The Great Demon System
Chapter 22: Experiments Part 2

22 Experiments Part 2

"That is true, but a 30% debuff from the original is a pretty big debuff, assuming that I copy someone with a power level of 3000, I would only get a power level of 2100," She replied.

"Yes, but you would still have the use of your ability on top of the one you copied. So theoretically, your power level should be a bit higher than 70% of the original's power level. I believe in certain situations, you would be at an advantage while in others you would be at a disadvantage, it just depends on the type of opponent you face."

"So by 30% do you mean that all my powers and special abilities would be 30% weaker?"

"Ya pretty much, just imagine it like a 30% debuff from an RPG. "

"Seems easy enough to understand," she nodded.

"I'm assuming that the debuff is so high because you're a lesser doppelganger. When you evolve into a normal or even greater doppelganger the debuff should be reduced, " he explained.

"What kind of demon are you?" She asked with curiosity.

"I'm a lesser demon," he replied.

"Seems pretty basic," she said while laughing.

Moby ignored her laugh and asked Avilia if there are any other skills doppelgangers know.

'Avilia, is there anything else I should know about doppelgangers?'

'The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is that they have a small degree of mind-reading. When transformed, they can read the surface thoughts of the people around them to better grasp how that person is supposed to act and how others perceive how he should act. This allows doppelgangers to almost perfectly assume another's life. The only downside is that if the person that the doppelganger reads their mind has prejudice towards them they might have inconsistency in their behaviours that might raise a few red flags,' she explained.

Moby repeated what Avilia just told him to Jayden.

"So I have a basic mind-reading ability that reveals surface thoughts?" She asked in surprise.

"Ya pretty much," he replied.

"Then why can't I read your mind now?"

"Probably because you are a cat and I have no opinions on a cat," he said with a sigh.

"So, all I have to do is transform into someone you know and then I would be able to, right?"

As soon as she said that, her body started to transform again. She shed all her hair that just disintegrated in mid-air and grew human skin instead, She grew very tall standing at a little taller than moby. A student uniform appeared on her body out of nowhere which fit her perfectly.

"How do I look!" She said with joy.

"You look like Alex!" He replied in shock.

"I know that you two are roommates so I thought this would be the perfect person."

Moby was waiting to see if her nose would grow like Pinocchio but it seems like she actually believes what she is saying.

"So how does it work? Can you read my mind?" He asked, clenching his fists in anticipation.

"Hahaha, it's telling me that you see Alex as a dubious manipulator who acts nice to pursue some ulterior motive." She said while laughing.

'Seems pretty accurate' he inwardly nodded.

"Try using his lightning ability,"

Jayden nodded as she conjured a huge bolt of lightning that destroyed one of the walls in her room.

"Whoops, looks like I tried too hard," she said with an awkward laugh.

Moby was dumbfounded at how strong that attack was. if she was holding back while still having a 30% debuff than he can't imagine how strong Alex would be at his full power. At Moby's current strength, he would be one-shot without a doubt.

Moby quickly regained his composure and asked,

"Try using your shadow ability now,"

She nodded as she conjured 2 shadow daggers in each hand.

"Now try using both abilities at the same time"

She did as she was told and surrounded her shadow daggers by an electric aura.

"Ok stop, it seems like my hypothesis is correct. You are now able to wield 2 abilities at once which is pretty broken."

"Tell me something I don't know," she replied proudly.

"Ooo! I have an idea! Let me try transforming into you!" She said excitedly.

In only a few seconds she had already assumed Moby's exact form with no way to visually distinguish each other.

It was pretty amazing looking at himself but at the same time really creepy.

"Dangggg!! It looks like you're packing big!" She exclaimed while taking a peek at his legendary spear.

"Stop that right now!!" He screamed in embarrassment!

"Fine I'll stop, " she said with a giggle.


3 hours later...

After a few more experiments, Moby figured out that their mind link can be used for telepathic communication from any distance which is a huge asset.

They also figured out that Jayden was limited to choose only different 5 transformations per day which adds yet another limit to her power.?Although with a slight delay, she would be able to effortlessly switch between the 5 transformations as many times as she wants. But, if she tries it to transform into someone other than them, the transformation would fail.

Also, every time Jayden would change between her transformation, a portion of demon energy would be consumed. Her demon energy would also be slightly consumed every second during her transformed state so she was not able to stay transformed forever.

Furthermore, Jayden was able to effortlessly copy all of Moby's moves and she even learned "Energy Sense" and "Nature's Stimulation" into her own body because they were not race-specific skills like the rest of his skills.

She was also able to modify "Nature's Stimulation" to restore both Energy and Mana instead of just Energy.

Jayden started to get the hang of walking on 4 legs but she still messes up quite a lot.

They also discovered that when Jayden tried to transform into any of the professors, it would always end in failure. It was most likely because they were too powerful for her to copy.

The time they used was very efficient. They discovered many things in the process. But, all good things must come at a cost. The last 3 hours were the most frustrating and rage-inducing time Moby had ever felt. He had never met someone so annoying in his entire life.

"I have to leave now before I get in trouble, the curfew is only in an hour. Can you give me a ride?"

"Why should I? You have 2 working legs for a reason,"

"Because then I won't make it back in time you bozo, "

"Fine! Let me call the butler, " she said while running out of the room.

When they reached the front door and Moby was walking away with the butler, She suddenly tugged on his shirt signalling him to wait.

"Since we will be working together from now on I think that we should trade our contact info," She said while awkwardly rubbing her hands together.

"Why should I? We already have a telepathic link. It's better than any other way of contact," Moby said with a confused expression.

Jayden's face instantly turned beet red.

"NEVERMIND!" She said as she smashed the door shut.

Moby was just standing there in confusion not knowing what just happened. He didn't have the chance to read her emotions but from her face, he could assume she was angry at him for some reason.

Then, the memory of Avilia telling him that he only had 1 weeks to tame her or else there is a high chance she would betray him played again in his mind.

'I need to find a way to keep her under control or else I'll be dead.' Moby said with sweat running down his face.

Moby entered the limousine and the butler drove him towards the school.

Since this was the first time he was alone with peace and quiet ever since he got his new stat points, Moby can now finally assign them.

He had a total of 85 points to distribute.

After careful consideration, Moby decided to assign:

30 points in strength.

30 points in Intelligence.

12 points in mind.

13 points in Endurance.

His new stats are now:



Name: Moby Kane

Race: Lesser Demon

Level: 11

XP to next level 500/1200

Power Level: 2720

Hp: 120/120

Demon Energy: 55/55

Demon Energy regeneration: 27 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 83

Agility: 98

Endurance: 36

Intelligence: 55

Mind: 30

Available Points to distribute: 0 i๏ฝŽ๐“ท๐“‡๐’†ฮฑ๐’…. ๐—ฐ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ


Moby's current goal was to even out his stats because he believes that was is his best way to distribute them. He also wanted to reach 30 points in mind to get the skill Avilia wanted him to learn.

Moby noticed that as his intelligence stat went up, so did his maximum energy capacity. This was a fix to his low reserve of Demon energy. So, Moby decided he should focus on getting his intelligence and endurance up so he can have more energy and not get killed with one hit.

As soon as Moby finished distributing all his points, he got a system notification.

\u003c System Alert! \u003e

\u003cDue to the user having 30 points in the "Mind" stat a new skill has been learned! \u003e


Lesser Mind Control [ Level 1 ]

By staring at a target for 20 seconds, the user can control their actions for 5 seconds. The skill can not be used on anyone with a higher power level than the user and can not be used to inflict severe or fatal self-harm or harm on others.

Activation Time: 20 seconds

Duration: 5 seconds

Cost: 25 Demon Energy


'Avilia, is this the skill you wanted me to learn?' Moby asked.

'Ya! Isn't it amazing! It was always my favorite skill to use. It may not be able to order someone to harm themselves but it can make them do some really stupid shit! Whenever I got mad at people, I always used this skill to embarrass them. And no one can use this skill on me because I was the strongest demon. If you plan on humiliating that Nathan guy and his goons this is the perfect move! Just imagine all the life-ruining shit you can make them do! As long as there is no severe self-harm, you can make them do anything!'

'That's amazing!' He exclaimed jumping out his seat startling the butler in the process.

Moby had never heard Avilia sound so excited about anything she had ever spoken about.

And, after hearing what Avilia said, Moby could not help but feel just as enthusiastic.

Moby and Avilia spent the rest of the ride home discussing all the best and most embarrassing applications of this skill for maximum devastation on Nathan and his gang.


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The Great Demon System Chapter 22: Experiments Part 2