The God Virus
Volume 1 - 13 Kidnapped

After her class, Ella was walking toward her house when a Van suddenly came and stopped beside her, it’s door opened and three masked people got off the car and put her in the car by force, they acted so quick that Ella didn’t know what was going on until she was put inside the van when she started screaming, but it was already too late.

"These monkeys... they deserve to... DIE!" It was at this moment Virus was alarmed and said this sentence calmly while saying last word with killing intent. His tone and eyes were so cold and chilly at the moment that the golden beauty thought it could probably even freeze the sun.

The golden beauty was startled by Virus’ sudden chilly words full of killing intent, this was the first she had seen her master like this, it seemed he was very angry but instead of yelling and bringing the anger out, he acted more calm than his usual making the golden beauty scared.

He started searching and analyzing everything and after less than a second he knew everything, who had kidnapped her, who ordered the kidnappers to kidnap her, and the background and the family of the person who ordered kidnapping Ella and where she was being kidnapped and who was waiting for her at the place she was beibg kidnapped to.

The people who had kidnapped her were from a powerful gang of Newyork called the Snake to Dragon Gang, they were quite powerful in Newyork and not a lot of people dared to go against them or look down on them, They were known to do anything if the money was large enough.

The person who ordered Ella to be kidnapped was some boy called Tom Cam and his father was one of the influencia people of Newyork in the governmental area.

There were also some boys who followed Thay tom boy’s orderes around.

"See this file and video first." Virus told the golden beauty, then seeing the things that was sent directly to her mind she knew everything and just replied. "What shall I do master?"

"Get that favorite weapon of yours along with the incinerator, we’re going to do some cleaning, trash needs cleaning otherwise it will start to smell." Virus continued very much calmer than his usual self, and unlike his usual self, he didn’t smile and was acting completely serious making the golden beauty a little jealous inside as she too yearned for his master to act like that if something happened to her.

"Yes Master." Knowing there was not much time the golden beauty didn’t beat around the bush and just followed orders with no more excess words.

Then they went to th lobby by the elevator and as they existed the black lamborghini was waiting for them outside.

Getting on the drivers seat Virus started driving with fastest speed he could towards the warehouse.



Ella was put into unconsciousness inside the car when a piece of cloth was put in front of her nose.

After being unconscious for a time she wasn’t sure how much she was forced to wake up water was splashed to her face, waking up, confused she looked to herself seeing herself tightly tied to a chair, after that looking around herself she saw that there were some people around her she recognized, like Tom and his lackeys, but there were also men full of tatoos present too which she didn’t recognize.

Seeing it was Tom that had probably ordered her to be kidnapped Ella was honestly very scared inside looking at him she said with a little pleading voice "Tom why are you doing this, is it because I talked badly to you? I’m sorry okay? something was on my mind... just let me go I won’t tell anyone okay?"

Seeing her act this way afraidly Tom smiled satisfiedly and then said with an evil smile as his face contorted "Bitch... it’s too late now for asking for forgiveness, you should’ve acted kindly to me when you had the change and you should’ve just become my girl friend and let me fuck you for some rounds and after that I would’ve let you go."

He continued with the same expression and tone, only his evil smile was even wider "But now? first... I’ll do you till I’m satisfied and then my lackeys will go a few rounds on you all of them together."

"We didn’t expect her to be such a beauty, we want to ride her until we’re satisfied too, we’re just informing you, not getting permission ir anything, but since you’re our employee we will let you finish first as we’re professionals." one of the tatoo filled muscly big guys said, he seemed to be the leader in the group.

hearing that Tom was a little flustered inside as this wasn’t part of the deal but it wasn’t like he could talk back to these people, as they were no simple people, so he could only say "Okay."

Hearing Tom’s words and the words that tatoo filled guy said Ella despaired as she was extremely afraid, she was thinking inside how she could commit suicide so as not to tolerate this humiliation.

"It’s fine sweetheart... just take it easy and relax." seeing her face full of despair said that tatoo filled guy with a wide grin on his face.

Ella felt like she would be still betraying that person even she was forced, so she was thinking how to commit suicide as she wouldn’t be able to live with herself after this matter.

"You all will be caught by the police and be brought to justice!" Ella said trying to intimidate them, but the result was the opposite.

"HAHAHAHAHA, SHE SAID THE POLICE, sweet heart... we own the police, also do you think we will leave any evidence of our job here? or do you think this is the first time we’re doing this?" said the tatoo filled group leader.

"Just SHUT UP BITCH!" Tom said having enough of her as he said "I’m gonna **** you till you pass out! just you see... let’s start... I’ll first start with your huge boobs... haha I Always fantasized of touching them and now my dream is finally coming true." he said.

Then he reached her hand and it came closer and closer to her big boobs, as she still had her cloth first he wanted to feel them from above the cloth.

Completely despairing Ella could only yell with all his might the word "HEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!" and oddly that person came to his mind even at this moment, she thought bitterly he hasn’t even called and here she was all she would think even in this situation was him.

And finally his hand came to and touched her boob.

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The God Virus Volume 1 - 13 Kidnapped