The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 344 Mixed Feelings

"Let us go." Williams' father said to Harold, who was currently staring at the lake. He liked to come here to think because, for some reason, it made him a bit relaxed and clear-headed.

However, the plan was ruined when William's father showed up behind him, demanding permission to leave with his family.

Harold turned to look at him, his hands crossed at the back. He was quiet for a long time as he gave the man a scrutinizing look. Sir Evan did not bother to hide his displeasure, which was either directed at him or at the situation going on in the palace.

Sir Evan had always been like that. No one knew what he was thinking or which side he was on, and honestly, Harold hadn't bothered to find out all these years since his default belief was that everyone hated him. He especially didn't expect much from Sir Evan, judging the circumstances. His sister's husband had cheated on her with a lowly Omega. Not only was Arya from a noble family, but she was also very pleasant to the eyes and a Beta. But the King had ignored that and mated with an Omega slave, and the worst part was that they had an Alpha, which the King "actively" protected even though Harold had never genuinely felt so.

"Why?" Harold finally asked the man calmly.

And no, Harold was not asking why he wanted to leave with his family. He was asking him, "Why should I let you leave?" And the older man understood that.

Sir Evan ground his teeth, seething, but he kept his voice calm as he said, "I believe my family has done enough, and it's high time we step out of the palace. We do not have any intention of getting involved in whatever fight that's happening or is going to happen within the palace, so you do not need to worry--"

"Do I look worried to you?" Harold asked, almost amused as he removed his hand from behind him to cross it in front of him, tilting his head to the side as he stared at the man. Sir Evan realized Prince Harold's wife had this habit, which he had unconsciously picked up.

"My son almost died! And I do not know what is going to happen to Susan after she got involved. I need to leave with my fami--"

"Your precious children aren't the only ones with their lives at stake." Harold reminded him.

"Just by being in the palace with me, everybody's life is at stake," Harold said with a short, sarcastic laugh, further annoying Sir Evan, who was trying to be diplomatic with Harold but the young lad was not being cooperative.

"Everyone stays in the palace. And you know I won't make an exception. However, do not worry about your precious children." Harold said before he turned and walked away, not caring how the man took his words.

Of course, he wouldn't want anyone else to be in danger. Especially the people who had sworn their lives to him, and as much as he hated the fact that Lance was on the list, he could not help it. It was his duty to protect all of them, but he could not send them away. What kind of person would he be if he was lenient to the queen's brother by letting them leave despite keeping everyone else in the palace and considering everything going on in the palace?

Not that he cared about what the court thought, but that was going to put him in a difficult position and place both Williams and Susan in a bad light.

However, it seemed like he was not done with this family because on his way back to his chamber to check on Alvin, he bumped into the lady of the house, who seemed relieved when she finally saw him.

Just judging by her expression, Harold could tell she wanted to ask him for the same thing her husband had just asked him.

Before she could say a word, Harold beat her to it.

"No." He said, going straight to the point even though the woman had not told him what she was there for.

Her eyes shone, and a frown formed on her face as she asked, "What? Why? You don't even know what I was going to ask you!" She hurried to stand in front of him when he tried to walk past her, giving him an "I won't leave until you talk to me" look.

Harold stopped and looked at her closely. Why did she suddenly seem familiar even though he had known her his entire life--oh, Susan. It did make sense. He could see the resemblance between the two.

"Whatever you are asking, the answer is no." He deadpanned.

"I... I am scared for my children." The woman said, obviously looking wary of whatever was going to happen. "You can keep me here. Lock me up or do whatever. I will stay here with my Lord Husband. But I need to get my children out of here! Especially Susan. I don't know what the queen or Prince Ivan might do to her after what she attempted."

Harold almost felt jealous at that moment. Almost. π˜ͺπš—π“ƒπ˜³β„―π’‚d. c૦𝓂

Was this how parents were? Willing to do anything for their children, even putting their lives in danger? He had only ever received that kind of concern from Alvin, who was unfortunately still unconscious and battling with the pain of expelling the poison out of his blood. And until recently, he remembered Alicia and how she had literally put her life at risk by running to the patio where he was being 'attacked' by the king's men and fighting them with a torch to protect him.

Susan's mother stared at him in confusion as she wondered what was amusing about whatever she was saying that was making him smile. Harold noticed and kept his usual appearance. He seemed to be in a good mood this morning. Since Alicia was 'free' and doing her thing, that seemed to bring him great relief since her spirit seemed to have been broken a few days ago and he thought she wouldn't be able to get herself back. Also, she had finally been able to talk to him, and there seemed to be a prospect of her having a child with him. Lastly, she seemed to still be interested in him, judging from her conversation with Paulina this morning. She had really put aside the thought of running away when he wasn't looking, and the certain potion Paulina had talked about was something he had heard Alvin mention before when they were digging into the mysterious change in Agnes/Matilda's scent, but Alvin also hadn't been too sure. So maybe there was really a way to see Alicia in her true form because he didn't like the fact that Amber was sharing her with him in such a weird way.

But something still bothered him. The fact that his family had been actively involved in getting rid of her lineage, and also the fact that Alicia did not mention anything concerning it to him when they met after the meeting. He had been waiting to hear what she had to say and even thought she would blame him for what his family did. But she hadn't.

Nothing at all. So it was difficult to know what she was thinking.

"Prince Harold?" Lady Victoria called for his attention, wondering what was seriously wrong with him this morning.

Harold looked around them, and when he was certain it was just the two of them in the hallways since every other living creature was most likely avoiding bumping into him, he opened the door closest to them, where some kitchen supplies were, and entered, waiting for her to follow him.

He was sure he would get some answers from her. He would never let go of an opportunity.

The unsuspecting woman followed him, wondering why he was ignoring her.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 344 Mixed Feelings