The Great Demon System
Chapter 81: Goblin Slayer 2

81 Goblin Slayer 2

The pool of blood from under him began to engulf his tattered armour, covering his entire body with an exceptional looking red armour completely made of hardened blood that was truly befitting of a warlord.

He waved all of his tentacle-like bloody spikes in the air before smacking them down on the ground at incredible speed, forming thin, long, deep craters in their wake as a display of his ability.

\u003c\u003c You see this human queen!! You pushed me to do this!! Now pay the consequences of your actions my pretty!!! Hahahahaha!! \u003e\u003e The king bellowed, thrusting his 5 tentacles straight at Abby.

Although the tentacles were very quick and came from every direction, Abby still somehow managed to dodge the attack due to her quick reactions and enhanced senses by boosting herself away with her fire.

As Abby dodged, she fired fireballs towards the goblin king who just casually blocked them with his tentacles.

She continued dodging his seemingly never-ending barrage of tentacles while at the same time trying to find an opening to attack him. His blood magic was like an unstoppable offence and defence. No matter how much Abby experimented and looked about it, she could not figure out any weakness.

She analyzed the king's magic and noticed he only had a limited range of control and could no longer control blood that was hardened within a span of 5 seconds meaning that his supply was limited but from what she could observe, he was not going to run out any time soon.

However, she could not understand why he did not just kill her by controlling the blood on her face which was still in liquid form into spikes, pushing them in and piercing her brain for an easy kill.

She could only think of 2 logical explanations.

The first was that the goblin king was only able to control the blood of goblins, and he can't control the blood on her face because it was demon blood.

And, the second is that he was able to control the blood of anyone and anything as long as the person the blood belongs to was dead.

Abby was leaning more towards her second explanation as many blood splatters seemed untouched by the goblin king's magic. This is why she also decided against using her undead to aid her in the battle.

Nevertheless, she decided to avoid any nearby corpse, blood splatter, or puddle like the plague. Luckily, in the past when she stepped in a blood puddle, it would always immediately evaporate when she released fire from her feet to boost.

She looked over to the laughing king with her blurry vision, gritting her teeth and tightly gripping her scythe. She immediately sliced off the tentacles impaling her before ripping them out of her body which sent another wave of pain that ravaged her system, making her grunt in pain once more. She struggled to melt straight through them but somehow she managed to do it before the king's next wave of attacks.?By some miracle,?she was somehow able to dodge all the incoming attacks in her blurry-eyed, painfilled, disoriented state by her sheer will alone. She could not allow herself to fail her lord, not after coming so far. And, she could not allow herself to die before her revenge on her family was fulfilled. ๐‘–๐—ป๐—ป๐‘Ÿe๐’ถ๐—ฑ. ๐’„๐‘œ๐‘š

If Abby wanted to stay in the fight, she needed some way to heal herself. So, she had to resort to her emergency previsions. Abby kept 4 zombies spare in her inventory just for an emergency moment such as this.

As she was dodging, she stored half of her scythe inside her inventory while the second half was still outside of it. From the perspective of others, it looked like Abby sucked half of her scythe into some unknown vortex making it invisible.

With all her remaining strength, Abby swung her scythe inside her inventory, killing all 4 of the zombies which inturns almost completely healed her due to her scythe's life steal perk. Then, she immediately burned the blood residue on her scythe because she did not want it to be used against her.

She opted to do this instead of completely summoning them because she did not want the goblins to see what she did. The goblins thought that the zombies were just a type of human and it would be very disturbing to see a human instantly summoning another human. Also, Abby would have to attack and kill her own zombies which would be seen as her killing her own subordinates for no reason which would lower morale and make her be seen in a very negative light.

Abby now had to be even more careful than before. She could not allow herself to be injured to such a degree as she no longer had any way of healing herself like she did now.

The Goblin King and all the spectators looked at what just transpired in complete awe. They had no idea that the human queen was also a proficient healer. This only further enraged the goblin king and his growing insanity.

\u003c\u003c WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN YOU LITTLE BUG!!! \u003e\u003e He screamed, unleashing an even faster barrage of attacks than before.

'I am so stupid!! If it were my lord in my situation he would definitely find a way to win! I cannot let him down! Not against this filthy heathen! I still feel myself getting stronger and faster as the fight goes on! I will just have to stall until I get strong enough to win for now' She thought, dodging and gritting her teeth.

As she continued dodging, the angry scowl on her face slowly melted into a confident smile. The rate that she had been growing had suddenly and exponentially increased. She could tell that her army was on the winning side of the war just from this indication which was even further reinforced by Grunk who had reported that he had defeated the goblin general, who was slightly stronger than him, by the grace of his incredible zombie regeneration and unlimited endurance.

The tides of the war had once again shifted giving the revolutionary army the upper hand. But, that did not mean that the war had already been decided as proof of the ever-growing spectator count of the clash between kings, the deciding fight in the war.

Neither side was willing to help their lords as they were scared to be easily killed with no hesitation as soon as they drew near. Especially the Aagz goblins who knew that even their own king would not hesitate to kill them for interrupting his fight.

After a few minutes of dodging and being called a rat and a coward by the now even more enraged and tired goblin king, she was now enough confident to take the offensive once more.

She pretended to grow tired, dashing straight at the goblin king with seemingly no plan of attack as a final and desperate attempt at victory.

\u003c\u003c It seems like you have already given up on living!! But don't worry! I have yet to give up on you!! I will keep you alive... But just barely... \u003e\u003e The goblin king screamed with a smirk, thrusting 10 tentacles straight at the rocketing Abby.

Abby began to twirl her scythe around her like a tornado, engulfing them in thick flames. It was one of the strongest techniques her lord had taught her. As the blood spikes came in contact with her spinning scythe, they were all either easily deflected or melted and cut in half. She did not do this attack earlier as she was still too weak to slice and deflect the hardened spikes as she did now and would have resulted in her becoming a pincushion full of spikes.

The goblin king's facial expression took an instant 180 as soon as he saw that his attacks were so easily nullified. He immediately started to panic, sending even more spikes from the ground, walls and from the nearby corpses with little to no effect on Abby.

\u003c\u003c What the fuck!!! How do you keep getting stronger!! What is your fuel!! Or have you been taking me for a fool the whole time!!! \u003e\u003e He roared, forming a wall of blood that Abby simply sliced in half.

Abby jumped up in the air to avoid the sea of blood underneath the king and boosted herself straight into him with a burning kick to the face, making it turn even blacker than before, launching him towards the other side of the city square, away from his main source of blood. She, however, did not do this without a cost. She did sustain some injuries by doing so, It was too hard to dodge and deflect all the incoming spikes when she was so up close and personal. She sustained a somewhat deep wound in her left arm and a gaping wound in her torso that was luckily away from any major organs.

Although she did sustain injuries, they were all well worth it, she could always heal them back with her life steal. The king had already gathered most if not all the blood in the area around him in his previous location but he is now far away from his main source of blood making him almost completely defenceless.

Ignoring her injuries, Abby rocketed towards the still recovering Goblin king leaving him no chance to rest or catch his breath.

As soon as he woke and opened his eyes, Abby was already underneath him slashing her scythe straight at his face which he somehow managed to dodge making the attack none lethal. However, the attack did burn and scar his face and made him lose the use of his right eye making him let out a sharp scream. Abby continued her assault on the king with no hesitation at all. Every time the king tried to control the blood he gathered on the other side of the battlefield, he would have immediately been interrupted by a strike to the liver from Abby. All he had to work with was the few corpses and puddles of blood that he missed or did not gather from this side. However, It was only barely enough to keep him in the fight and not instantly lose.

Abby had been low on mana for quite some time now so she was unable to deliver a finishing blow. If she went for one, she would have to use all her remaining mana and she would have to make sure that it would 100% hit its intended mark, so she decided to go for weaker yet faster attacks until she finds an opportunity.

She ducked down under an incoming spike attack, slashing towards the goblin king's knees making him kneel down to her eye level. Then, she began her barrage of attacks while at the same time dodging any incoming spike. First, she cut off 3 of his fingers when he went to block with his arms, then, she struck him in the liver with the hilt of her sword in one swift motion. Dodging the incoming barf, she jumped up, slashing at him in the face which he dodged making it hit and create a deep hole in his right shoulder. Landing towards the king's back, she swung her scythe at his stomach, melting through his blood armour and going deep into his flesh.

Any goblin in the king's situation would have died long ago but due to his superior physique and genetics, he managed to survive. However, he was still almost knocking on death's door. As a final act of desperation, the king erected a blood wall behind him to block Abby and began stumbling towards the blood on the other side of the city square in desperation, leaving himself 100% defenceless as there was no liquid blood around him and he could not control any hardened blood after 5 seconds of him hardening it.

She found this as the perfect opportunity to finally end this fight. She slashed through the blood wall blocking her path and set her sights on the limping goblin king who was grabbing his innards in pain in the distance.

She infused every drop of her remaining mana into her scythe making it glow a crimson red flame with a tint of purple and sprinted straight at the goblin king with eyes of determination and happiness as victory was finally in her reach. Cheers of celebration and cries of defeat filled her enhanced hearing as she started to near the goblin king's location.

"DIE YOU OVERGROWN PIECE OF SHIT!!!" She screamed swinging her scythe towards his exposed back.

As she was still in sprinting motion, her legs suddenly stopped in place by an unknown, piercing pain she did not at all expect.

She looked down and saw 2 spikes, coming out of the hardened puddle under her, piercing through her feet and all the way up to her knees making her scream in agony. She could not understand how that was even possible. That puddle was made long ago and does not align with the 2-second rule she had previously observed making her head spin in absolute bewilderment. Then she noticed it, a small leakage of liquid blood coming out around the spikes in the hardened puddle. underneath the thick layer of harden, blood lied a concealed liquid blood puddle that the king had been saving for an occasion such as this.

The spectators' tones immediately took a turn. The ones who were celebrating were now gasping and sobbing in despair while the others who had previously given up hope now started cheering.

'FUUUCCKKK!!!! I AM SOO STUPID!! I THROUGH IT ALL AWAY!! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER UNDERESTIMATED HIS INTELLIGENCE LIKE THIS!!! I GREW TOO OVER CONFIDENT!! FUUCCKKKK!!! I CAN'T LOSE HERE!! I JUST CAN'T!!!!' She inwardly cursed, desperately trying to shoot fireballs at the panting and smirking king who was outside of her scythe's range with no avail, resulting in her emitting nothing but smoke due to her lack of.

\u003c\u003cUhhโ€ฆ Uhhโ€ฆ I finally got you!! You now have nowhere to hide you fucking bitch!! I have you right where I want you!! I will teach you a lesson you should never forget!! No one ever fucks with me without consequences!! \u003e\u003e The king said while panting, forming and shoving blood spikes straight into Abby's stomach making her cough up blood and throw up on the floor.

\u003c\u003c Don't worry!! I won't kill you or embarrass you too hard in public! You are still going to be my future wife!! No one will have the pleasure of gazing upon your naked body but me and me alone! All I will do is teach you a little lesson on what happens when you go against me!! \u003e\u003e

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The Great Demon System Chapter 81: Goblin Slayer 2