Jay to dodge the incoming attack.

The arrow came from the complete other side of the cave from none other than Travis who Moby had nearly completely forgotten about in his restless frenzy against Jay.

"Stop torturing Jay you fucking monster!!" Travis screamed from the other side with a visible smile on his face that Moby only saw due to his enhanced vision.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 90: A Simps Fury 1