Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 183 [Bonus ] 8: The Cute Pamela [Part 1]

Vincent grasped the keys, his little teasing went too far, but that wouldn't stop him from enjoying a free meal; walking over to the three girls still making noise, he swiftly grabbed Vera and Zera by their napes.

Zera became limp, putting all her weight down and pretending she was dead, while the green phoenix began to sway her body, the huge, soft meaty ass pushing against Vincent's body to try and seduce him and tempt her way to freedom.

Momo rubbed her sore breasts and ears with a slightly disappointed face, watching Vincent as he carried the small woman up the stairs.

'It looks so comfortable; his touch did feel good.' She thought, remembering his fingers exploring her little cavern, making her act so obscene on his lap.

"Focus, Momo; mother said I shouldn't rush things and take my time! There is always tomorrow." Her gentle voice was a little loud as it echoed and entered Vincent's ears, causing him to smile as the still "dead" Zera swayed gently, unable to resist having her tails stroke along his body and betraying her act.

Thud! Both girls were relentlessly dropped onto their butts; with a slight cry. Both of them looked at him with the same pathetic look, pretending to be sad and rubbing their asses.

Vincent ignored them before opening the key to the second room, located near the stairs labelled 15; with a loud click, the heavy brown wooden door opened, revealing a comfy room with two king-sized beds and tasteful wooden furniture.

'Not bad for a village; it's not the same level as the home, but looks clean and worth the money.' Vincent thought as he felt two gusts of wind pass his body; within a few moments, the two girls were hopping on one of the beds before Vera accidentally elbowed Zera in the breast.

Thus they began to grapple each other, their look clothes showing a lovely sight of two pairs of youthful marshmallows swaying lightly in their little fight while a huge ass swayed, trying to win with sheer body weight.

Momo followed them a few steps later, her face now clear with brightly lit eyes, looking at the two girls fighting like children in the mud, biting, pinching and pulling each other's nipples with a twist.

It was honestly more intense than Vincent thought, as Zera, the melee fighter, eventually won, sitting on the ass of Vera, who was breathless with little tears in her eyes.

Zera pushed out her chest, seeming to show off her pride as her glimmering turquoise eyes looked at Vincent with a blissful smile.

"Zera, strongest! Kiss her!"

With a slight chuckle, he stepped forward, ignoring the slightly red cheeks of Momo and kissed the pleading tiger, only a gentle peck, knowing how clingy this little cat could get.

'Her breasts seem to have grown more since that day; how enjoyable for the future. Will she get as sexy as her mother?' Vincent wondered, before pulling back, the soft pink lips of Zera still hanging in the air as she took a deep breath, slowly opening them.

"Vincent, sleep here?"

He looked at her with "unfortunate" eyes but shook his head.

"Sorry, Zera, I will be sleeping alone tonight; there are some things I need to think about and plan."

She leapt from Vera's ass, causing the girl to let out a breath of air, no longer having her body crushed by a muscular tigress, like a poor bird caught by a cat and toyed with.

"Zera, think, please! I can help! Tease the dragon!" Her eyes began to water, almost believable if he didn't see her sneaky little grin, before sneaking her tails along his waist, trying to open his pants and play with his "dragon."

Pah! He tapped her little nose, softly stroking her fluffy white hair before pushing her onto the bed, causing her plump breasts to jiggle as she bounced on the soft mattress.

"I really can't; I promise the next time we stay at an inn, you can, alright?"

"Haha! Zera won! No taking back!"

Since she achieved "victory," Zera ignored Vincent and instead began to test strange moves on the half-conscious Vera, grabbing her arm while pulling up her neck with the other, seeming to choke her or something, only the gasps and slight cries of pain sounded as Vincent gave up trying to manage these two girls.

'Vera is going to use magic; let's just leave and let Momo deal with this crap...' He thought, giving a big smile to the stunned Momo before he dashed out of the room, heading towards the third floor, using the key for his "special" room, labelled 1

His room was smaller but only had one large bed, soft quilted sheets, and a nice mattress.

"Not a bad room," Vincent whispered, observing the room.

To the left of the bed was a small wooden table with several drawers to store things; on the right was another room, which seemed to be a small washroom; luckily, he could use water magic. Otherwise, it would need to be carried upstairs.

Since there was a little time before the promised time, Vincent decided to perform some light exercises, removing his clothes and folding them at the bottom of his room on a small wooden table.

A small window was behind the headboard of the huge bed, the massive moon illuminating the room, causing it to have a dark but mysterious feel.

Vincent walked towards the right of the bed, with around two metres each way, to go through his regime of exercises that he made sure to perform each day since losing to Astaroth.

He had several sets of push-ups, sit-ups and crunches before he decided to try performing finger handstand push-ups.

Taking a deep breath, his warm sweat dripping onto the ground, the red hair tied up in a neat ponytail as it fluffed down, like a lions mane, his body began to rise into the air, performing a handstand, his muscles tight as he used his core muscles to hold his body in place.

'Let's get try for a new record.' He thought before starting.

With each repetition, only the sounds of light grunting and a heavy object slapping against flesh filled his room.

Meanwhile, in a smaller room filled with more personal objects, various make-up tools and a warm wooden tub filled with hot steamy water and bubbles, a cute girl was washing, with her heavy breasts swaying in the tub as she made sure to wash them well, she spent the day performing chores and sweat quite a bit, thus felt self-conscious.

'Ah, I am so nervous! Why did I offer myself like that... What if he finds me disgusting!?'

Across the tub was a small mirror, not pristine, but reflected her pretty face, with a small beauty spot below her lip, soft pink lips with a slight chapping due to her busy work days and lack of time to care for them.

Pamela lifted her breasts, holding them over the water; she began to frown seeing her strange inverted nipples, hidden away like always and a source of her fear of getting close to males; when she was younger, many of the other girls would make fun of her, calling them disgusting. Thus she worried about them endlessly until they became complex.

"I mean, despite being strange, they are quite big, right?" She asked her reflection, her delicate fingers with slight scars and rough tips stroking along her breasts, the anticipation and excitement of what might happen tonight filling her entire body, causing goosebumps to form on her arms.

Swish! The water began to spill from the tub's edges as she looked around, checking nobody was at the door, before reaching down between her legs, 'I have to make sure it's clean, right? I don't understand the manners! It's so scary to think I might mess this up!'

A rich, handsome male who was her ideal man suddenly stopped at her inn late at night when her mother was away. How was this not a sign from above for her to finally become a woman before she was married off to some middle-aged, fat farmer for the benefit of the house?

Her bath took nearly an hour as she looked at the small magic clock, one of the few luxury items she owned except for her make-up, although that was bought at a discount from a trader from Vandis.

Pamela stood before the mirror in her room, now with towel-dry hair, the brown locks shimmering in the torchlight, soft and curled over her shoulder, slightly erotic as she wanted to try and impress that man tonight.

'Maybe I could become his maid, or at least he will state his claim over me...'

The sound of soft fabrics sliding across flesh sounded; Pamela chose a tight-fitting red dress, with white frills across her shoulders, with a low-cut neck, showing her deep cleavage and sensual hips, although nothing compared to the princesses or nobles in the city.

She was a beautiful gemstone in the rough; she only needed a little love to shine as brightly as they could.

'So nervous... Will he be rough? Violent... Maybe his thing will be small; should I call it big as a lie if so? The other girls said cute and small were bad words to use...'

Pamela then remembered when her female friend showed a picture taken with a mana camera of her lover's member, it was around the size of a small spoon in length, and she understood why the words cute or small would be used.

'My fingers were longer...' Pamela thought, looking at her long fingers with a slight blush, before heading towards the room labelled "Room 1" a little spring in her step as she couldn't resist skipping, hopeful for the night that would follow.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 183 [Bonus ] 8: The Cute Pamela [Part 1]