The Adventures Of The Young Master
Chapter 64 - Ma Han’s Challenge

Master Alchemist Ma Han. This was a great thunder clapping on each and everyone's hearts as they heard this name. This name was actually a very significant figure of the Tyy Empire!

Ma Han was actually a 4-star Master Alchemist and already reached the pinnacle of it, only a single step-away from the 5-star Master Alchemist. She was one of the great and revered Master Alchemists of the Tyy Empire! In fact, not just in the Tyy Empire. But even in those high-tier empires!

After all, she was a descendant of the Han Clan which established the Alchemy Tower in the empire and became one of the Three High Elders. Adding to this, she was actually the younger sister of the Tower Master of the Alchemy Tower!

With this, with such great background, how could one not give her any face?

The spectators looked at Jin Rou in such an awe. To think this man would not actually give Master Alchemist Ma Han face and even he already knew the identity of the other party, he was still not intimidated! In fact, he did not seem to mind like it was just an insignificant figure.

Such nonchalant expression was enough to tell the crowd he was not really putting the High Elder in his eyes! Really worth of praise!

Ma Han, of course, was pretty displeased by this. Her white brows had knitted and narrowed to express this. She said, "Young man, you sure are confident."

Ma Han knew that this non-reaction of Jin Rou was really true and not a facade trying not to be intimidated. She was thinking where this confidence came from. After pondering for a moment, she deduced the only possibility why this young man was not putting her in his eyes.

He was from the Gian Supreme Empire.

"Confident? Heh." Jin Rou shrugged his shoulder again, "How come I am confident?"

"Judging by your reaction when you heard my name, you were not intimidated and just smiled there nonchalantly like I am not an important figure in your eyes." Ma Han said in displeasure.

"Oh that?" Jin Rou chuckled, "It's just that I do not know who you are a while ago."

He added, "But still, whoever you are, you are still not qualified to be an important figure in my eyes. At least that, you got it right."


The crowd could not help but sucked a mouthful of cool air as they heard this exchange. Indeed, this young man was not seeing the high elder a somebody! To actually act like this in front of someone like Ma Han? He must really be asking for death!

"How dare you!? Insolent!" Yun Hihi shouted in anger. She could not take it when her own master was being insulted right in her eyes! This man, was really asking for a beating!

Ma Han's expression was turning dark bit by bit. She never expected this man to be this arrogant! She deeply took in a breath in and out to maintain her poise. But her patience was already reaching its limit! She glared at Jin Rou and said, "Good Good!"

She added, "Then young man, since you do not put me in your eyes, it seemed like I am only a small fry, huh?" 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

The crowd shuddered when this voice rang their ears. This time, her voice was cold and angered!

"Hmmmm." Jin Rou posed like he was thinking for a moment and smiled, "That is the case."

Ma Han clenched her fists that it almost bulge her veins inside her hands to control herself from losing her reasoning. After all, if she went crazy here and accidentally killed this man, that would be a stain in her name. A senior actually bullying a junior, that's not pretty pleasing.

She said, "Very well. Then I would like to challenge you and test you if you really have the skills to back it up. How about we make a bet?"

This caught Jin Rou's attention and said, "Interesting."

"So, do you dare? If not, just say so. I don't want to bully a junior." Ma Han smirked.

"Oh please. Why would I not dare? Of course, I accept your challenge." Jin Rou chuckled.

He added, "So what are the bets?"

"Commendable courage you have there. Humph." Ma Han snorted and said, "If I win, I will make you kneel down here and beg for forgiveness, and you will pay two million diamonds for your offense. If you win, anything you like. But of course, if you win, THAT IS."

"Really now?" Jin Rou smiled, "If I win, you will pay me four million diamonds plus the most important herb you have here and the most important potion and pill. How about that?"


The crowd had yet again sucked a mouthful of cool air as they heard Jin Rou's term. They were pretty stumped as the condition stated!

This was sky high!

"Insolent bastard! You are going too far! Do not push your luck here as if you already hold your victory to demand such!" Yun Hihi turned red at this time. She was really infuriated by this arrogant young man in front of her! Her hands were already itching to skin the other party alive! What was more infuriating was that the condition he gave was very high and demanding! This was already not a bet, it was already a morning robbery!

"Your condition is quite off the grid, young man. Are you intending to rob my tower dry?" Of course, Ma Han was also angered by this!

"Oh? Already backing off? Haha!" Jin Rou laughed and gave her a contemptuous look, "We are not even starting yet."

"You!" Ma Han almost puked blood as she heard this. This young man was actually..! "Urghh.." She stopped the incoming blood that was running up to her mouth. Her expression turned livid and her final string of patience snapped and said, "Very good, young man! You really wanted this the hard way? The I will accept your terms if you accept my new terms also!"

"Spill." Jin Rou rolled his eyes.

"Humph!" Ma Han harrumphed and said, "Since you are robbing me clean if you win, if I win, you will kowtow to me three times with four million diamonds and a servant service here for three years, if you could not pay the four million diamonds, you will work here as a lowly servant until you pay it off! How about that?! Do you dare?!"

"I dare." Jin Rou gave her a nonchalant answer.

"Haha! I know you will not accept--" Ma Han was already about to mock the other party when she realized something, "You dare?"

"Of course, why should I not dare knowing I will just win?" Jin Rou rolled his eyes again and gave the high elder a side glance.

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The Adventures Of The Young Master Chapter 64 - Ma Han’s Challenge