The Abandoned Husband Dominates
Chapter 1428 First in the Disciple Group

1428 First in the Disciple Group

Alt was dumbfounded. He was shocked by Jordan's words again.

It was indeed surprising that Alt and Jordan were suddenly promoted to disciples at the competition venue. However, Jordan had just entered the disciple realm and was about to enter the disciple group to compete?

One had to know that those who came to participate in the disciple group competition today were all students who had stayed in the disciple realm for more than a year and had cultivated for a long time!

Jordan had just entered the disciple realm. What right did he have to fight with them for first place?!

At this moment, some of the disciples below the stage could not help but speak up.

"Alright, Alt and Dawn. I thought it was just a competition in the apprentice group, but it turns out that you still want to fight with our disciple group after fighting the apprentices. How arrogant."

"Hmph, two beginners who have just entered the disciple realm are too arrogant. They look down on us disciples who have cultivated for many years. Alt, I'll meet you later and see how powerful you are. How dare you provoke us!"

Since Jordan was a girl, the disciple group vented their anger on Alt.

On the other hand, Alt had an innocent look on his face as he said to Jordan, "Dawn, don't include me when you're bragging! I didn't say that I wanted to challenge the seniors in the disciple group! I know I can't defeat them at all! Don't attract hatred here. Let's go down quickly. The competition in the apprentice group is over. I'll give you the first place, alright?"

Alt wanted to drag Jordan down quickly.

However, Jordan said that he had to fight Alt here as a disciple. He waved his hands and controlled the leaf again. The leaf turned into the shape of a palm.

"Oh no, she's going to slap me in the face with a palm leaf!"

Alt could see it immediately. How could he suffer such humiliation in public?

Alt noticed that the palm was facing the left side of his face, so he immediately covered the left side of his face to block it. Unexpectedly, the leaf suddenly changed its shape and slapped Alt's right cheek with the back of its palm.

"Ah! Dawn, you're shameless!"


Before Alt could finish speaking, the leaf hand moved to his left face again and slapped him again.

In no time, Alt was slapped more than ten times. He knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. "Great Fairy, I was wrong. Please don't hit me anymore. I can't beat you. I won't dare to provoke you or your friends anymore."

Alt, who was arrogant in front of Jordan earlier, had completely admitted defeat now.

Everyone was impressed by Jordan's ability.

Now, Jordan had already taken revenge. He did not continue fighting and let him go.

At this moment, Dean Mervin of the Cloud Sect said, "Everyone, I announce that the first place in the apprentice group is a genius girl from the Fairy Academy who has only cultivated for half a month, Dawn!"

Thunderous applause erupted at the scene. Many of them had become Jordan's fans.

However, the Cloud Sect said, "Dawn, your talent is extraordinary. I've never seen it before. However, you just said that not only do you want to get first place in the apprentice group, but you also want to get first place in the disciple group. I wonder if you're joking or serious?"

Naturally, Jordan was serious because with his cultivation speed, it would definitely not take him a year to advance from a disciple to a scholar. He might not even need half a year.

This kind of competition only happened once a year. If Jordan was already a scholar by this time next year, how could he participate in the disciple group competition? By then, Jordan would no longer be Elle Green's student. She would no longer be able to teach him.

Therefore, in order to repay Elle Green's kindness, Jordan wanted to give her two first places at once.

Elle Green knew what Jordan was thinking too. She said, "Darling, you... you're too reckless."

Elle Green knew very well that it was impossible for Jordan to get first place in the disciple group with his strength. π˜ͺπ‘›π“ƒπ’“πžπ™–d. α΄„π’π‘š

Jordan smiled and said, "Dean, I'm serious. I'm willing to challenge the participants in the disciple group next!"

As soon as these words were spoken, the scene immediately became lively, especially the disciples.

"This Dawn is too arrogant with her top-notch talent. We should teach her a lesson!"

"Hmph, any member of our disciple group can defeat her!"

"That's right. I saw how she used the leaves to slap Alt just now. I have to say that she's still relatively new. Be it in strength or technique, we will beat her."

"So the question is, which one of you is up?"

Everyone in the disciple group looked down on Jordan, but no one went up the stage to challenge him.

"Dawn is a heavenly prodigy. She only used half a month to become a disciple, while I used half a year. I believe it won't take long for this Disciple to become a Scholar. Even if I defeat her today, I'll lose to her sooner or later. Sigh, what's the point of going up?"

"That's right. Cultivation is a lifelong matter. Why do I have to offend a powerful enemy?"

"That's right. I think this woman is quite vengeful. Alt was beaten up so badly because he offended her friend. If we defeat her today, she'll be stronger than us in the future. If we meet in the wilderness or during some training, we won't have a good time!"

Those in the disciple realm began to consider many things. They all felt that they could defeat Jordan at the moment, but they did not dare to go up.

Elle was very happy. Seeing this situation, she was secretly happy. "So she guessed it. These disciples don't dare to offend her. If there's no need to fight, of course she can get first place."

However, Dean Mervin of the Cloud Sect was very unhappy when he saw that no one stood up.

Dean Mervin shouted at a young man, "Lance, come on stage and compete with Miss Dawn."

The man who was called was a student of the Cloud Sect. He was also the best in the disciple group and was known as the contestant who was most likely to win first place in the disciple group this year.

"Huh? Me?"

Clearly, Lance had a lot on his mind as well. He did not want to offend Jordan.

Dean Mervin scolded, "It's you. Stop dilly-dallying. Hurry up and go on stage to fight!"

The other disciples also spoke.

"Senior Lance is recognized as an expert in our disciple group. If Miss Dawn can defeat him, there's no need for us to fight anymore. We'll acknowledge her as the number one in our disciple group!"

"That's right. As long as Dawn can defeat Lance, I'm willing to admit defeat!"

From the looks of it, the disciples only needed to fight once.

Soon, Lance reluctantly went on stage.

As soon as they stood opposite each other, Jordan could sense that there was powerful strength hidden under the other party's gentle temperament.

Jordan thought to himself, "Senior, I'll have to rely on your help in this battle. This guy should have been in the disciple realm for a long time. His strength might be very close to a scholar. I can't defeat him."

The mysterious man was silent for a moment before replying, "It's none of my business if you can't beat him! Why are you bragging if you can't beat him? What does it matter to me!"

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The Abandoned Husband Dominates Chapter 1428 First in the Disciple Group