So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 10 - Blind date

Chapter 10: Blind date

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Changqing couldn’t care less about using marriage and her own happiness as a tool to exchange for better career prospects. However, she couldn’t just let Yan Lei, who was over 50 years old and burdened with a lifetime of debt, to be sentenced to prison. He had a weak constitution and had always been using tonics to invigorate his health. In prison where the living conditions were poor, it was very likely he would encounter some form of mishap there. Since she was concerned about him, she had no choice but to attend the blind date.


The next day, Changqing followed Yan Lei to a specialty restaurant that served home-cooked cuisine. The restaurant was located in their local city, but she and her family had never patronized the place before.. i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

When they entered the restaurant, there were already two other people inside the private dining room. Sitting on the sofa was a young man with his long slender legs extended out in a casual manner. His meticulously ironed black suit perfectly accentuated his smooth body, and inside his suit was a matching white shirt. He wore a pair of white sports shoes that were recently launched overseas, and his exposed ankles looked extremely delicate.

Changqing rarely used “delicate” to describe a man. But when she saw Song Chuyi’s face yet again, she couldn’t retain her composure anymore.

“Song... Dr. Song...” Her voice leaked out due to not having her mouth closed tightly.

Both Yan Lei and Song Huaisheng heard her.

“What’s this? Both of you know each other?” Yan Lei asked delightedly. His impression of Song Chuyi was satisfactory since seeing Song Chuyi’s looks for the first time.

Changqing’s face blushed. Afraid he would blabber about her going to a gynecologist for an examination and embarrassing her, she spoke hurriedly: “We met prior to this when I visited sis in the hospital. They work at the same hospital.”

Song Chuyi turned his gaze towards her before he greeted Yan Lei: “Hello, Uncle Yan. I didn’t expect you to be Changqing’s father.”

Song Huaisheng beamed with joy and said, “Old Yan, I didn’t realize that your eldest daughter and my son worked at the same hospital. From the looks of it, seems like the two young ones really have some sort of fate between them; there’s quite the possibility we might become in-laws.”

“Agreed.” Yan Lei became genuinely happy as well. “It has never crossed my mind that things would turn out like this.”

“Let’s sit down,” Song Huaisheng called out.

Song Chuyi brought the menu over to them to order some dishes.

Observing his polite demeanor, Yan Lei was full of praise for Song Chuyi. He was going to inquire more about his character from Zhangrui once he returned home.

“Old Yan, which department of the hospital does your eldest daughter work in?” Song Huaiseng asked.

“Accident and emergency department.”

“That’s nice, she’s capable.” Song Huaisheng nodded.

“But she’s just too busy.” Yan Lei sighed. “She’s so busy that she doesn’t even have the time to plan for children.”

Song Huaisheng smiled and said, “If these two children of ours get married, I will request the hospital director to assign a better job position that will be easier with a higher salary for your eldest daughter in the future.”

“That will have to depend on whether or not Changqing has the fortune.” Yan Lei smiled. He knew Song Huaisheng wasn’t bragging. With the Song family’s power, this matter was literally a drop in the ocean to them.

Throughout the meal, Changqing kept her head down and rarely spoke. Song Chuyi rarely talked as well. Most of the time, it was just the two fathers chatting.

Finally, when it was about to end, Song Chuyi suddenly took the initiative and invited Changqing out. “It’s still early—how about we grab some coffee together?”

Changqing, who had been in a dream-like state, quivered from his sudden invitation, but before she could give an answer, Yan Lei already agreed on her behalf. “Go and be on your way. It’s understandable that young people would like to drink coffee. The two of you have a good time together; Uncle Song and I won’t be joining.”

Changqing had absolutely no way to refute him as the two elders left swiftly. In the blink of an eye, only Changqing and Song Chuyi remained.

Looking at her two watery and seductive peach-blossom eyes staring at him blankly, Song Chuyi threw his car keys in the air playfully and said, “Let’s go.”

He drove a black Audi A7.

When Changqing took a seat inside the car, she found the interior design of the car particularly familiar to her. Coincidentally, she drove an A7 as well, but hers was white, and the interior of her car was dirty and disorganized whereas the interior of his car was clean and spotless.

Changqing’s hands were twisted and entangled together. She was awkward and uneasy in his car.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 10 - Blind date