So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 496 - Hubby, Did You Think Of Me In The Past Few Days?

Chapter 496: Hubby, Did You Think Of Me In The Past Few Days?

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Li Shaobin’s face flushed red. He glared at Hu Zhi as his facial muscles twitched. “Who are you talking about? Do you believe me when I say I’ll maim you?”

“I’m sorry, Boss, it was a slip of the tongue.” Hu Zhi quickly covered his mouth. Really. It was good enough that he knew his boss was arrogant. Why must he say it aloud? “What I mean was that if you refuse to take a step back and are only waiting for her to hug your thighs shamelessly, there’s no hope of you reconciling in your entire life.”

Li Shaobin felt a chill in his heart after hearing Hu Zhi’s words.

He struggled for a very long time and decided that the next time Ruan Yang called, he would be slightly... erm... courteous.

On the plane back to Northern City, he actually didn’t feel a rush to return.

After all, the woman he had been thinking about was there before, but now, she was in Beijing and he didn’t know when she would be back either.

Li Shaobin was rather listless.

When he arrived back at his villa, it was around 6 pm.

When he was about to reach his villa, he slightly regretted not having dinner before coming back. He would definitely be all alone at home right now. The housekeeper who cooked for them wasn’t even around and he didn’t want to go back to the Li Household since his relationship with Ruan Yang hadn’t been too good recently and He Mingshan loved to nag at him.

He called a restaurant to order delivery for dinner.

When his car entered the villa, he saw that the lights of the living room and kitchen were on. His heart suddenly started thumping very hard.

Why were the lights on at home? Could Ruan Yang be at home?

He was in slight disbelief.

He rubbed his eyes and made sure that it was his house that was lit up.

He got out of the car uneasily and opened the door with his keys. He could hear the sound of cooking from the kitchen.

In the hallway, a pair of ladies’ canvas shoes laid there casually.

He took a deep breath, changed into his pair of slippers, and walked towards the kitchen. If the person inside wasn’t Ruan Yang, he wouldn’t let the person cooking in the kitchen off. Even if it was his mom.

However, when the back of the silhouette in the kitchen came into clear view, he was stupefied. It felt like a dream. In his dream, her hair was tied up into a simple ponytail and she was wearing a pair of plain, light blue slippers with a pink apron tied around her waist. She had a spatula in her hand and was tasting the food on the spatula carefully.

She tasted it a little and seemed to find it too bland. She added more seasonings and tasted the food again.

Li Shaobin’s gaze softened slowly as he watched her but he snorted and said, “Very well, Ruan Yang, so this is how you cook. That’s so unhygienic.”

Ruan Yang jumped. She turned around and looked at him with her eyes wide open. She patted her chest and said, “When did you come back? You gave me a fright.”

“Hmph, were you trying to eat on your own secretly knowing that I would be back today?” Li Shaobin walked in unhappily. He didn’t blame her for not hearing him. After all, the kitchen ventilator was rather loud and she was cooking, so it was only normal that she didn’t hear him.

“What nonsense are you saying? I’m making the sweet and sour fish that you like.” The smile on Ruan Yang’s face was as bright as the stars.

Li Shaobin looked at the fish in the wok and not only felt happy but also slightly moved. After all, he thought he would return to a cold and empty house.

“I don’t like to eat sweet and sour fish,” he said with a pout.

“Yes, you don’t like it. In any case, I’m making your favorite dish, alright?” Ruan Yang wasn’t angry. She said pamperingly, “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it. Doing business on the outside for the past few days must’ve been tough—look, you’ve lost weight. It pains my heart so much.”

Li Shaobin felt sweet inside. He touched his face and snorted again. “You still know I’ve lost weight and still care about me? I thought you’d already forgotten everything after having fun in Beijing. I didn’t even see any calls from you.”

“I thought you were still angry at me,” Ruan Yang said with a grin. “When I was at the hotel, I really wanted to call you, especially when it was late at night. But I was afraid you would find me annoying again. I took an early flight back knowing that you were coming back today and bought your favorite food to make you a good meal.”

Li Shaobin had wondered what he should do if Ruan Yang really ignored him. They definitely couldn’t go on like this.

Now that he realized that she still cared about him, he suddenly couldn’t feel upset anymore. Instead, he felt warm and fuzzy inside. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly smelled something burning. “Your fish is burning.”

“Oh no, it’s all your fault. You distracted me.” Ruan Yang only remembered the fish after his reminder and quickly turned the stove off. The sauce had already dried up and half of the fish was burnt.

“It looks horrible.” Li Shaobin pouted.

“You have to finish it even if it’s horrible. I made this specifically for you,” Ruan Yang said coquettishly, feigning anger with a soft gaze.

Li Shaobin felt something rippling in his heart. No matter how the food ended up, he would definitely be willing to eat it. However, he was someone who didn’t say what he meant. Just as he wanted to say that he wasn’t going to eat it, he recalled Hu Zhi’s words and held back.

“Do you want to take a shower and change first? Dinner will be ready soon.” Ruan Yang tiptoed and turned around to give him a kiss at the corner of his lips. “Hubby, did you think of me in the past few days?”

She rarely called him “hubby” and when she did it so suddenly, Li Shaobin almost melted.

“I... I didn’t think about you. I was very busy. I’m going to take a shower,” Li Shaobin stuttered a reply and turned around to rush upstairs with a blush.

Ruan Yang watched him escape and broke out into a laugh.

Under the showerhead, with the hot water running down his body, Li Shaobin felt relaxed. No matter how comfortable it was outside, being home was the coziest, especially since he had a wife at home.

The thought of being able to have a piping hot meal after showering made Li Shaobin smile.

After his shower, he changed into his pajamas straight away and went downstairs. Ruan Yang was done preparing dinner. There were two dishes and a soup, all his favorites.

He had eaten sumptuous meals for the past few days outside but the taste of her home-cooked meal was actually more delicious.

“Have more.” Ruan Yang kept piling vegetables in his bowl.

Li Shaobin ate a mouthful of rice and said, “I thought you didn’t want to come back anymore after being in Beijing. I really wasn’t counting on you to make food for me.”

“I went to Beijing to discuss an investment,” Ruan Yang said with a smile. “A director friend of mine approached me. We worked together several times and his movies always had good reviews. He wanted to make a pure martial arts film and I found that idea quite interesting. Besides, I wanted to do some investments so I went over to find out more. I wanted to stay a couple of days more but I came back in advance. I really missed you a lot. Did you miss me?”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 496 - Hubby, Did You Think Of Me In The Past Few Days?