The Abandoned Husband Dominates
Chapter 76 - : If Were Not Divorced...

Chapter 76: If We’re Not Divorced...

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Jordan humphed coldly and simply sipped on his own glass of champagne while shifting his gaze to the left to ignore her.

‘How does this materialistic woman have the cheek to sit in my car and drink champagne with me?’

‘She must be dreaming!’

Holding the empty glass while being ignored by Jordan, Hailey felt extremely embarrassed.

Since the back seat situation could not be seen from the front, Rachel didn’t see the awkward plight Hailey was in now.

In less than two minutes, the car pulled over.

The chauffeur took the initiative to open the door for Jordan. Jordan led the both of them into the villa.

As soon as they entered, both of them were stunned by the luxurious and opulent decor in the villa.

Being born to wealthy families, both had been to all sorts of expensive houses and estates. However, the extravagant splendor of Jordan’s luxurious villa was far beyond their imagination and even more spectacular than anything they had ever seen!

The majority of ordinary luxury villas would have a gilded and dazzling interior.

There would be exaggerated chandeliers, peculiarly designed staircases, and a bunch of exorbitant sculptures, art pieces, or antiques in the living room.

However, there weren’t such pompous ornaments in Jordan’s villa. Yet, it couldn’t be any more luxurious.

There was no chandelier, no ostentatious TV cabinet, or plaster ceilings.

Instead, there were couches, a fireplace, a soft and snuggly carpet, and stylish standing lamps.

Rachel and Hailey, both of whom were huge fans of fashion and often kept up with the latest fashion trends, were extremely familiar with designer products launched by luxury brands.

“Oh my, is this an Arco lamp from the Italian brand FLOS? Why haven’t I seen this one before?”

“I love this recliner. I think it’s from Eames.”

Rachel continuously scrutinized all the furniture and ornaments in the villa. At the same time, Jordan walked towards the refrigerator and asked, “Can I get you guys a drink?”

Rachel answered, “Coke will do.”

Hailey said, “I want some honey water.”

Jordan paused for a moment and shot Hailey a glance before saying, “I don’t have honey here, only mineral water.”

Rachel gently pinched Hailey and whispered, “You’re so pretentious. You’re still thinking of making him make you some honey water!?”

Hailey pursed her lips. Over the past three years, she had gotten used to Jordan serving her all the time, so she wanted to experience it again.

They grabbed the bottled drinks that Jordan tossed over at them. Rachel unscrewed the cap and took a sip of coke.

She then said, “Jordan, I really like the style and color scheme of your furniture. The colors white, blue, and baby blue remind me of the hotel in Phuket that Hailey and I love staying in the most. Hahaha.”

Jordan said indifferently, “Oh, I had most of the furniture here air-flown over from my villa in Phuket. I decided to stick with these instead of getting new ones because many of them are limited edition pieces that are one of a kind. Besides, it would take a long time for new furniture to be custom-made.”

“What? Do you have a villa in Phuket? Where in Phuket is it located?”

Both Hailey and Rachel were stunned because they were particularly fond of Phuket and would go there for a vacation once almost every year.

Hailey even mentioned countless times before that she would buy a villa there when she had the money to in the future.

Jordan thought about it and said, “Cape Panwa, it has an area of more than 2,300 square meters.”

Both Rachel and Hailey were dumbfounded.

Rachel almost choked on her coke. “Oh my God! Hailey and I have stayed in a resort villa in Cape Panwa before, and the rates start from $10,000 a night! We feel the pinch whenever we stay here for a few nights. You… you actually bought a villa there!”

Hailey was just as excited. She had been to the villa at Cape Nawa countless times before, and she felt as if she could already enjoy a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea from outside Jordan’s villa!

“The villa in Phuket is my dream house! I don’t care. It belongs to me now. Jordan is mine! I don’t care!”

Hailey was extremely agitated, and she couldn’t contain herself.

Rachel, seeing Hailey was already losing control of her emotions even as they had just entered, quickly said, “Um, let’s go upstairs and take a look.”

Jordan asked, “Do you want to take the elevator or the stairs?”

Rachel said, “Let’s take the stairs.”

As soon as they stepped onto the white and spotless stairs, Rachel was intrigued again. “Hey, why does the design of the stairs seem so familiar?”

Jordan couldn’t help but laugh. “Rachel, you’ve got such sharp eyesight. The detail, brand, and design of every single piece of my furniture can’t escape your eye.”

Jordan’s villa was truly exorbitant, but the layman who wasn’t knowledgeable about expensive furniture and decor wouldn’t be able to see the value of it.

Rachel was indeed a wealthy woman who had seen plenty of this world.

Jordan said, “It’s inspired by the design of the stairs in the Tony Stark mansion in the Marvel movie Iron Man.”

Rachel immediately smiled and said, “Haha, I was wondering why it looked so familiar. It turns out you recreated the mansion of a billionaire in the Marvel universe in real life! Impressive!”

Hailey liked watching Marvel movies and Tony Stark too. Hence, she got extremely excited again after she heard that.

“If Jordan and I hadn’t gotten a divorce, this house would be mine…”

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The Abandoned Husband Dominates Chapter 76 - : If Were Not Divorced...