The Great Demon System
Chapter 67: Evolution Stage 2

67 Evolution Stage 2

Moby only needed 8000 XP until his evolution, which is most likely only a few kills away.

He should be able to evolve during this night time hunting session.

He has been really excited about this moment for a very long time.

It felt weird for him, the master of the household, to actually be the weakest one.

He felt like his powers were lacking compared to his servants and he hopes that evolution will bring them to their level or even higher.

He decided to not go too far away from the team's current hideout as he is still supposed to be on watch duty. He needs to ensure that no beasts come near the base and if someone wakes up and sees that he is not there, that he would show up later and tell them that he was just taking a walk or something along those lines.

On his way, he found many different types of beast ranging from lizards and giant frogs in the swampy areas to giant birds soaring through the sky.

Sadly, when Moby inspected them, he found out that they were all F rank to low D rank which would barely give him any XP at all.

After nearly an hour of searching, he finally came across something interesting.

A pack of 5 black and green wolves, roaming around and looking for prey, in a small clearing in the forest. They had black fur with streaks of light green lines on them. Their eyes shined a small glow of green and they were around the same size as an actual wolf from earth.

When Moby used his inspect skill, he noticed that their power levels ranged from 5000 to 6200, around high D rank to low C rank.


Name: Lupus Toxicus

Power Level: 5750

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 120 /120

Strength: 188

Agility: 158

Endurance: 89

Intelligence: 140

Mind: 0


Usually, Moby would not choose to engage such a large group of strong enemies like this pack of wolves as they can most likely overwhelm him due to his lack of area of effect skills. However, this time was an exception.

'Lupus Toxicus, I am pretty sure that translates to the toxic wolf. If that is true then that means that these wolves use toxic power or another way to put it, poison, as their main way of attack!'

'This means that all their toxic-based attacks will be completely useless against me and they would lose out on most of their attack potency.'

'This is just free XP at this point!' Moby thought with a smile, jumping off the tree, hiding behind it, trying his best to find an opportunity to make a stealth attack on one of the wolves.

'Either these wolves have a really strong mental resistance or "Lesser Mind Control" doesn't work on magical beasts,' Moby thought.

Moby just had to improvise and find another opening or strategy for distraction.

Then, he came up with a genius idea.

Using his "Devil's Hand" he grabbed hold of one of the wolve's necks and squeezed it as hard as he could.

Although the attack was really weak and caused virtually no harm to the wolf, it still greatly scared and startled it, making it run around in distress and calling out in panic.

This made the other wolves really confused which made them let their guards down.

Moby then used this opportunity to reveal himself from behind the tree, activating his "Eyes Of Sin" and performing a 3 demon flash combo to quickly and stealthily take out one of the wolves by using "Demon slash" on their neck.

[ +1000 XP]

'1000 XP per kill? That's pretty good!' Moby thought.

As soon as the wolves saw the headless body of their fellow pack member, They all let out a loud howl that rang throughout most of the forest. Then they fixed their gaze on Moby with what looked like immense rage, growling, showing their green sharp teeth and long green claws.

Then, all at once, they let out a green toxic gas from their mouths and aimed it at Moby. Although the toxic gas was slow, it was very wide and dynamic, covering most of the area around.

Any plant, insect, or living creatures, that the toxic breath touched immediately either rotted or disintegrated.

Everything except Moby who was walking through the toxic breath like it was not even there.

'Damn, these wolves really need to brush their teeth! Their breath stinks!' Moby thought with a chuckle, slowly walking towards the 4 remaining wolves.

At first, the wolves became really confused about why their breath is having no effect, so they decided to even further increase the potency and strength of their attack.

However, all their efforts were futile which they soon realized.

With every step that Moby took, the wolves' fear would intensify, their angry eyes turning more and more fearful, their claws retracting as their legs shaking more and more.

'It seems that even magical beasts know fear. Good to know!" Moby thought when he was now only a few steps away from the wolves.

The Wolves hung on to their last sliver of hope as they continued to breathe toxic breath at the still advancing Moby when they noticed a sudden flash of light. The head of one of their other pack members was cleanly sliced off and rolling on the ground in front of them. They looked at the severed head in fear then back at the unknown man with purple glowing eyes right in front of them in horror. They had never experienced such a thing in their lives. No other beast they had faced was ever able to withstand such a high concentration of toxic breath. Not even their own species were completely immune.

The 3 remaining wolves tried their best to make an escape, each running into the forest in their own direction.

However, Moby was not going to let them go that easily. He used his "devil's hand" to ensnare the running wolves before flashing straight to them and delivering the final blow.

After a few gusts of wind and sudden flashes, one of the wolves noticed it's 2 dead teammates. It let out a loud cry before it too felt a tug on its legs. Then, suddenly, the wolf felt no more feeling in its neck, its head immaculately sliced off.

'I now only have 78/183 demon energy left. I used a lot of demon slashes, flashes, along with a little of my devil's hand to defeat them.'

'Hah, that was easier than I expected, if they had actually ganged up on me I would have been in much more trouble. I guess they were too frightened to even think straight,'

'Well, that was the easiest 5000 XP of my life. I only need 3000 more XP for my evolution. I guess it's time to search for more beastsโ€ฆ' Moby thought, stretching his arms and neck.

As Moby was about to store the bodies of the wolves before leaving the area, he heard a loud, piercing, roar coming from deeper in the forest.

Then, before he got the chance to collect the bodies, he noticed a large wolf-like beast over 4 meters in height, stomping on its hind legs like a human, walking out of the forest and in the small clearing. It had a very muscular body, sharp claws and fangs, along with the same colour fur as the toxic wolves.

When it noticed the dead bodies of the wolves that Moby had just slain, it let out an even louder scream that hurt Moby's ears before lunging at him at full speed, forcing him to demon flash out of the way.

Moby then used this opportunity to use his inspect skill on the beast in front of him.


Name: Toxicus Lycan

Power Level: 13,400

Hp: 120/120

Mana: 350/350

Strength: 270

Agility: 260

Endurance: 360

Intelligence: 450

Mind: 0


'Wait! What the fuck is that thing! It's a low B rank! Why is it so fast!? Wait! That must be their pack leader! So those loud screams and howls that the wolves did had a purpose and were not solely due to fright! My demon energy is so low! I'm not sure I can even escape! I need to find a way to defeat it.' Moby inwardly cursed.

'It has really high intelligence which means that it has a high energy reserve. This is most likely only used for toxic attacks which I am completely immune to. If I run into the trees, I'm sure that it will try to chase me all day until it kills me which will attract the attention of even more beasts. My best choice right now is to fight! Plus, it would most likely give a lot of XP,' Moby thought with resolve.

The Lycan let out a loud toxic roar, covering the entire area around, causing trees, plants, and any living creature unfortunate enough to near it to wither and disintegrate. It even dissolved the bodies of the dead wolves which made Moby inwardly curse at his carelessness as to why he did not collect their bodies faster.

Moby wanted to set the precedent early to the beast that he is completely immune to his poison. He ran straight through its breath, running up and slashing at its exposed neck at full force.

However, when he tried to do it, he felt a loud clinking sound like the sound of steel clashing against steel. The Lycan just stood there, seemingly unaffected by Moby's slash, swatting him away like a fly, hurling him against the nearest tree.

'FUCK THAT HURT! I think I might have broken something! I knew that he was a lot more defensively strong compared to the wolves who only had around 80-100 endurance but I didn't expect such a difference! Even a clean hit on the neck did not even leave a single scratch!' Moby inwardly cursed.

'I need to use my advantages!' Moby thought, running into the forest, jumping on a tree branch.

Suddenly, he felt the tree start shaking before immediately falling down, forcing Moby to jump on another tree only for it to be cut down as well.

Moby then jumped down onto a lower branch, grabbing the Lycan by the neck using his "devil's hand as to distract it. Then, he leapt out of the branch and went for a slash towards its leg, once again causing no damage.

After the flash, Moby then landed on the trunk of another, once again jumping towards the wolf and slashing towards its shoulders.

Moby's speed at doing this was insanely quick as he completely transfers the momentum from one jump to the other, attacking the beast from a completely different angle each time. He was like a ball bouncing in an enclosed room if the ball did not slow down at all and just continued bouncing. The more he attacked, the brighter the purple parts of his sword became.

At first, the beast paid no heed to the attacks as they dealt no damage and could not pierce his tough skin. It just tried to once again use it's toxic breath on Moby and tried scratching and swatting him away like a mindless beast. However, it was unable to predict his movements, making it miss every attack.

This proved to Moby that the magical beast was not at all intelligent and more like a mindless animal instead.

'If this were an actual person or an intelligent creature, there would have been no way I would be able to get away with this. Also, I'm so glad for this poison immunity, if it weren't for this skill, I would definitely be dead long ago,'?Moby thought.

For the first few attacks, the beast felt absolutely no damage. However, around the tenth or so hit, it felt an actual cut on one of its legs, blood running down from it. This made the beast go completely berserk. It started breaking trees left and right only for Moby to jump on other trees. He tried to naturally lead it to another set of trees while still attacking at the same time, each attack slightly stronger than the next.

After a few more slashes, the small cuts that Moby was previously dealing turned into deep wounds instead. Eventually, this made the Lycan much slower than before as his body was completely covered in wounds.

Suddenly, After many more slashes, the Lycan was able to block one of Moby's attacks which made it extremely happy. However, at that point, he was already too late.

Moby activated his "Eyes of Sin" and performed a demon slash using his glowing and bright purple sword on the Lycan's arm, completely cutting it off making the Lycan scared and distracted.

This then allowed Moby to step on the stump of his severed arm, demon flashing up to his neck, once again using the demon slash to completely sever the beast's head from its body.

[ You have defeated a low B rank, Toxicus Lycan ]

[+ 12,000 XP ]

[ Level Up! ]

[ You Have Reached The Stage Of Evolution! ]

[ Do You Want To Evolve? ]

[ Yes ]????????????[ No ]

'That's a lot of XP! Finally! The evolution!' Moby thought in celebration.

'That was a really tough fight. I would have definitely lost if it weren't for this sword's ability, the stupidity of the beast, and my poison immunity. If any of those were not true, then I would have been dead.'

'The Lycan's hard body was impossible for my sword to cut without the extra 5% attack power for every consecutive hit. Luckily, my attacks were just fast enough to count as a consecutive attack. I'm so glad I tested this out before the exam.' Moby thought.

Moby then walked over to the dead Lycan and placed its body in his inventory. The body might sell for a lot or even be used as good crafting material.

Moby now focused his attention on the large, blue, pulsating notification in front of him.

[ You Have Reached The Stage Of Evolution! ]

[ Do You Want To Evolve? ]

[ Yes ]????????????[ No ]

'I would love to evolve right now but first I would like a more secure location. I don't want some random beast to attack me in the middle of my evolution.' Moby thought, jumping back into the trees, searching for a cave just like the one he led his team to.

Luckily, while his team was searching for a cave earlier in the day, he noticed another cave that was slightly smaller and not too far from the team's current base.

After a few minutes of tree jumping, he finally made it back to his team's base to check on them. Luckily, he found out that they were all fast asleep despite all the loud howling that was made by the wolves. Then, he left for the other cave as stealthily as he could, trying not to make a sound or be followed.

When he finally reached the other cave, he noticed that it was completely empty. It just like his team's cave which was perfect for him.?He assigned his 10 stat points he gained from leveling up into mind before he went through with the evolution.

'It was now time for evolution,' Moby thought with a wide smile, bringing up the notification once again.

[ You Have Reached The Stage Of Evolution! ]

[ Do You Want To Evolve? ]

[ Yes ]????????????[ No ]

'Yes,' Moby thought, with a mix of strong determination and excitement.

Moby prepared himself for the immense pain that he felt the last time he evolved. For a few seconds, it felt blissful and comforting just like he expected.

Then, suddenly, he felt his heart rate abruptly jump to an insane amount. His blood started boiling with the heat of what felt like 1000 suns. His skin peeled off like an orange before being regenerated multiple times. Every bone in his body was crushed all at once before being constantly rebuilt and regenerated. A large amount of black blood escaped from every orifice of his body in litres.

Moby was rolling on the ground screaming in agony. The pain was immensely more unbearable than his first evolution.

After 5 minutes of pure torture, which in Moby's perception felt like an eternity, the pain finally stopped.

When Moby slowly opened his tired eyes, he was greeted by a large notification in front of him.

[ Congratulations! You have evolved into a "Draconic Demon Of Sin" ]



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The Great Demon System Chapter 67: Evolution Stage 2