So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 8 - Her face uncontrollably blushed once again.

Chapter 8: Her face uncontrollably blushed once again.

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“... I didn’t.” Changqing hurriedly lowered her head and wiped her eyes repeatedly with her clothes. A lump formed in her throat when she raised her head and met Zuo Qian’s tender eyes. “Teacher Zuo, am I being asked to leave the show?”

Upon hearing her question, the look in Zuo Qian’s eyes became serious.

“I understand now. This might be my last episode hosting the show with you. I’ll do my best.” Changqing took a deep breath and snapped out of her dejection. She picked up an eyebrow pencil and started drawing in her eyebrows.

Even if it was decided she would leave the show, she wanted to make sure the audience in front of the television acknowledged she was the most outstanding host on the show.

Feeling sorry for her, Zuo Qian wrinkled his eyebrows. “Changqing, I’ll reason with the upper management and prevent you from being replaced.”

“Really?” Changqing’s peach blossom eyes shone brightly. When the dazzling light above shone on her, a different and elegant demeanor side of her was shown.

Zuo Qian’s eyes gradually deepened. He nodded with a smile as he fixed her bangs.

Zuo Qian was the station leading host that even the station head held in high regard. Hearing his offer to help, Changqing felt slightly relieved.

However, after she finished filming the show, she was still instructed to head over by someone to see Station Head Feng.

At the entrance of the office, Changqing chanced upon Chi Yining as she came out from the office. Her face was fully flushed red, and her delicate lips were voluptuous and juicy. Changqing had no experience with that kind of stuff, but she had watched television shows before and could make some guesses from the look of things. Darting a glance at Station Head Feng who was within her peripheral vision, Changqing felt disgusted.

Chi Yining shot a glance at her with a smug look, and without greeting her, she arrogantly whipped her hair and left the place with her nose in the air.

Changqing was so mad that it affected her breathing. No matter what, she was still a senior to her. It was so rude of Chi Yining that she didn’t even bother to greet her anymore.

“Come in,” Station Head Feng said while he was inside his office. After Changqing entered the room, he got up on his feet and closed the office door.

Affected by the “thud” made from the closing of the office door, Changqing’s heart thumped as well.

“Changqing, you’ve hosted the show ‘Challenge to the End’ for quite a while now. The main intention was initially to hone your skills while you worked beside Zuoqian. Now that your skills have matured, it’s time for you to take charge and work independently. I had a discussion with the station crew, and it just so happened that the cartoon and animation channel is launching a new show. It’s been decided that you will be the one hosting it. As for the show ‘Challenge to the End,’ Chi Yining will be taking over your position,” Station Head Feng said amiably as he leaned on the edge of the table with a kind expression.

Changqing felt like she had hit rock bottom. Although the viewership for the cartoon and animation channel was fairly good in the evening, it was typically only watched by children and had no notable popularity at all. “Station head, I’ve hosted ‘Challenge to the End’ for more than a year and have gained a fair bit of fans. The audience is also used to the pairing of Teacher Zuo and me as the hosts. It hasn’t been long since Chi Yining joined the company, her foundation isn’t strong either, she isn’t capable to successfully host a large production like ‘Challenge to the End’.” 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

“As long as Zuo Qian is here to host the show, the show will be successful,” Station Head Feng replied as he looked at her flippantly. Then he put his hand on her shoulder suddenly with a smirk.

Once he laid his hand on her, Station Head Feng felt his body on the verge of turning to mush.

Her shoulder was so soft that it felt like water to him.

He examined Changqing’s attire again; a white yarn ribbed, long-sleeved top matched with a long black skirt. Her waist was tinged with a softness that drove a male impulse to hold her. Stopping his gaze at her ample bosom once more, Station Head Feng almost had a nosebleed from the sight.

Without a doubt, out of the entire TV station, Yan Changqing’s figure was the most seductive. Furthermore, her eyes were akin to a cat’s claws; a glance from them would feel as if she was scratching at you lightly, making the temptation unbearable.

“Needless to say...” Running his hand down her shoulder, Station Head Feng continued his sentence and shifted his position. “Your Dad frequently sponsored the TV station in the past, and we’re good friends as well. Moreover, I’m not impervious to reason...”

Watching the hand that was about to reach her bosom, Changqing immediately dodged to the side with disgust.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 8 - Her face uncontrollably blushed once again.