So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 473 - I Was Worried Sick Tonight. I Thought There Would Be No Bride Tomorrow

Chapter 473 I Was Worried Sick Tonight. I Thought There Would Be No Bride Tomorrow

“I don’t believe you’re this kind of person,” Xin Ziao said clearly. “When we were together, there were many rich bosses who pursued you but you rejected all of them. I know that clearly.”

He kept turning back but the car kept dashing forward.

She saw a car in front and Ruan Yang quickly grabbed the steering wheel and swerved the car to the side, escaping narrowly. She wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Xin Ziao, can you drive properly? I don’t want to die here because I’m about to have a blissful marriage. Li Shaobin’s taste in clothes might’ve been worse than yours in the past but I’m slowly correcting it. He’s no inferior to you and his love for me will only increase and be no inferior to yours. He sacrificed more for me than you did. He can give me a legitimate status. His family doesn’t hate me. He can embrace and accept my past. From the day of your class reunion, I already decided. You used me to hurt him in order to achieve your motives, but he would rather suffer than to let me know the truth and get hurt by it. That’s the difference. There’s no reason for me to give up on him and choose you.”

Xin Ziao hit the steering wheel hard in pain.

She didn’t know how angry he was to be able to do such a thing. He just wanted her to come back to him. Was that wrong?

At that moment, the car suddenly shook vigorously.

Ruan Yang happened to be sitting in the middle because she was still gripping onto the steering wheel. That hit made her fly forward and her head hit the dashboard. Her head was hit hard.

Xin Ziao gripped her tightly and the car was hit once again.

He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that a black Jeep was following closely behind them.

He suddenly turned the steering wheel and changed directions. That Jeep came crashing again.

An Audi might be sturdy but it could never win against a jeep.

He stepped on the gas all the way and wanted to get rid of that crazy Jeep behind them. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

That Jeep seemed to have gone crazy too and was following closely behind them.

It was a car chase between two cars on the early morning roads.

Ruan Yang felt as though she was a ball flung around in the car.

She tried to get up with all her might but was flung to another side again.

Xin Ziao pulled on the hand brake and drifted to make a 180 degree turn and drove on another road before he could finally shake that Jeep off.

Just when his car slowed down, Zhao Zhu suddenly called.

His heart sank and he picked up. Zhao Zhu’s angry howl came from the other side. “Xin Ziao, where are you planning to take that woman?”

“It really was you just now?” Xin Ziao knew that woman was crazy, but he didn’t know that she would be this crazy. “Zhao Zhu, is there something wrong with your brain?”

“Even if there is, it’s all because of you,” Zhao Zhu said hysterically. “I knew you would look for that woman knowing that she’s getting married. I’d rather kill the two of you than let you be together.”

Xin Ziao shuddered. Before he could say anything, Ruan Yang, who was beside him, suddenly gripped the steering wheel and turned it towards the plants at the side of the road.

The car was going straight for the plants and he quickly stepped on the brakes.

Ruan Yang seized the chance to unlock the door and escape.

Xin Ziao threw his phone away angrily and opened the car door. He caught up with her and grabbed her arm, pulling her tightly in his embrace. “Ruan Yang, don’t go. Leave with me.”

“Xin Ziao, you f*cking let our sister-in-law go now.” A black Lexus stopped by the side of the road and four people came out of the car immediately. They were all big and tall but the one who drove was a skinny man.

However, Ruan Yang recognized him. This man was Li Shaobin’s man. His nickname was Houzi. His name was Hou Jun.

Hou Jun pulled out a metal rod from the car immediately and spoke as he tapped it on his palm: “Our boss knew that you definitely wouldn’t stay still, so he got us to keep an eye on you. You’re not going to take her away. Remove your pig trotters quickly.”

Xin Ziao’s arm stiffened. His face was ashen. Ruan Yang took the chance to escape from his grip and staggered behind Hou Jun.

“Aiyo, Sister-in-law, you’re injured.” Hou Jun supported her and was frightened out of his wits. This ancestor was hurt, and the other would definitely kill him.

“Let’s go, let’s go. It’s just some superficial wounds.” Ruan Yang felt unwell from head to toe and only wanted to go back quickly to rest.

Hou Jun quickly helped Ruan Yang into the car as though she was his ancestor.

Xin Ziao took a step forward and the other men glared at him with metal rods in their hands so he could only clench his fists tightly.

“Xin Ziao, I think you should hurry to the police station to look for your wife,” Hou Jun said when he got into the car. “Your wife is crashing into people like crazy. We’ve already called the police.”

Xin Ziao scoffed. “Then I’ll have to thank you. It’d be best if the police could catch her.”

Hou Jun cursed silently and slammed the door shut.

Ruan Yang leaned into the seat with her head spinning. The car was knocked from behind a few times in a row earlier and she didn’t have her seatbelt on, so now her head and arms were bruised in several areas. After a very long time, she suddenly remembered something. “Oh, right, Guan Ying is still at the car park.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve already gotten someone to take her back safely. She woke up not long after you left and found something was amiss so she gave Boss a call” Hou Jun explained.

Ruan Yang heaved a sigh of relief and propped her head on her hand.

After the entire saga, it was already 1 am.

Hou Jun bought some band-aids and medicinal oil on the way back and took her to the Rong estate.


At the entrance of the estate, Li Shaobin had already been pacing around anxiously for a while. When he saw Hou Jun’s car, he quickly opened the car door. When he saw Ruan Yang all disheveled with bruises and swells all over, he kicked Hou Jun. “You b*stard. I told you to take good care of Ruan Yang. Is this how you take good care of her? She’s so badly injured.”

Hou Jun climbed back up bitterly and Li Shaobin kicked him again. Ruan Yang quickly held him back. “Don’t! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to come back so quickly.”

“Sister-in-law, don’t hold Boss back,” Hou Jun said bitterly. “Boss told us to look after you because he was afraid Xin Ziao would get close to you tonight, but Xin Ziao managed to get away with it because of a mistake on our part and even caused you to be in danger.”

“How was she in danger?” Li Shaobin felt a chill down his spine. Could it be that Xin Ziao wanted to kill her since he couldn’t have her?

“It was Xin Ziao’s wife,” Hou Jun said. “She had been stalking Xin Ziao and when she saw that he took Ruan Yang, she chased over and knocked into their car.”

“Then why didn’t you stop her?” Li Shaobin shouted.

Hou Jun wiped the sweat on his forehead. “We were still chasing Xin Ziao’s car earlier and we didn’t know it was Zhao Zhu’s car behind him. When we caught up, we happened to see Zhao Zhu hitting them with all her might. After that, Xin Ziao sped away quickly. Zhao Zhu’s driving skills weren’t as good so she didn’t manage to catch up. We also chased him for a very long time.”

Li Shaobin felt his heart lifting. “This Zhao Zhu is seriously ill. She even knocked into Xin Ziao.”

He could almost imagine how horrifying it must’ve been for Xin Ziao to face such a wife every day.

“But we already called the police,” Hou Jun said. “The police must be on the chase right now. Who knew that Xin Ziao actually didn’t care about his wife.”

“It’s love that’s turned into hatred.” Li Shaobin shuddered. He lowered his head and said to Ruan Yang, “Yangyang, look—next time you see Xin Ziao, go as far as you can. His wife is too scary.”

Ruan Yang glared at him tiredly. “I wasn’t the one who went near him.”

However, until now, she couldn’t forget that scene when they were being banged into from behind. She even thought she was going to die tonight.

“That’s true.” Li Shaobin picked her up. “I’ll take you upstairs.”

“Boss, the medicine.” Hou Jun quickly passed him the bag in his hand.

Li Shaobin took it and said to him coldly, “Make a trip to the station. Release Zhao Zhu the day after tomorrow.”

Hou Jun was shocked. “That’s early.”

“Even if I were to force the police to detain her longer, the Zhao Family would find a way out.” Li Shaobin scoffed. “Might as well let her out earlier so she can keep killing Xin Ziao. If Zhao Zhu is capable of what happened tonight, knowing that Xin Ziao didn’t even come to her rescue, she would turn the entire Xin Family upside down with all that hatred piled up.”

“Boss, that’s a brilliant plan.” Hou Jun gave him a thumbs up.

Li Shaobin scoffed and left with Ruan Yang in his arms.

Ruan Yang closed her eyes listlessly. When they entered the elevator, she said softly, “Will Zhao Zhu kill Xin Ziao?”

The elevator was airtight but a surge of cold air was coming out from Li Shaobin. “She won’t; Zhao Zhu still loves Xin Ziao a lot.”

Ruan Yang frowned and Li Shaobin was unhappy. ‘Yangyang, you’re getting married to me tomorrow. Why are you still thinking about Xin Ziao and still so concerned about him?”

“I’m not.” Ruan Yang leaned against his chest. “I just recalled how aggressive Zhao Zhu was tonight and felt a little scared. No matter what, I wouldn’t want someone to get killed.”

“That won’t happen.” Although Li Shaobin hated Xin Ziao to the core, it wasn’t to the extent that he wanted Xin Ziao dead. “Xin Ziao isn’t the kind to wait for death to come. Aiya, stop thinking about him. You can only think of me now. I was worried sick tonight—I thought there would be no bride tomorrow.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 473 - I Was Worried Sick Tonight. I Thought There Would Be No Bride Tomorrow