Chapter 30: The Date With Little Brother

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“Support?” Wang Dongdong choked on a mouthful of saliva. “You’re playing support?”

That was totally unrelated, right?

Even if his skills weren’t as good as they used to be, Unpopular had always played the assassin’s role.

Mo Bei, who was rather emotionless, did not say anything. She indeed did not have much experience playing as support, but she’d always deep down wanted to test it out.

On top of that, the Dark Flares Battle Team had only been lacking a support player.

Some things happened naturally.

Still, Wang Dongdong was very worried. “The playing style of an assassin and a support player are different. Can you get used to it? Or will you end up being trashed?”

The tide on the internet was already atrocious, so many people were waiting to see this person make a fool of himself one last time. If Mo Nan couldn’t remedy things, then his professional career would be completely doomed.

Mo Bei figured out Wang Dongdong’s thoughts and said unhurriedly, “As long as you play well, you can be impressive regardless of your role.”

That was right. Wang Dongdong was so shocked by the youth’s aloof and elegant aura that it took him a while to react.?Right, my *ss! Your calm expression almost made me believe that you could play support!

Wang Dongdong inhaled deeply. “Brother Nan, can we be stabler right now?”

Mo Bei knew what Wang Dongdong meant. Besides the assassin’s role, her brother had rarely played any other roles.

To avoid trouble in the future, Mo Bei turned over and said casually, “On the trip home, I took the time to practice the support role. Otherwise, why do you think Dark Flares would accept me?”

“I see!” Wang Dongdong’s eyes lit up. “I was just wondering, man!”

As Mo Bei pulled on the albescent windbreaker, her entire being’s aloofness increased by a few more notches. “I’m going out. Are you staying here, or are you returning to the company?”

“Ah? I’ll head to the company.” This time, Wang Dongdong noticed that the youth was carrying a cake. “Wait, Brother Nan. What are you going to do?”

Mo Bei couldn’t be bothered to explain. She simply answered, “Have a date.”

Wang Dongdong was so overjoyed that he almost let go off the water glass. “Brother Nan, you’ve finally given up on the unrealistic thought of pursuing Almighty K! Dating is good! You just ought to be straighter. Move on boldly with peace of mind. I’ll be at the company!”

Mo Bei did not reply. She just bowed down to type a message on her cell phone. “I’m heading out.”

When Little Lin received this message, he started forcefully pulling his brother out of bed.

From this angle, the entire face of the person on the bed was in the light. Black locks covered his forehead. In combination with the tall bridge of his nose, he looked so handsome that he could make one feel slightly dizzy.

He was able to exude a sense of languidness even in his sleep. Feng Nai was probably the sole person in the world who could do that.

The working hours and rest hours of most players in the scene were abnormal. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Thus, no one could wake up in the morning, especially not Feng Nai. Someone had once said that Almighty K was only awake when he was gaming.

He was essentially always sleeping at the airport or in the waiting room, wearing a mask, his black team uniform zipped to the top, his entire fair, handsome face buried in it, radiating an aloof aura. Even when fans wanted to give him gifts, there was no way of doing so.

Their Almighty K was really difficult to approach.

“Brother, Little Brother has already set off and I haven’t even brushed my teeth! Quickly, tell me, where is my checkered little jacket? I want to wear it to go meet Little Brother!”

Little Lin was sensible. He’d disturbed his brother’s sleep before, but today was different.

It was already past 11 A.M.

If he didn’t get ready now, how was he going to look handsome when he went to meet Little Brother?

They had a lunch date together…

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