Chapter 9: He’s The Brother?

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Zhao Jianjian wanted to feign death as he listened from the sidelines.

“Little man, tell me, if your brother is still not considered much, what else do you want?”

“Can you leave some chances for us mortals?”

“If you think you’re good enough, do tell us, who is your brother?”

Mo Bei ignored the person who had removed his scarf beside her and lowered her eyes. As she met the small face with the mask, her response was concise. “I still have something to do.”

Six very apathetic words.

Kiddy Cherubic was evidently disappointed. “Then can we share contact details? When we meet next time, I can introduce my brother to you.”

Mo Bei glanced in the distance. It didn’t seem like someone would be coming, so she was hesitant.

Kiddy Cherubic then said, “I’m worried that my brother will forget about me again. If that happens, I could look for you again.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Bei recited her cell phone number and WeChat ID.

Kiddy Cherubic cocked his head to the side, memorizing everything very seriously.

Mo Bei noticed and opened her backpack. After pulling out a piece of paper and a pen, she wrote her contact details down.

The adorable kid took the piece of paper happily. “By the way, Little Brother, I’ve yet to introduce myself. My name is Feng Lin, but you can call me Little Lin.”

Feng Lin?

Why was this name so familiar? 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Zhao Jianjian was still trying to recollect.

Meanwhile, Mo Bei had already lifted her backpack and gotten ready to leave.

Perhaps it was because of that aloof and elegant attire, but the people from No.1 Middle School only stared at Mo Bei instead of piling in.

Of course, this was only one of the reasons.

Another reason was that they were waiting for Almighty K to personally straighten out this jerk.

“Feng Nai, Young Master Feng, Almighty King, are you really not going to go and meet the gay guy who came to No. 1 to cause trouble? He came to target you.”

Shadows flickered as that slender, tall figure commented, “Silly.”

More laughter was heard. “I guessed that this would be your stance, but you have to be present for the fight tomorrow. We can’t just let No. 2 Middle School continue being so conceited.”

The person who spoke did not get a response. However, he was aware of the other party’s personality.

As long as the answer was not negative, it was still possible that he would show his face.


“Wait a moment! Where are you going?”

“To find someone.” The person in the shadows finally revealed his face. Unfortunately, he was still wearing a black mask. Only a pair of eyes could be seen, languid and distant, with a hint of impatience.

Who was he looking for?

When he turned past the corner, the adorable kid in the black down jacket charged over and hugged his leg. “Brother, where did you go? I searched for you for a long time! I was even worried about you on mommy’s behalf.”

The figure seemed to let out a laugh as he freed up one hand to pat the small face. His tone was slightly cold as he spoke. “Little Feng Lin, you took the words right out of my mouth. Did you think that you wouldn’t have to bear a beating for blindly walking away?”

The adorable kid shook his head. “I did not walk away. I heard that you were going to fight on the phone, so I wanted to go stop you. Fighting is really bad. If the school asks to meet our parents again, mommy is going to suspend your allowance.”

“My little brother is really thoughtful and farsighted.” The figure was very nonchalant. When his fingers touched what was in his brother’s hand, he paused for a moment. “What’s this?”

The adorable kid could not read his brother’s emotions. When another topic finally came up, he immediately replied in all seriousness, “The Little Brother that saved my life gave it to me. Little Brother likes gaming too, so in order to repay his kindness, I intend on playing a game tonight.”

“Too bad that he saved you. There goes his gaming career.”

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