So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 498 - When I Kissed You That Day, You Looked As Though You Didnt Care And Even Looked As Though I Was Annoying.

Chapter 498: When I Kissed You That Day, You Looked As Though You Didn’t Care And Even Looked As Though I Was Annoying.

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Li Shaobin blinked and said as he tried to conceal his real intentions: “No, the food you make tastes the best, but we shouldn’t waste the restaurant food. That would be such a pity.”

“Yeah. Let’s not waste it.” Ruan Yang grinned and lifted her brows. “Why don’t... you eat what I made and I eat what the restaurant made? That’s settled.”

“...” Li Shaobin clenched his teeth gloomily. “... Alright. Whatever you say.”

“Wow, you’re even clenching your teeth. I just asked you to eat what I made. You make it sound as though it tastes horrible.” Ruan Yang snorted and threw the restaurant food straight into the bin.

Li Shaobin was dumbfounded. “Why did you throw it away? That’s so wasteful.”

Ruan Yang didn’t reply and picked her bowl and chopsticks up to continue eating.

Li Shaobin didn’t think she would be unhappy after they had just made up. He quickly coaxed her. “Yangyang, don’t be angry. I love the food you make. Restaurant food isn’t good at all.”

After saying that, he picked up a pile of vegetables and stuffed it into his mouth.

Ruan Yang saw how he wolfed the food down and smiled. “Let me tell you—I’m a very overbearing person. You have to think that the food I make tastes the best. If you think that restaurant food tastes better, then you can eat restaurant food every day and forget about eating the food I make.”

“What’s so good about restaurant food? The oil and water they use aren’t even good.” Li Shaobin grinned and inched closer to her. “The food you make for me with your hard work is the best.”

“Glad you know it involves hard work.” Ruan Yang put a fish head in his bowl. “I put my heart and soul into every dish here.”

“Mm, mm.” Li Shaobin nodded and felt warm and fuzzy inside.


When they were done with dinner, Ruan Yang went to wash the dishes. Only then did Li Shaobin realize that he had been tamed by her just like that. He was treating her just like his ancestor.

He stroked his head with bewilderment but didn’t think much of it. He still felt that the two of them like this was their most natural and comfortable state.

He walked to the kitchen door and looked at Ruan Yang’s back as she washed the dishes. He felt warm inside and walked to her gently. He reached his arms out and put them around her waist. “Yangyang, having to do the dishes must be hard on you. Why don’t I do them?”

“Forget about it today. After all, you just came back from your business trip. You’ll do them next time,” Ruan Yang said with a smile. A lock of hair fell to the side of her face and she wanted to sweep it away but her hands were oily. When Li Shaobin saw that, he quickly helped her sweep the lock of hair behind her ear carefully.

“Yangyang, you have to put on gloves when you’re doing the dishes. Otherwise, your hands will get oily and it’s bad for your skin,” Li Shaobin said tenderly. “Why don’t I get a dishwasher? That way, you won’t have to do the dishes.”

“Up to you. Anyway, I’m only doing it tonight and after this, you’ll be the one doing the dishes.” Ruan Yang turned back and looked at him slyly.

Li Shaobin touched his nose. It looks like it’d be better for him to get a dishwasher.


That night, Li Shaobin tried on the clothes Ruan Yang bought for him. She got an icy blue sweater and when he put it on, he was still as dashing as ever. The size fitted to a T.

He looked at the brand. It cost $7200.

He then thought of the lighter he gave her. It was out of production and cost more than ten thousand.

He then thought about how he had gotten nothing for her from Shenzhen and felt a surge of guilt and remorse. Indeed, she wasn’t wrong. He had promised to be nice to her and to pamper her before they got married but he hadn’t kept his word.

When he walked out of the changing room, Ruan Yang lifted her gaze and saw that he had tucked half of the shirt in and left the other half out. However, he still looked equally dashing.

“It looks pretty good.” She shut her book.

“Yangyang, don’t spend your money anymore. Spend mine.” Li Shaobin handed her two bank cards obediently. “These two cards have the most money. You can spend and keep them in the future. My income from my investments usually goes to these two cards.”

“If you give them to me, what about yourself?” Ruan Yang smiled as she looked at the two cards.

“Mm... you’re my boss. You’ll give me my allowance in the future,” Li Shaobin said with a grin.

“Alright then.” Ruan Yang accepted them. “With the cards in my hand, you won’t be able to find other women on the outside.”

“I won’t look for other women.” Li Shaobin hugged her and said, “You’re the only one for me.”

Ruan Yang looked at him disapprovingly. “That’s hard to say. You took special care of that Zhou Shuyun previously and you looked very hurt when you found out that she had sex with Xin Ziao.”

Li Shaobin quickly cleared his name. “No, I was just too shocked.”

“I don’t care if you were shocked or anything else. In any case... you’re not allowed to take special care of other women. I don’t care what kind of image she has to you or whether she’s some waitress chick. If you dare to stare at other women’s chests, I’ll have to settle scores with you,” Ruan Yang said through clenched teeth.

Li Shaobin wanted to defend himself but he was rendered speechless from her gaze and could only nod vigorously under her glare.

After all this, she was just trying to settle old scores with him.

However, she looked pretty cute like that.

She must care a lot about him since she cared so much about his contact with other women.

After thinking it through, Li Shaobin leaned his face against her chest. ‘Yangyang, you’re the only one in my eyes from now on. But can you give me a kiss? I haven’t kissed you in a long time.”

“I thought you didn’t care for it?” Ruan Yang smiled and poked his cheek. “When I kissed you that day, you looked as though you didn’t care and even looked as though I was annoying.”

Li Shaobin’s face heated up. He squirmed about embarrassedly. Really, he didn’t believe that Ruan Yang didn’t know he just did it on purpose.

How could he detest her kisses?

“Nothing to say? It looks like it’s true that you don’t really like me kissing you.” Ruan Yang picked her book up and continued reading.

“That’s not it.” Li Shaobin was annoyed. He said softly, “I was just... doing it on purpose. I was actually quite happy.”

“Then why did you call me a temptress and say that I was shameless if you were happy? I think I should just forget it in case you call me shameless again.” Ruan Yang tried to hold back the smile on the corner of her lips and shifted her gaze back to her book.

Li Shaobin clenched his teeth and threw her book aside. He lifted his head up with all his might and pounced over to nibble on her delicious lips.

“Lecher. What are you trying to do? I don’t care for your kisses.” Ruan Yang was pushed onto the bed and she poked his chest as she looked at him with her hair sprawled all over.

Li Shaobin finally understood that this woman was actually very petty. She might not have said anything then, but she remembered all of it inside.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 498 - When I Kissed You That Day, You Looked As Though You Didnt Care And Even Looked As Though I Was Annoying.