So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 6 - Apologize to me

Chapter 6: Apologize to me

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“Silly girl. People change, especially men in powerful positions. Your sister is just advising you that it’s best to find someone with no relation to the entertainment industry when you’r elooking for a boyfriend in the future. Alright, I have stuff to do. Don’t wander around in the hospital.”

Shortly after Zhangrui left while Changqing was playing with her mobile phone depressedly, the two words “Guan Ying” flashed on her phone screen.

She almost threw her phone away as it felt like a hot potato was in her hands.

She drank some water to steady her nerves then she picked up the call, feeling slightly guilty.

Actually, she didn’t feel guilty as it was Guan Ying who cheated initially. The only thing Changqing did was to allow Guan Ying’s ex-boyfriend to examine her “little Changqing.”

Stop, I shouldn’t think about it anymore.

Patting her chest that was pounding wildly, Changqing heard Guan Ying’s gentle voice from the other end of the phone. “Changqing, what are you doing now?”

“Nothing much, I’m resting.” Changqing tried to answer as naturally as she could. “Why did you suddenly call me?”

“I... Regarding yesterday...” Guan Ying said hesitantly, “Changqing, you know the whole story, right? Are you going to look down on me?”

“Why would I look down on you? In fact, because we’re both from the same industry, I can understand and relate to you.” Not wanting to make her feel miserable, Changqing consoled her. However, it was one thing to understand her situation, but cheating on someone was something she would never do.

She believed that if one wanted to start dating someone new, the very least they could do was to end one’s current relationship before starting a new one. Even if her ex-boyfriend had issues regarding that “aspect,” she felt Guan Ying shouldn’t have cheated on him regardless.

“Changqing, I’m not as pretty as Ruan Yang, and I’m not so fortunate like you to have a good Dad who’s familiar with our station head; I only have myself to depend on. I’ve worked hard on my career for many years, but without anyone in front to give a helping hand, it’s really hard for me to succeed...”

“I guess...” Changqing let out a sigh internally. Guan Ying had no idea that her situation wasn’t any better than her own.

The only reason why her career was smooth sailing in the beginning was because of the large sponsorship fee her Dad gave to the broadcasting station every year. This year, the Yan family’s company wasn’t doing well profit-wise. Thus, no sponsorship was given to the broadcasting station. The station head had forsaken her and had removed her name from the hosting cast of a couple big shows that she was arranged to host at the beginning of the year. She had a hunch that she would soon lose the hosting position of the show – “Challenge to the End” that she was hosting with Zuo Qian presently.

After Guan Ying raised the subject again, Changqing felt even more depressed suddenly.


At around twelve midnight, Zhangrui came over to remove the cannula inserted into Changqing.

After suppressing the urge to urinate for a long time, Changqing hurriedly went to the washroom. When she finished her business and came out to wash her hands, a white figure abruptly walked out from the adjacent male washroom.

The first thing Changqing noticed was the fresh blood stains on the overcoat. Frightened, she stepped back. It was only then that she noticed Song Chuyi’s handsome and cold face.

“Song... Dr. Song...” Due to her innate fear of blood, her words trembled as a result.

Song Chuyi was stunned when he laid eyes on her.

Previously, when she was wearing a mask during the medical examination, a pair of peach blossom eyes that exuded an alluring and seductive vibe was exposed. Her eyes appeared as if they were constantly flirting with him, hence she didn’t leave a good impression on Song Chuyi. But currently, as wasn’t wearing a mask, her nose and lips beneath the mask were akin to something out of a painting, and her baby face without any makeup looked fresh and clean.

Her appearance could be considered pure, but she looked slightly alluring as well. A tinge of innocence could be seen in her face as well.

Changqing realized she had forgotten she wasn’t wearing a mask and wondered whether he would recognize her as Guan Ying’s friend.

Two seconds later, she realized she had overthought the matter. The party involved didn’t show any sliver of recognition in his eyes, unlike people who encountered someone they recognized normally. It wasn’t surprising that things turned out this way. When they banged into each other yesterday night, he was leaving the place fuming with anger and didn’t get a good look at her.

As he was looking directly at her, Changqing felt embarrassed all of a sudden. She shifted her gaze away and noticed exquisite and expensive cufflinks on his exposed wrists when he was washing his hands.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 6 - Apologize to me