Chapter 22: “Brother Nan” Could Actually Answer The Questions!

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In the narrow and small apartment…

Mo Bei had a hand behind her back as she was putting on the ointment herself.

This wasn’t because the injury was really severe, but because she would be reporting to the battle team in a few days.

After she became a public figure, such fights could not occur anymore.

Thus, before that happened, she had to resolve the matters at school.

She didn’t have a clue why K had dared to partake in this group fight.

Oh yes, he had worn a mask at the time.

Mo Bei’s expression was cold. No one would understand why she wanted to have a fight with the Captain before even joining the battle team.

However, that person was probably more tempted than she was to beat someone up.

When she tried to get to know the Dark Flares Battle Team and joined a certain live stream, Mo Bei saw that the King had lots of visual fans [1. People who only liked the celebrity’s looks.]

In the playback comments, many people were calling him hubby.

Of course, most importantly, someone asked how he had acquired the wound on the corner of his lips.

Mo Bei naturally noticed that the person’s eyes gradually turned cold when he read that question.

It seemed like there still wouldn’t be an end to this.

Mo Bei kept thinking like this. When the ointment took effect, she dozed off, semi-reclining on the sofa while pieces of black hair fell down and covered her pretty profile.

The next day, Feng Nai was told off.

However, the person telling him off sounded more like he was begging. “Al, Almighty K, I’m lost. The media has been constantly bombarding me since yesterday. Everyone has been asking me how you got the injury on your face. It couldn’t possibly be…”

“I got beaten up.” Feng Nai interrupted the other person’s words as the mouse in his hand jerked for a second.

The other person choked.

Feng Nai turned to the side, chuckled and put a cigarette between his lips. “Why? You don’t believe that?”

“It is a little surreal.” The other person murmured while suddenly switching to a severe countenance. “Almighty K, our whole battle team really relies on your face to get sponsors. Besides, if the media were to find out that you got into a fight, they’d definitely keep going on about it.”

Feng Nai stood up and brushed off the cigarette ash on his team uniform. His legs were slim and long, but his eyes were icy. “Let me rephrase that. I wasn’t fighting, I was justifiably defending myself. Didn’t I already tell you that I was the one who got beaten up?”

I couldn’t tell from your expression that you were the one who got beaten. Right now, you look like you’re saying, “If I don’t get revenge, I will take your surname!”?

“It’s time. I’m going to class. When is my new support coming?” Feng Nai asked indifferently.

The other person bowed down and started to flip through the papers. “It’s said that he/she will be reporting next week.”

Feng Nai’s gaze shifted to the side.

The other person misunderstood and continued talking. “Name, age, gender… Everything is still unknown. The new support seems to be more of an introvert.”

“Never mind.” Feng Nai retracted his gaze. Once he observed Trouble Lin’s Little Brother’s playing style today, he’d probably be able to figure out who he was.

Unfortunately, Mo Bei didn’t go online every day.

Mo Bei had not attended high school properly. 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

She’d attended a technical school back in Jiang City instead.

She had qualms that the curriculum here would be different, so she read her textbooks in advance.

After all, if she competed but failed a subject, she would not meet the qualifications.

When she picked up a 2B pencil and completed the monthly examination paper, Zhao Jianjian was shocked once again!

Brother Nan was actually conscientiously working on the paper. He was not sleeping, tugging at his hair, or throwing a die.

Throwing a die to answer questions was the specialty of No. 2 Middle School.

They had four options: A, B, C, and D. A certain person had bought the die, so when they encountered questions that they couldn’t answer, the answer they chose would depend on the option the die showed.

This was a trend started by Brother Nan, yet now… Zhao Jianjian held the die in his hands and glanced at the aloof, refined Brother Nan beside him. He was acting weird! Really weird!

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