Chapter 17: Beware of the cat, please!

Out of everyone, Helena was the least likely to be the culprit. Up until now she had not even shown interest in using it and her work doesn’t require the use of heavy tools, it’s not that she cannot use it since she’s actually quite strong, rather she doesn’t want to. she usually spends her time making plant fiber for different purposes, she can even make fiber thread with which she had previously made us some robes.

We still don’t shake the shocked expression when we see Helena dragging a medium-thick log with one hand and the axe with the other. Yes, she is stronger than she seems, but still it must be a lot of work to carry both.

Seeing her, Anne quickly approaches her

“what are you doing? why did you take the axe without telling anyone?”

“Hey? but I did ask Ayumi for it and she told me I could use it as long as I didn’t lose it”

“And what did you want the axe for anyway?”

“Uhm, it’s just that the boys will soon start building their cabin and, although the one we live in now isn’t too bad, it’s hard to live there because it smells like fish. So I thought it was a good idea to get additional materials to build another one, so we could live separately from the boys”


“I refuse, I refuse, I reject, it’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard!” Hiraku says with a disproportionately angry expression. anything that takes him away from his wife seems to strike a chord.

“No need to be angry husband, building another cabin was already in our plans anyway. For that same reason, I accompanied Luke to mark the trees that we need to cut down for it.”

“Why do you want to divorce me? Haven’t I been a good husband? Tell me what I must do to change, I will do anything, even if it costs me my life!” exclaims Hiraku with tears on his face

“Don’t be dramatic, we need to separate. The main reason is that with the means we have we cannot cut down the largest trees in the forest and, even if we could, we don’t have the means to work that wood properly. That means that necessarily the constructions we make will end up being the approximate size of the one that Ryu built, probably a little bigger.

Don’t take this the wrong way Ryu, but we’re too cramped right now and storing food where we live has been awkward too. on the other hand, we need furniture and some basic comforts. It’s unfair that Bob can sleep comfortably in a bed while the rest of us sleep on the jackal skins on the floor.”

Though what he says makes sense, Hiraku’s expression doesn’t change. The only one who got upset was Bob, who was quick to apologize.

“I... I’m sorry for the difficulties I’ve caused you all, I always tell you that I can sleep on the floor if you want”

“it’s not your fault Bob, it’s just that you’re too big to sleep next to us, whenever you want to move, you crush someone”

Although the situation seems funny to me, nobody is laughing. I’m lucky that I’ve never had to sleep next to him. Although I think I prefer that to sleeping next to Hiraku, every time I sleep next to him, he ends up hugging me, thinking I’m Ayumi.

“Our idea is to have a warehouse and two habitable cabins, each one with basic comforts. table, two chairs and a bed for each inhabitant. Do you realize the kind of space all that would need? that doesn’t even take into consideration the eating space. not even the bathroom” continues Ayumi

“well, then there was no point in me going to get materials for the new cabin” Helena sighs as she puts the axe down.

“Don’t worry, your effort won’t be wasted, actually we all need to work together to finish as soon as possible. We don’t know when winter will come”

When I finish saying this, Helena gives me a warm smile.

“perhaps... are you planning to do a bathroom too!?” Anne exclaims with one of her rare and beautiful smiles.

“Well, it’s nothing like the toilets in our world, but I think we can do something that’s at least practical. I did some designs with the help of Hiraku, he was a real estate broker so he knows a bit about construction.”

“So that’s why you asked me so many questions about rural house designs? now I understand”

“But... Hiraku and I already talked about making a new cottage, he said he wanted some privacy with you. I mean, the two of you are married after all”

“Exactly young Ryu, I’m not against building another one... It’s just that i refuse to use our current place as a storage room!”

“But we can’t keep living with smelling fish inside! that’s why I took the axe!”

“Ok, we need to discuss a lot of things, but to keep matters civil, we will all state what are we looking for and we’ll try to accommodate everyone. It shouldn’t be too hard since we haven’t even put the first wood log”

“Ok, so I’ll start. As you guys know I used to work real estate, this means I can accommodate our needs... but that’s just on paper, I’m not an engineer nor a carpenter so it’ll also depend in our building capabilities. Please don’t ask for running water or electricity”

“But running water doesn’t seem that difficult, we just need to set up a water tower and let the pressure do its work”

“ok, that’s actually a pretty good idea Ryu”

It’s so rare for Anne to compliment me that I get derailed and couldn’t even finish what i was saying.

“Fine, so, even if we can’t add a running water system yet, we can still add it in our plans so it’ll be easy to implement later”

“That’s correct as always dear. We can also think of a way to make a sewage system”

“I want a chimney, since I’ve been sleeping on the bed I can’t complain... but it’s getting colder. At least you are all together in the floor”

Then Luke lifts his hand

“we’re not at school Luke, you can just speak”

“Ok, so Ryu wants running water, Helena wants men and women separated, Bob wants a fireplace, Anne wants a bathroom... But how can we manage to put everything inside such a small building. Hear me out, there’s seven of us and we barely fit together at our current place. Let’s say we finish two small cottages, both being the same size, only a little bigger than the cabin...”

“Yes young Luke, that’s correct... but we may need to compromise though. I’ll do my best to design something that fits all our needs”

After this conversation, the general picture looks pretty good for the future. Although we still don’t have the means to solve all our current problems, little by little we have found solutions.

Now that everyone is silent, I could finally notice an incredible aroma coming from the kitchen. It’s a sweet and appetizing fragrance, although I don’t know how to describe it, I feel that this smell represents by itself everything that a home should be.

Suddenly, as if struck by a spell, everyone’s eyes glared on the kitchen.

“What’s that smell, its so good!?” Ayumi exclaims with exaggerated emotion.

“I’m trying to cook the fruit we got”

“I thought you couldn’t cook it” Anne says trying to hide her excitement

“it’s all thanks to Bob, remember when he broke one of the fruits and we got to taste a little of its flavor? Well, I did something similar” I tell them while I point to the stone I used as grinding stone.

“Ryu! You’re great! you just made flour!” Ayumi loses her temper and lunges at the pot on top of the stove.

With a wooden bowl, she takes one of the dough balls out of the boiling water and blows on it, spreading the desirable aroma even more. Then she takes it in her hand to continue cooling it until she can finally take a bite.

“Oh! it has the same texture as mochi! This is by far the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life!”

“What is that Ayumi?” Helena asks with curiosity

“Its a food from my homeland, it is... hmmm, how to say it... mofu mofu?”

“There’s no point dear, she won’t be able to understand what mochi is. Oh! it is, indeed, like mochi and it’s delicious!”

Soon, everyone starts eating the elven fruit mochi balls, since I made them in various sizes to test the different cooking times I’m worried that some may not be ready yet. While I’m lost in my thoughts I realize that only my portion remains.

Its small, but I really don’t mind, I just want to taste its texture and flavor to learn how to make them better next time. Cooling it down a bit and getting ready to take a bite, I feel sharp claws grab onto my leg. The intense pain causes my food to drop on the floor as I scream at the top of my lungs.

health points 6/11

taming 47%

This is terrible! I can feel my skin tear and I feel a warm liquid running down my leg. My health points dropped dangerously low just from an accidental scratch.

health points 5/11

“Quick Helena! use your skill! he’s bleeding out!”

yells Anne worriedly. Blood escapes from my body and I start to hear everything as if I was very far away from its source. I get carried away by this strange feeling of cold and my sight begins to dim. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I can hear a whisper calling onto me. I don’t recognize the voice, it sounds like a woman, it’s a very feminine voice. A strange nostalgia pours from my heart, I feel like I know her but I still can’t tell her name. I can’t wait to find out who’s calling me.

health points 4/11

Suddenly an feeling of warm pleasure surrounds me, it feels like a loving hug that keeps my feet on the ground.

health points

11/11 “ufff, that was close” says Helena.

“What happened?” Ayumi says while chewing the portion that corresponded to Hiraku, completely unaware of the situation.

“I’m not sure, I think the cat happened to tear an artery.”

“That was scary, but I’m fine now. I’ll be more careful with the cat from now on.”

“we should get rid of that furball.” exclaims Luke

“No, if you think about it, if Ryu manages to train it, it could cause that same damage to our enemies. It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, really. Seriously Bob, stay away, I already said nothing happened to me. It wasn’t even painful. I’m actually surprised it managed to lower my health points by 7 with a simple scratch”

Bob clings tightly to me and checks me everywhere to see if I’m okay.

“Well, well, leaving everything that happened aside, what will you name the new food?” Ayumi asks

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it. We could call it Mochi”

as soon as the cat hears the word mochi its two tails get tense at a ninety degree angle and meows loudly. Fearing that it might hurt me, I back away, but it chases me slowly all the way down to my feet.

“what’s wrong with the cat?” Helena asks as she takes it in her arms.

Anne who was watching everything from afar says

“I think she liked the new food a lot”

“Well, then that will be its name, do you like mochi?” Mochi lets out a meow that is overshadowed by a soft purr.

“Ryu, I know we have a lot to do and I promise that our group will do everything possible to advance the construction, but I think your efforts will be better spent if you prepare some more flour and food.”

As expected of the gluttonous Ayumi, she comes over and asks me to keep cooking. Although the scene in front of me is a little different than I expected. Everyone, including Luke, nods and cheers at Ayumi’s words.


was it so delicious? now I really regret not getting the chance to taste the mochi.

“And why don’t you prepare it yourself?” I ask jokingly, but Ayumi answers me with all seriousness.

“It’s a matter of great importance, to begin with, we come from a different world, until now the only thing we’ve eaten that existed in our world is fish, the wild boar that we hunted last month and the rabbits. We still don’t know if you’re also from our world, but having no memory you try things that we wouldn’t think of”

“Yes, it’s true, honestly we never would have thought of doing that, in our world normally flour is made with grains that are very small” Helena fully supports Ayumi.

Apparently I can’t say no, so I humor them and start preparing more right away. While the others begin to seriously discuss if they should go collect more elven wheat fruits for the winter. Since they don’t have my analysis skill they don’t know that the fruit is called elvish/elven wheat fruit and they call it flour fruit, wheat fruit, amber fruit, they can’t decide on its name.

“Okay, I’ll get on with this. However, Ayumi I think you should practice your skills, so far I’ve only seen you use your ability to light fire, aren’t you supposed to be able to learn spells or something?”

For some reason Bob’s eyes begin to shine with emotion. Ayumi then clears her throat.

“Well, we already sorted the food problem so, I guess if I spend my mana I can get it back quickly. I’ll do my best to check the extent of my ability”

While I grind the fruit little by little, very carefully to avoid it being thrown everywhere because the mortar I’m using is too flat, I suddenly realize that I have nowhere to store the flour once finished and therefore the only thing I can do is prepare more ‘elven mochi’, since it can be stored in a wicker basket easily.

Unfortunately I already use the water that was in the pot. One of the biggest difficulties I’ve faced in this time, not counting the bipolar cat, has been organizing my time.

I always do my best to prioritize tasks based on their urgency or importance, I don’t know where I learned that habit, but it is very useful, or at least I thought so. The problem is that whenever I start one task, two others arise and that messes up my itinerary completely.

I set myself the goal of building a cabin and suddenly I’m going to look for wood to enlarge the bed so that Bob is more comfortable. It might seem like the two are unrelated, but Bob is our best lumberjack and he can haul wood a lot easier than the rest of us. One day he woke up contracted, his muscled were all tense in pain, and he couldn’t go to look for wood, as a result of this the construction of the cabin was delayed a full day.

At first I just wanted to build a square building, something pretty easy and we could do it in less than a week, but then Hiraku comes and asks for it to be a cottage. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is! We need bigger logs, more wood, more bark tiles for the roof, we also needed better tools.

I’m ok with this because building a proper house can make a huge difference, now we’re looking into ways of having a sewage system, flowing water and a chimney. Our living conditions will improve tenfold, but this makes things so much more complicated that I’m still not sure if it’s even worth it. What would happen if winter comes before we’re ready?

I’m too scared to even think about this, the whole point in teaming up with them was to have a better chance at survival, but they fail to realize our current situation. Our resources are scarce, they may have the knowledge and strength to acquire materials, but are they skilled enough to properly build?

I need to think of a better way to organize ourselves or we may end up wasting time needlessly. Assigning roles to everyone might be helpful, since they’ll get a sense of purpose.

Helena is quite handy with plant fiber, she’s been crafting wicker baskets and clothes for everyone. She’s always busy because our clothes keep wearing out, it’s only natural since materials at our disposal are limited. If she was able to craft a plant fiber sack that’s tightly knit we could store elven wheat fruit flour there, thus helping a little with food scarcity, but it’s still not enough.

Bob is so strong that he’s obviously the most effective in gathering heavy materials like wood and stone. His strength also comes in handy when building so, right now he’s the most important member of our group.

Since Ayumi dedicates herself to investigation, mainly because she’s useless at every other task, i can’t assign her a new role.

Hiraku is our fisherman right now.

There’s only Luke and Anne without roles, but I’ll need to think about this some more.

I get up to go fetch some water. After emptying the water from the pot into the lake I dedicate myself to washing it thoroughly, then, I fill it completely. Normally I’d prefer to use running water, living near a river made things a lot easier, but I still prefer this lake over the place where they were living before.

Small particles that came in the water used to boil the elven mochi slowly dissolve on the surface of the lake, surprisingly small minnows come to eat. apparently the elvish wheat fruit attracts animals.

I wonder what uses I could give this new information...

It has worked so far with the cat and with this small fish, we may be able to use it as bait somehow. Right now Hiraku is our best fisherman, spearfishing with harpoons has become his main task, but he spends quite a lot of time just looking for his prey, plus he needs to be in the water.

I may be able to craft a fishing rod, it may become handy to fish mid winter and it could be the answer I’ve been looking for all this time.

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