The Great Demon System
Chapter 441: Elizabeth's Confrontation

Chapter 441: Elizabeth's Confrontation

Moby had all but finished explaining all that had happened to him, and now Jayden was just concluding as well. Moby was kept to the edge of his seat listing to all he had missed out on as he listened with intent.

"I couldn't watch anything while up there, the military blocked everything," He sighed.

"Not even your own TV show?" She questioned.


"Well, I'm sure you already know this, but there's a whole TV show about you! There's an actor doing all the roles for me and everyone else, even Alex!" She reminisced. "It says it's all based on a real story, which it sorta is but some of the events are kinda exaggerated, but it sure makes you look good! Everyone loves it! The budget is insanely high too! I bet some guy must have been really interested in your life and thought he would make a good show out of it!"

"Wha? There's a TV show about me?"

"Wait wait wait wait wait! Hold on a sec! You're meaning to tell me that there is a TV show all about you and you had no idea!?"

"I guess so," Moby scratched his jaw until suddenly, his eyes went wide in realization. "Wait, off the top of your head, can you remember the name of the creator or director of the show?"

"I think his name was Fredrick Rogan or something,"

'Fredrick Rogan… I know that alias… huh, that damn bastard mammon really pulled a fast one on me, I had no idea he had that kind of power. So… That's why he was so interested in me telling him about my past…' Moby inwardly smiled.

"but that doesn't matter now!" She continued. "I can contact my father and sue the hell out of those guys! My family is in contact with some of the best lawyers in the world and—"

"No no! That's quite alright! If they made me look good then it's okay. Besides, I think I know the creator, he's a subordinate of mine." Moby calmed Jayden down and suavely stated.

"So you had this planned all along!?" She rested her raised bottom back down on the couch and sighed.

"I guess you can say that." Moby laughed. "I still haven't watched it though, but I'm sure we can watch it together!"

"Oh! That's good! I only watched the first episode and saved the rest for us both to watch! It can be a good time for some alone hours just to ourselves!" She giggled and smirked in his direction.

"Of course, but first let's worry about the new guild. I'm gonna need your help to set it all up and get people on board."

"Mhm, I fully expected this." She eagerly grinned and puffed her chest forward. "I'll do it, but in return, I expect a rank of Sin within the guild!"

"Seems fair, you got yourself a deal!"

♦️ ♦️ ♦️

In the world outside of the endless expanse of Moby's room, the festivities continued as usual.

The supreme general's death had yet to be discovered, and all seemed to be enjoying themselves underneath the twilight of the brilliant sky.

Many of the competitors were hoarded with crowds of people and paparazzi trying to get a word out of them. Some seemed to rather enjoy all the attention and simply gloated in the spotlight, while others did not seem so optimistic.

The former seemed to be by far the majority, yet there still existed people that belonged to the latter.

"Miss Eleonora! Can we have a statement how you managed to get so far in the tournament as a mere support!? That has never been done in the history of this school before!" A female voice screamed from within the wave of flashing lights.

"I simply trained and became stronger. With the correct tools and motivation, anyone can become successful." She casually yet elegantly responded.

"Misstress Eleonora! Out of all your choices, why was it you chose to join the newly formed guild of blissful demons? Is there something we are not aware of?"

"You know as much as I do," She shook her head before opening her eyes wide with unexpected passion. "BUT! if you don't see the sheer amount of potential in that guild, then you must be either ignortant or blind. Moby Kane proved himself more than capable of winning this tournament, and I strongly believe in his vision of the future and his success in this guild."

"HikariYami! If you don't mind us asking, why is it that you have two forms with different personalities? Are you two people living in the same body? What is your secret?"

"Ah— I don't know… Yami is just my sister… That's all that matters to me…" She nervously responded, staring at the endless stream of flashing light seemingly unphased.

"I see you and miss Eleonora both joined the Blissful Demon Guild and were now walking together. Is it safe to assume that both of you are friends?"

"Ah— I guess so…" She quietly nodded, overwhelmed looking at all the faces around her.

"Aha! I see! So you two do have something going on! How did this unexpected friendship occur?"

"Elizabeth Eleonora! Would you care to let us know how you felt about the supreme general's unexpected outcry today?"

"Miss! Adam Walker lost today, did you foresee this?"

"Do you have any further plans now that you are finally graduated?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't feel like answering these questions now. I would like some time for peace. Let's go Hikari…" She gritted her teeth from underneath her mouth and walked to the side, Hikari following after her.

"C—Coming!" Hikari shook herself off only to be cut off by a wall of people once again surrounding her.

"Please! Just one more question!"

"The people are hungry to know! It won't take long!"

'Tch, these people are like mindless zombies. What are those news companies telling these guys to keep them so persistent? Why can't they just leave us alone…' Elizabeth scoffed under her breath as she formulated her final answer to the press, but that was when her expression of anger and disgust turned into genuine shock, or perhaps unease as she witnessed the figure of a tall, burling man towering over the paparazzi like a giant as he strode in her direction.

His shoulders were broad like mountains to the point that the black and pink suit he wore could barely contain his muscle, fighting to rip and pop out. His natural pink beard was well maintained, and the separated mustache from above twisted into circles at its end. His pink eyes were small, and his eyebrows were thick, well exposed from his slicked-back rose hair tied into a small ponytail at the top of his head.

With his cheeks raised forming a smile, he lifted his forearm that was comparable to a tree trunk and placed it firmly upon the shoulders of one of the men screaming eagerly with camera in hand. "Excuse me, but would it be possible for me to talk to my daughter?" He spoke in a gentlemanly voice.

"Huh? Who's tha—" The man turned around only to catch his tongue upon seeing his entire figure covered in shadows from the presence of a single man, his face abruptly sweating and twisting as his head immediately fell on level with his knees.

"S— sir! I— I mean lord! Lord Eleonora sir! Apologies, I had no idea it was you!"

Upon seeing their fellow reporter bow, the beyond stunned crowds crumbled and followed his lead in apology.

"Oh, fear not young men! I mean you no harm" He laughed warmly. "It does warm my heart to see how popular my adorable little Elizabeth has gotten! I'm certain you have much to ask her, but I request you to leave for now. I would like to spend some fatherly time with her. I promise to give you as much time as you require with her as soon we get things sorted? What do you all say?" He smiled eagerly at them from above.

"You're far too kind sir! Thank you so much for this!" They all lowered their heads even further.

"Great!" He chuckled. Elizabeth, now that you're free, why don't we go celebrate your achievements! I truly am proud of you!" With clear fatherly love, he smiled and gestured in her direction, but from Elizabeth's expression still clear as day on her face, she did not see anything comforting in that smile.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 441: Elizabeth's Confrontation