The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 89 - : Being Heckled in the Lecture Hall

Chapter 89: Being Heckled in the Lecture Hall

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This girl was a small-time internet celebrity. She seemed to be trying to use Xiao Ying’s fame to climb the ranks.

Xiao Ying smiled and gave Shen Meijia and Zhou Yao a reassuring look. She looked at the girl and said, “Okay then. It was actually me who left the Xiao family of my own accord.”

“How could a ten-year-old child leave her parents on her own accord? Are you sure you’re not trying to hide your mistakes, Senior Sister?” the girl asked aggressively.

“You’re right. Why would a child leave their parents? Because I’m not a child of the Xiao family,” Xiao Ying said indifferently.

These words stunned the girl. Xiao Ying did not give her a chance to speak. She looked at Xiao Ruoxuan and said, “Isn’t that right, Xiao Ruoxuan, the real daughter of the Xiao family?”

Everyone was in an uproar. Who knew Xiao Ruoxuan and Xiao Ying would have a relationship like this?

Xiao Ruoxuan had not expected her to be so direct. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Sister, if you hadn’t… Dad and Mom wouldn’t have driven you away.”

The underlying meaning of those words redirected everyone’s gazes back to Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying mocked, “You still have the mood to fool around like this? It looks like the Xiao family’s problem isn’t big enough.”

These words made Xiao Ruoxuan’s expression instantly darken. Recently, all of the Xiao family’s projects were going wrong. Xiao Ying had long been planning to take revenge on the Xiao family.

Xiao Ying then turned to the girl from earlier and said, “This is my business, and it has nothing to do with any of you.”

The girl asked again, “And there’s another thing. Last time, during the Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony, you knew you had a speech, so why were you late? Are you looking down on us freshmen?”

Coincidentally, Professor Chen passed by and saw Xiao Ying standing on the podium and came in out of curiosity. When he heard this question, he immediately said angrily, “That was my fault. I was the one who held up Xiao Ying’s time for an experiment. Is there a problem?”

The girl was shocked to see Professor Chen.

Xiao Ying bowed politely to Professor Chen in greeting.

Professor Chen looked at the modest and polite Xiao Ying and nodded with satisfaction. He walked up to the podium and said, “Look at you guys. You’re the same age as Xiao Ying. In order to help the disabled repair their limbs, Xiao Ying spends all her time in the laboratory doing research. What are you guys doing?”

He looked at the students in disappointment and said, “To tell you the truth, Xiao Ying’s research results involving X-ray spots have already been patented and she has received the patent reward.”

The students below looked at Xiao Ying in shock, wailing about how she didn’t leave any room for them to live with her outstanding achievements.

Professor Chen looked at this scene with satisfaction and said, “The most you guys can do is to stop thinking about the useless rumors and gossip you preoccupy yourselves with.”

Xiao Ying thanked Professor Chen, who said with a grin, “It would be great if you could find some time to help me with my plant research.”

Xiao Ying nodded with a smile.

This was the first time the students had seen Professor Chen so amiable. They sighed again. Senior Sister Xiao Ying was really a god.

Xiao Ruoxuan’s expression twisted with jealousy as she asked, “Xiao Ying, no matter what, the Xiao family has raised you for ten years. Don’t you feel any guilt when you’re attacking the Xiao family?”

With another bomb dropped, the students’ gazes shifted back and forth between the two of them.

Xiao Ying said frankly, “We were only temporary partners. What has the turmoil in the Xiao family’s stocks got to do with me?”

Her roommate, who was eager to curry favor with Xiao Ruoxuan, stood up and said, “Xiao Ying, don’t look down on others just because you’re smart. Have you heard of You-Know-Who? He’s the Uncrowned King of the stock market, and he’s Ruoxuan’s boyfriend. How can turmoil in the stock market cause any issues for the Xiao family? You’re being ridiculous.”

Unable to stop her in time, Xiao Ruoxuan’s expression was ugly when the girl finished.

Xiao Ying’s interest was piqued. She smiled and said, “Is that so? Why didn’t I know You-Know-Who was Xiao Ruoxuan’s boyfriend?”

Her roommate looked up smugly and said, “How could you possibly know?”

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 89 - : Being Heckled in the Lecture Hall