The Great Demon System
Chapter 74: The Ape Queen

74 The Ape Queen

Vrurk swamp, located towards the north of Planet Xibillvia has been calmer than usual in recent days. It was one of the larger swamps on the planet. The short, brown leafed crimson red trees were in awkward shapes and sizes whilst the small puddles, rivers and lakes were filled with gray water that reflected the red from the trees' giving it a bloody colour that was mesmerizing to the eye. Small paths and patches of land lined the many areas filled with water making the brown grass particularly muddy and damp.

The swamp was a haven full of food and weak beasts for the many stronger different species to pray on. One such species were the Aagz goblins. They were by far the strongest species of goblin on the planet.

They were short, cynical, long-nosed, bat-eared, semi-intelligent species of magical beast that emerged on the planet within the past 10 years. They were a hybrid of the past 2 strongest species of goblin, the Albs and the Pizz, who were species of warriors and mages respectively. The Albs were blessed with unnaturally strong muscles and physiques while the Pizz had the ability to use certain magic depending on their attribute at birth. After many years of war between the 2 species of goblin, they were forced into a 1-year temporary treaty as they were both being attacked by swarms of unknown Magical Beasts they had never seen before. In the end, only after a week, the strange magical beasts retreated and never came back.

Even if the war against the strange beasts was over, the treaty still stood for another year. In that time, a few goblins belonging to different species fell in love and had kids.

Although goblins have an extremely low pregnancy rate, they matured considerably faster than humans, reaching adulthood in only 5 years while keeping the same lifespan as humans at around 60 - 100 years.

Unlike the green and brown colour of the Albs and the dark blue and yellow of the Pizz, the newborn hybrids were a charcoal black and bright red. This new hybrid species of Goblin were called the Aagz.

They had the strength of the Albs and the magic of the Pizz. The perfect warrior. The Aagz quickly rose to power, making all the Albs and Pizz into their slaves in only the short span of 6 years. Some even enslaved their own parents as they saw them as inferior creatures. Truly like the barbarian species they were.

Walking in the dark swamp was the weekly hunting squad for the Goblin village. The goblins were blessed with natural night vision that made night time hunting an appealing option. Each week, a party of 7 lightly armoured goblin warriors that consisted of 6 slaves and 1 Aagz were tasked to hunt the seemingly never-ending fish and weak beasts that inhabited the swamp to feed the tribe.

Prys, the well armoured young Aagz goblin in command of the group became increasingly frustrated the more he looked around, taking his anger out on his subordinates. No matter how hard he searched, He could not find a single prey to hunt.

( \u003c\u003cThis means it's in another language \u003e\u003e )

\u003c\u003c Where are those damn beasts!! Don't tell me they all ran away!! The group last week had no problem! Why must it be when it's my turn to hunt!! The tribe will severely punish me and I will become the laughing stock of the village!! \u003e\u003e He bellowed, tightly clenching his spear.

\u003c\u003c Umm… Sir… I have something to report….\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Talk maggot! This better be important!! I'm in a really bad mood right now! It will be your head if I don't like what you say!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c I saw a figure of a strange beast straight ahead...sir… \u003e\u003e An Alb goblin mumbled, pointing straight ahead of him with a shaky hand.

\u003c\u003c Huh? Where?? \u003e\u003e The commander replied, looking closely in front of him.

There he saw the skeleton of a beast he has yet to see in his 5 years of life. It stood on two feet just like goblins but it was over a foot taller. Its head was a lot smaller with an ape-like structure. In its right hand was a steel sword and in its left a metal shield.

It was the first time he had ever seen a walking skeleton beast.

Behind it was a similar yet different looking beast.?A naked, hairless, ape with rotted skin, and patchy hair. It also held a similar-looking sword and shield in its right and left hand respectively.

\u003c\u003c A walking skeleton ape and a weird looking hairless monkey. Are they the reason why all the beasts escaped? They don't look that strong! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Attack!! \u003e\u003e The commander shouted, lifting his spear in the air, standing back to observe his troops.

\u003c\u003c For the glory of the Aagz tribe! \u003e\u003e The goblins yelled, charging at the unknown enemies with no fear or hesitation as they had the obvious number advantage.

Suddenly, a rain of arrows fell down on the unsuspecting goblins. Some were lucky enough to block with a shield while others were extremely injured by the surprise attack.

Behind the tree emerged 4 more skeletons holding bows along with 2 other Zombies who carried enormous tower shields.

The tables have turned. The goblins no longer had the numbers advantage and they were either injured or startled by the sudden sneak attack.

\u003c\u003c Go on you maggot slaves!! Prove your worth!! Don't tell me you are going to lose to a bunch of monkeys!! \u003e\u003e The commander cried out from behind them making the group regain most of their composure and fighting spirit.

The goblin troops immediately went into their usual formation. The Mage Goblins moved back and cast their elemental fire, wind, air, and earth attacks while the warriors opted for a close-range approach.

The skeletons proved to be a problem due to their strength and speed while the hairless ape's regeneration was on a completely different level from anything they had ever seen.

Yet, they had their weaknesses. The skeletons were strong but were really fragile while the zombies were tanky but extremely slow.

However, even with identifying the weaknesses of their enemies, they were being pushed back and overwhelmed.

3 of the 6 goblins had already perished in battle while the enemy was only down 1 of their starting 8. As an insult to injury, the enemy was also in much better condition, seemingly not getting tired like they had unlimited stamina.

The teamwork between all of the undead was like nothing they had ever witnessed. The zombies shielding the front, blocking as soon as an attack happens while a skeleton strikes at the small opening provided. It was like they had perfect synergy, like they were connected to the same hive mind.

\u003c\u003c Useless!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Must I do everything myself!! \u003e\u003e The Goblin commander wailed, surrounding his spear in a shroud of fire before he also joined the fight.

The addition of the single Aagz Goblin was more than enough to push the fight into the goblin's favour by a large margin. They were that strong.

Although it wasn't an easy fight, the goblins came out on top.

After the Commander joined, only a single other goblin died while the other 2 remaining were only slightly injured.

The fight lasted over 30 minutes straight, greatly tiring the surviving goblins. It seemed like the enemy knew that they couldn't win with a head-on approach so they used their superior stamina to tire them out for a chance at victory. The enemy was a lot smarter and stronger than they had ever expected.

\u003c\u003c Hey, Idiot! Go back to the tribe and tell them what happened! I'm going to stay here a bit longer to inspect these unknown beasts! I'll be back at the tribe in a little with their bodies. They might be edible. And if they are not, then they will be your dinner after that brain-melting performance I got from you useless retards! \u003e\u003e The commander screamed, heavily panting, sweating from every pore.

\u003c\u003c Y...yes sir! \u003e\u003e The goblin awkwardly responded, running away as fast as he could.

\u003c\u003c Hey you!! You go grab the bodies that are far away and bring them near here!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Right away sir!! \u003e\u003e

Shortly after the goblin left to do as he was told, a loud piercing shriek was heard coming from the direction he ran in.

This greatly startled the commander who was about to try a bite of the hairless monkey in front of him.

As he looked up, he saw a similar-looking ape. However, the one in front of him was much different than the other ones he had just finished fighting.

This ape was fully clothed in elegant black and red equipment instead of being naked. It had a full head of long red hair tied up in a ponytail that went down to their waist. The ape had a very curvy body with ample fat in the right areas confirming that she was a female. In her hands was a gigantic black and red scythe that reached a full head taller than her body that stood at a very tall 5'8, over a full foot taller than the goblin commander who was at a measly 4'1.

\u003c\u003c Ha ha ha!! You must be the monkey queen!! These weak soldiers of yours were not much of a challenge for me! I am the great Prys of the Aagz tribe!! I'll rape your beautiful body then take your head as a trophy!! It will be good enough compensation for my lack of prey! Our battle will be legendary!! Prepare yourself monkey!! \u003e\u003e The goblin commander shouted, running straight at the ape queen.

He surrounded his spear with an orange fire before spinning it in the shape of a circle at incredible speed. This created what looked like a cyclone that he then shot out, creating a huge fire tornado headed straight towards the Ape queen.

As the attack got closer to her, a large devilish smile appeared on her face.

She then proceeded to catch the fire tornado sent towards her, spinning it on her index finger like it was a basketball.

Then, after speaking about what sounded like incomprehensible words, she surrounded the flames around her scythe. The orange flames turned into a deep scarlet colour, growing bigger and bigger by the second until it became almost like a sun in the sky, illuminating the darkness of the night.

As soon as the goblin saw what happened, he felt severe pain in his stomach. It was like his insides were being turned inside out. He looked at what he was witnessing with shuddering wide eyes and weak legs, completely speechless and scared out of his mind.

\u003c\u003c WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!! \u003e\u003e The commander screamed, somehow finding the strength to run away as fast as he could, jumping into a small lake where he thought he would be safe.

Sadly, not even that could help him from what was about to happen.

The ape queen condensed the huge sun in the sky all into her scythe, surrounding it with a dense, deeply-tinted scarlet flame that illuminated the area with the strength of 1000 glow sticks.

She then dashed into the lake, heading towards the still terrified goblin, slashing at his neck with such force and firepower to evaporate the entire lake.

Despite his good fire resistance, Her attack completely melted through the goblin commander's neck and severely burned the rest of his body.

The charred remains of the goblin commander fell on the ground followed by heavy rain which was a result of the evaporation of the lake.

After saying a few words to herself with a bright smile. The ape queen gathered what was left of the goblin commander's corpse into one spot.

She then lifted her hands up into the air, a purple glow surrounding them. As soon as she did, the remains of the body started to attract each other like magnets. The bones regenerated and connected together like a puzzle while organs, tissues, and skin slowly surrounded it until limbs were formed. As the many limbs started to come together into the shape of a body, the previous black and red skin of the goblins turned into white and purple. The stench of rot and decay was prevalent and emanated from the corpse of the goblin. Before long, it started moving like it was alive again.

"Arrgg Rawrg!!" It growled, taking one knee, acknowledging its new master.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 74: The Ape Queen