Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 194 [Bonus ] 18: I Want To.....! - Part 1

Halfway through the flight, Silvari awakened and insisted that Efrita allow her to carry Vincent herself, despite Efrita looking worried for her younger sister, a body filled with thick sweat, her heavy breathing and abnormally pale skin.

"Please... Let me?"

"Tsk, I'll be just behind you; please don't drop him or fall!"

She carried him like a mother would her child as her blood began to aid his body's adaptation to the upcoming evolution and prevent him from exploding.

'I've never seen her so serious; she looks like a mother... so mature and strange. It reminds me of Luana... Her mother....'

Efrita couldn't say no to the strange look Silvari; it wasn't her usual perverted or playful side, but the one that caused Efrita to feel she was a horrible sister, even if dragons of different elements weren't close even if siblings when they were reborn into those various horrible worlds.

​ She never once searched for her sisters, something that Efrita still tries to make up for to this day, always hoping they would be united and allow her to make it up to them.

Thankfully there were no major issues; although she flew at a slow speed, almost smashing into trees several times, Silvari grabbed onto Vincent for dear life; her body oozing with a thick, sticky sweat as she collapsed the moment they entered the carriage, and she placed Vincent on a soft bed in the side room.

Meanwhile, on the cusp of evolving completely to his third stage, Vincent slept in the grand black carriage; his flesh began to crack open, blood seeping out as the two vampires and Dhampir Zarina helped to clean his body, draining the excess fluids with their magic.

A red light used to absorb all the excess blood and use it for their nourishment; this helped to avoid the bedding and carriage from getting filthy with his blood and strange, sticky black tar that oozed from his body before suddenly all the girls turned their head's towards him.

Snap! His bones began to cause endless cracks as they seemed to be reformed endlessly, his horns falling onto the ground, which the harpy swooped in and snatched before rushing out of the carriage and hiding on a tree branch and rubbing them against her face, like some weirdo.

Thankfully, he had already taken Silvari's soothing ice dragon blood, aiding him and stopping his body from being burnt to cinders from the broken balance of his powers and bloodlines.

'Will he be alright?' Zera thought to herself; the moment she sensed his presence and strange situation, the intelligent Zera appeared, quickly making warm buckets of water, helping to clean his wounds as they appeared, while having a bowl of iced water, waiting if he woke up.

"Master..." Raizel looked on from a distance, her hands grasping the artefact carriage so tight it almost destroyed the magical steel created by the system as her chest began to ache, a pain she had never experienced even after dying to Amon and Bellatrix.

Vincent was oblivious to all of this as he slept through his body being twisted, broken and rebuilt as if someone was holding each part of him and then adjusting all three of his bloodlines, trying to get the perfect ratio, despite breaking the same parts almost obsessively like they wanted to cause the boy extreme pain.

As his body transformed, he was caught in a hazy state between wakefulness and unconsciousness; none of their words or voices reached him. All he could see was darkness and blurry shapes, and the pain coursing through his being was enough to drive him mad.

In the darkness of his mind, he saw blurry images and heard strange sounds that he couldn't make sense of.

All the people he met, the women he loved, images of them looking at him with disgust, leaving him one by one, his small arms reaching out, seeming to be a child barely 5 or 6 years old as his hands turned into goop and slime, almost dropping from his body causing him to panic.

Vincent tried to scream, but he couldn't as the only one to stay beside him was a woman shrouded in darkness; she cradled him the longest, kissing him despite his disgusting physique of being an abomination made of sludge, flesh and slime.

"It hurts..." he tried to speak, but only bubbling and pops sounded.

Yet the woman seemed to understand him; her face was dull, but the boy, Vincent, could feel it was a smile as she hugged him close, a sense of cold filling his body as it slowed down the melting of his flesh, causing the slippery slime to become more viscous.

"Thank you!" More bubbles sounded as the woman just stayed beside him.

He tried to focus on something, anything, to distract himself from the pain, but there was nothing there except for his screams.

Suddenly the woman vanished, like a desert mirage fading.

His body began to fall apart once more; now the darkness was even thicker, and not even his voice could make a sound as Vincent fell apart alone on the ground, always feeling someone watching him with almost obsessive eyes.

The thing watching him never helped; he only observed as his body melted and became a pile of flesh and slime.

Alone in the dark, Vincent felt unbearable pain, like he was torn apart, glued together, then burned until becoming charcoal, and the process would then restart from the beginning again after a few moments.

'It hurts... Somebody... anybody...' His thoughts were the only sense of solace, more childish and distorted than he remembered.

Did he remember? Did Odette exist? Or was that just a dream? Was the cute Felia just a convenient dream in his mind... Where did that kind of woman vanish too?

For what seemed like an eternity passed him by, as all hope was about to extinguish, no longer able to withstand another cycle of pain and suffering.

Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, a voice pierced through the chaos.

A beautiful voice, soft and gentle, like a cool breeze in the middle of a scorching day.

The moment he heard her voice, the slime began to peel away, and his strange pain lessened for a moment as a pretty boy was left standing in the darkness; with black hair and red eyes.

It was Vincent, the form he had when Verda found him all those years ago; he had no clothes, wounds, or scars.

He was just a beautiful boy with silky hair and sharp nails.

"Hey there, handsome, are you looking for a wife? I am quite open to marrying a cute shota named Vincent. Don't give up! You're doing great," she said, her voice full of warmth and encouragement.

The darkness was cold and lonely before, causing him to shudder and feel desolate, yet her cool breeze made him feel the warmth inside his chest; what seemed like a powerful heart began to beat as he tried to move and find the woman speaking.

'I want to see you! Please... My voice won't work!' He desperately gestured and cried inside.

At first, Vincent couldn't believe it was real. He thought he was hallucinating, that his mind was playing tricks on him.

But as he listened to her words, he began to feel a sense of calm wash over him. Her presence was like a beacon of hope in the darkness, a lifeline keeping him from drowning in pain.

Finally, his voice, the soft sound of his speaking, echoed in the darkness.

"I'm...I'm trying," Vincent managed to gasp between ragged breaths.

"Fufu~ I know you are," she said, her voice soothing.

"But you don't have to do it alone. I'm here with you every step of the way. No matter how long passes, whenever you feel alone...."

And then, suddenly, she was there with him.

Her long blue hair cascaded around her face like a waterfall, her pale blue skin glowing in the darkness.

She twirled around like a fairy in a book; beautiful blue skin filled with diamonds and shards of ice glistened and brought light to this dark void. Her lips were purple and looked soft like marshmallows.

He looked at her with shining eyes; right now, his memories were vague; neither the current day Vincent nor the past Vincent, but as someone mashed them together, bits and pieces were left on the ground, forming this void.

The entire void was Vincent's soul space after the third evolution.

"I will be here!"

Silvari's beautiful voice echoed through the darkness as her mere body seemed to keep the darkness at bay.

Vincent couldn't help but stare at her, even though he wasn't even aware that she so enthralled him; almost letting his jaw drop, her words caused his heart to feel strange again, thumping as the woman slowly floated towards him, with a loving smile.

'She's like a mother... Is she that woman?'

She was so beautiful and otherworldly that he couldn't believe she was real and almost mistook her for the dark shadow that helped him to reach this stage before he shook his head.

'No, this is different; mother was cold and dark, filled with hatred and sorrow. This lady is lonely, cold and seeks the warmth of someone who can understand her...."

"You''re so pretty, older sister!" Vincent said, his voice barely whispering and pure admiration, no lust and desire.

"Fufu~ although I love that name! Call me Silvari! It's nice to meet you, cute little Vincent!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 194 [Bonus ] 18: I Want To.....! - Part 1