Chapter 2: The Secret of the Amulet

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Xiao Ying recalled the truth she had learned of before dying in her previous life.

The Xiao family had set up such a huge trap for her amulet.

She had received it when she was 18 years old.

It was left to her by her biological parents.

As soon as she got it, she had been deceived by the Xiao couple.

Even by the time of her death, she did not know what secrets the amulet held.

The amulet…

Xiao Ying turned it over in her heart.

“Yes, Master.”

The sudden mechanical voice shocked her.

She looked back and forth but noticed nothing unusual.

Could there be surveillance cameras in this house?

Hadn’t everyone seen her earlier?

Just as Xiao Ying was letting her imagination run wild, the voice from earlier sounded again.

“Master, I’m here.”

Xiao Ying realized with horror that the voice was coming from her own body.

She ran her chubby hands over herself.

Just as she was about to take off her clothes to check…

The voice sounded again. “Master, I’m in your head.”

Xiao Ying was stupefied. She had lived for more than twenty years, but this was the first time she had ever encountered something so supernatural.

But thinking about it, she had already been reborn.

What was happening…?

At this point, it wouldn’t even be strange if a machine suddenly appeared in her mind.

Xiao Ying consoled herself.

After thinking for a while, she said to the air, “Who are you… eh… What are you?”

The mechanical voice replied quickly, “Master, I am your amulet. I brought you here.”

Realizing that the person who claimed to be an amulet had ‘brought’ her here, Xiao Ying asked again, “Did you trigger the rebirth?”

“Yes, Master. When you died, your heart blood triggered my energy and awoke me from my slumber. When I realized that you were in danger, I brought you to this safe place.”

After the explanation from the amulet, Xiao Ying understood.

No wonder the Xiao couple had insisted on her blood in her previous life.

So her blood had such an effect.

Thinking of the current situation, Xiao Ying asked expectantly, “Then do you have any other uses?”

The amulet paused as if thinking.

How did Xiao Ying know?

Because there was an electric current in her head.

“Master, in order to bring you here, I used up all my energy. You need to help me find more. Otherwise, I’m going to fall dormant.”

Xiao Ying’s lips twitched.

Did she have to save a piece of jewellery?

However, she considered the fact that the amulet had used up all its energy to save her.

Her heart softened as she asked, “What is your energy?”

It couldn’t be charged electrically, surely.

Xiao Ying’s scalp went numb just thinking about how she had charged her brain.

“Master, every world contains some people which possess great luck. As long as I get close to them, I can absorb their energy.”

Every world?

Was there another world?

Xiao Ying thought about it casually.

“Yes, Master. There are many worlds in the universe. You just can’t see them.”

The amulet’s response stunned Xiao Ying, and she suddenly thought of something else.

“Can you hear what I’m thinking?”

“Yes, Master. We can communicate in this sea of consciousness. Only you can hear my voice.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xiao Ying recalled how she had spoken to the air earlier and felt a little silly.

The sea of consciousness mentioned by the amulet must be in her mind.

“Master didn’t ask.”

Xiao Ying paused. There was nothing wrong with his reasoning.

He said seriously, “Anything else you want to say?”

She was still not used to speaking in her mind. Anyway, there was no one in front of her.

“Master, as long as I have enough energy, I can do many things.”

This time, the amulet did not wait for Xiao Ying to ask further. It took the initiative to pull up a screen and place it in front of her.

There were all kinds of classes on it, and now they were grayed out.

“Master, I am an educational system. All the top courses from all over the universe are in me. As long as you have enough energy, you can learn them all. Moreover, these courses will directly appear in your mind after you purchase them. It is equivalent to you learning them instantly without any effort.”

“So they’re greyed out because there isn’t enough energy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Who is the lucky guy you were talking about?”

“The child of destiny in this world is known as Cheng Yang.”

Cheng Yang?!

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