The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 27 Royal Breakfast

After having her bath, Alicia returned to the bedroom, wrapped in a robe. She raised a brow when she noticed that Beth had left with two maidens, leaving behind two other maidens who were to help her dress up, "Jezebel left already?" Alicia asked, even though she knew that they probably wouldn't understand.

"Yes, my lady," one of them responded with a bow since they could guess she was referring to Beth, even though they didn't understand what she meant.

"Good riddance," Alicia said as she sat down on the edge of her bed, giving them the go-ahead to do whatever needed to be done.

One thing was certain, whether in her real life or this fake life she was living here, she was destined to be pampered. Even though she was a good cook, she didn't have to cook or clean.

As she got dressed, she noticed the sore on her hand was healing very fast, which was strange since she wasn't receiving any medical treatment. If it had been in the future (her real life), getting attacked by a big dog or wolf like that would have left her at the hospital for at least a week. She would have needed medication for tetanus and for it to be professionally treated. In fact, it would have been a very big deal. She hadn't paid much attention to the wounds all over her body, especially her hand, since she had been too preoccupied with her escape plan.

Now, she realized the other wounds were completely gone and the one on her hand was rapidly closing up. She had noticed how the maids usually gave her a strange look whenever they saw her injured arm. Her thoughts were broken when someone knocked on her door. Since they were done dressing her up, she stood up. Thankfully, the dress today was not very suffocating.

"You can come in," she said as she stood up and admired her reflection in the mirror. 'Princess Amber, whoever you are, you are a gorgeous little thing.' She thought to herself.

"You look lovely," Tyra said with a wide smile as she walked into the bedroom.

Seeing Tyra, her face lit up. "It's all thanks to these beautiful ladies," Alicia said, referring to the maids who had just finished dressing her up, and they bowed politely even though they were very pleased with praise from Alicia. It was rare to receive praise from people in the palace. It was almost as rare as having a woman rule the kingdom.

"I came so that we could leave together for breakfast. I suppose you are done here?" Tyra asked the maids, and they gave her a polite nod without meeting her gaze.

"Let's leave for breakfast then. We don't want the King and Queen to arrive before us," Tyra said as she took Alicia's hand and started leading her out of the bedroom.

"Why not? They arrived before me yesterday," Alicia pointed out as she followed her.

"Yesterday was your first time in the palace, and you were considered a guest. It would have been rude for you to arrive first and be kept waiting by the King and Queen. Today you're part of the family, so it would be rude for you to keep them waiting," Tyra explained reasonably.

"So how would they have known if they got there before me yesterday or after me?" Alicia asked curiously, as nothing Tyra said made sense to her. π“²πš—π‘›r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

"The maids. Nothing that goes on in the palace gets past my parents, believe me," Tyra assured her.

'Was that so?' She had to be wary of all the maids then.

"Talking about your parents..." Alicia smiled as she leaned closer to Tyra, "The king is a real hunk," she whispered to Tyra with a wide smile.

"Hunk?" Tyra asked in confusion.

"He is very attractive and totally my type! I would snatch him from your mother if she wasn't your mother," Alicia said, making Tyra look around them in alarm. She stopped and took a closer step towards Alicia, who had also stopped walking and was giving her a curious look.

"Do not let anyone else hear what you just said. It's a crime punishable by death." Tyra said.

'Woah!' What kind of place was this? Does no one have a sense of humour here? She nodded. She had to keep her mouth shut then.

"Good." Tyra nodded and continued to walk.

"Have you seen Paulina anywhere?" Alicia decided to ask her.

"I haven't. But I'll ask around if you want."

Alicia beamed and grabbed her hand. "Thank you so much." She wanted to use this opportunity to ask for a rope, but she decided to wait a little longer.

Just before they got to the dining room, they bumped into Beth.

"Oh God, not again." Alicia grumbled loudly.

She understood the fact that Beth didn't like her or treat her well since she was from another kingdom and her husband didn't even share a room with her. But she could not understand the condescending look she was sending Tyra.

"I will escort you inside. Make sure you do not utter a single word throughout. Consider this your first lesson." Beth said in her usual superior tone.

Alicia shared a glance with Tyra. To her surprise, it seemed that Tyra was afraid of her. With a nod, Tyra urged her to agree to Beth's instruction.

Alicia looked at Beth and forced out a very fake smile that disappeared as soon as it appeared.

As soon as the door opened and the three ladies entered the hall that seemed like they were having a party instead of breakfast, Alicia sent a big smile at everyone and waved,

"GOOD MORNINGGGGG!" She said loudly in a sing-song voice. Immediately, the chatter in the hall stopped and every eye turned to look at her.

Beth gave her a horrified look, and there was nothing more pleasing to Alicia than seeing that expression on her face. She got it. Beth was trying to bully her to accept these crazy laws and customs. And what better way to pay her back than not to obey her? Obviously, Beth would be held accountable for this.

'hehe' she laughed evilly in her head.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 27 Royal Breakfast