The Great Demon System
Chapter 80: Goblin Slayer 1

80 Goblin Slayer 1

However, this did not scare him in the slightest. Instead, this only further fueled his excitement.

He roared out loud in laughter once more, loud enough to cause harmful sound waves, injuring the ears of every goblin within a 100-meter radius.

Abby just stood there with the same deadly glare, completely unaffected. She hated the goblin king with every fibre in her being. Unlike her lord, the goblin king was everything she hated in a leader and a king. A disgusting, discriminatory, unfair leader who showed absolutely no concern for his loyal subordinates. A creature like him was unfit to call himself king.

Abby decided to take the initiative, trying to end it fast as she could not stand the look of his arrogant smirk. she dashed towards the smiling goblin king like a rocket by boosting herself from her feet with her flames. She wrapped her crimson flames around her scythe before jumping a few feet in the air, boosting her self down towards the goblin king, who was still standing there smirking, like a meteorite, doing a few front flips to boost her attack power and momentum before slashing down at the goblin king who responded by casually lifting his huge, black, great sword to block her attack causing a huge explosion as their blades clashed.

As the dust fell, the figure of the panting Abby and her huge scythe could be seen standing while the goblin king was kneeling on one knee and had various burn marks all over his body and armour with a slightly cracked great sword.

The many goblins who were hiding and spectating the fight either cheered in victory or gasped in absolute horror depending on which side they were on.

\u003c\u003c The Goblin King Has Been…\u003e\u003e A goblin was celebrating when his words got cut short by a burst of immense, loud laughter that was strong enough to blow all the dust away from the massive gust of wind it caused.

\u003c\u003c Hahahahhaha!! You are much stronger than I expected!! That actually really hurt!!! I have not had such a challenge in my whole life!! You have proven yourself worthy of becoming my wife!! The strongest man and the strongest woman having children!! They would be able to rule the entire world!! Now! Show me a good time, would you? \u003e\u003e The Goblin king said, standing up and dusting himself off with a smirk and a lustful gaze in his eyes.

Abby was very surprised to see that he survived one of her strongest attacks head-on but, it was overshadowed by the annoyance and rage she had from seeing his ugly smirk and lustful gaze.

'Does he think of me as his fucking playtoy or something??' Abby thought, gritting her teeth and gripping onto her scythe in anger before taking a fighting stance.

Over the past month, Abby's skills with the scythe had grown exponentially due to her weapon training in Professeur Leo's class and private lessons from her lord. She proved to be a very quick learner, picking up every technique and style her lord taught her in the short span of a month. However, she was still by no means an expert and still needed a lot of work.

She used her fire ability to shoot fireballs and to wrap her scythe in flames but also for exceptional mobility making her able to dodge and attack in a quick and unpredictable fashion as she was even able to instantly change directions in mid-air. This also allowed her to increase the momentum and power of her attacks as well.

The battle was fought mostly in close quarters as every time Abby tried to back away to fire at him from afar, the king would always quickly close the distance and make her pay for doing so, the only time she was able to fire off long-range attacks was when she was being blown away by some of the goblin king's strong hits. The few long-range attacks that actually managed to hit the goblin king did little to no damage so she let go of her long-ranged attacks and opted for a more close-up and aggressive approach.

Every goblin in the area knew to steer clear from the fight of the two kings as it was nothing more than suicide to do so. However, there were a few spectators who were watching a good distance from afar where they thought they were safe.

The vast, dirty, gravelly city square was where the showdown between the two overlords was happening. There had been a huge prior battle going on in the area that caused a lot of mayhem and destroyed the entire area which then immediately cleared out as they saw who was approaching in their direction. The once, bustling and populated area was now nothing but a pile of rubble with nothing other than the remains of the charred and broken buildings, the blood that was splattered all over the gravel and walls and the many goblin corpses that littered the area.

At first, Abby and the goblin king were on par in terms of strength and speed, matching each other almost blow for blow. However, the big difference was that the goblin king was only using his raw power while Abby was using the full extent of her fire ability. If it wasn't for her ability and her superior weapon skills, she would have stood absolutely no chance.

But, Over the duration of the fight, Abby felt herself grow slightly stronger. It was most likely due to her minions killing goblins in the area giving her XP and in turn making her stronger. As a result, she started to slightly push the goblin king back. From what she felt, the goblins provided her a lot more XP than normal beasts of their strength level so what she felt was not at all surprising or obscure in her eyes.

While she grew more confident, faster and stronger, the king only grew slower and more sluggish due to his considerably lower stamina and his increasing rage. Thanks to her lord's intense and rigorous training, she had almost completely adapted to the king's fighting style and was able to identify most if not all of his patterns and battle tendencies only a few min into the fight. The once visible smirk on the King's face slowly started to fade away and be replaced by a scowl and heavy panting as he was being completely overwhelmed by Abby.

She was always consistently able to fully predict where the king would block and attack allowing her to perform a perfect counter that did devastating damage. Every time she would go for a strike, she would always pretend to strike one area while actually hitting another, throwing the king completely off.

She whaled at the king like a lunatic with lightning-fast attacks leaving him no room to go on the offensive as he was too busy trying his best to block to do anything else. This Also led to Abby healing most if not all her lost vitality due to the life steal ability that her scythe provided her.

By infusing and surrounding her Scythe with her crimson flames, she was able to melt straight through the king's impressive, black and red armour like it was butter, attacking straight through it, slashing and burning straight into his soft, meaty flesh.

Even after all of this, Abby could not allow herself to grow arrogant or overconfident. Every Aagz goblin she had faced so far had some sort of elemental Magic or Ability and she could not see why the goblin king would be an exception. She had to be completely prepared for any magic or underhanded tactic that he might pull.

Then, a few more minutes into the fight, Abby finally found a major opening in the king's defence and took full advantage of it. She dashed in really close to the goblin king and flung his sword away with a swipe of her scythe leaving him completely weaponless and exposed for her to deliver a fatal strike. She kicked him straight in the stomach, launching him onto the hard, stone wall of a house in the distance at an incredible speed, causing him to throw up and cough out in pain.

"Fucking die you big piece of shit!!!"

She yelled, imbuing her scythe with most of her remaining mana, rocketing off the ground by boosting herself with fire from her feet, forming cracks under her before performing a whirlwind spin with her scythe striking towards the goblin king's exposed neck with all her strength.

When she thought she was about to slice through his neck like it was cake, she felt her blade suddenly and abruptly stop in its tracks. Her attack was halted by a long, thick, hard, sharp, red, spike protruding from the body of a dead nearby goblin.

As soon as she noticed what happened, Abby immediately backed off to take in and better assess the situation. Her attack only just barely managed to break and melt through the red spike which required her to use most of her mana and energy to do so. She was not at all expecting what happened but she always prepared herself for the worst.

\u003c\u003c HAHAHAHAHAH!!! You fucking bitch! You are far better than I ever even dreamed was possible!! No one has ever pushed me far enough to where I actually had to use my blood magic!! You are the first!! HUMAN QUEEN!! Consider yourself lucky!!! You will be the first person to ever witness my full power up close!!! You might be a little feisty but I am sure I will grow on you... my future wife!! \u003e\u003e The goblin king screamed like a mad man, a sea of blood from all the blood splatters, puddles, and corpses around him and formed right behind his insane, dark, menacing, laughing figure.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 80: Goblin Slayer 1