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Jake didn’t pay attention to the rage meter after looking at it once. He also forgot that Keirth was in this chamber and got to work.

”Ah~” Perry bent her lower back and lifted her buttocks more as Jake played with her little flower.

Her body and mind had been corrupted since that day. She still had her memory but her character had changed, becoming eviler. Under the influence of Erin’s vampiric essence and Jake’s demonic powers, she had transformed and become his loyal Dark Priestess. Even if she remembered keirth now, she only felt disdain and detest for that boy.

At the moment, she only thought of her master’s fingers which were loosening her pink lips. Feeling him pinching her little pearl, Perry’s mind was assaulted with a wave of pleasure. She uttered a primal moan as her body shuddered.

She spread her legs more and looked at Jake with flushed cheeks. Her mouth opened at that moment and her tongue stretched.


She couldn’t hold back and squirted a gush of sticky fluid. Jake slipped his two fingers out and licked them. The taste would be bitter, but hers was sweet. Gaining Erin’s vampiric essence, her body’s properties had changed.

Her lifespan had increased by about 200 years. However, she wouldn’t able to bear a child unless Erin retracted her bits of vampire essence. Thus currently, no matter how many seeds he spread inside her, it was safe.

[Rage: 288]

It was just starting. Jake ordered Perry to turn around and take out his sleeping snake. Like a child just learning to move around, she rotated on all fours and faced his belly.

Her hands impatiently pulled the laces of his black pants. It was of a size that only giants would wear. The moment she pulled the pants down, she saw Jake’s flaccid snake, cradled between his thighs. Her lust increased.

Sounds of chains being pulled were heard. Jake rotated his head and saw Keirth trying to break free with all his might. However, the chains were too sturdy and his attempt was futile. He was only wasting his strength.

”Master, it’s rising…” Perry held his shaft with one hand and looked at him with innocent eyes.

[Rage: 301]

The higher the rage, the more difficult it was to raise it. However, Jake had planned something to solve this problem. He leaned until his chin touched Perry’s cheek and whispered in her ears.

She smiled as he leaned back up.

He patted her head and said, ”Suck it.”

Perry kissed the tip at his order and opened her mouth filled with bubbles of saliva. At that moment, she suddenly stopped and asked, ”What… am I… doing?”

As if by coincidence, she turned her head to the left wall and her eyes became watery.

”Keirth!” She shouted.

‘Miss Perry, she’s finally normal!’ Hope bloomed within the boy as he used all his strength to take a single step forward, reach the priestess and save her from that demon.

No matter what it took, he would be her hero! Blood dripped from his wrists and legs. Cut marks appeared on his arms and he felt unbearable pain. Yet that was nothing if he could-



”Mrrmm… mmm!” Perry lovingly sucked Jake’s rod who couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure. He held her head with both his palms and moved it back and forth.

Loud slurping sounds echoed in the chamber. Notifications rang in Jake’s mind every time she sucked. It was just one or two Evil Points. He placed one leg on the bed’s edge and pulled Perry’s head closer. Her nose hit his loins as he submerged in the feeling of her lips tightening around his dragon.

Her tongue hung below and saliva dripped from the tip of it. Jake’s rod involuntarily throbbed feeling the slippery sensation as she sucked more.

Slipping Jake’s rod out of her mouth for a while, she smiled and said, ”It’s so big… Keirth, if you stay there obediently, I’m willing to share this with your mother and sister~”

This was what Jake had told her to say.

[Rage: 350]

Keirth’s face was red like a tomato. He was trying to scream but couldn’t make a single sound. Jake was afraid the boy might faint in anger, yet that didn’t happen.

Jake ignored him and made a tight bundle of Perry’s hair. She quickly swallowed his meatstick and he started moving his hips. Perry felt the thick pipe hitting the back of her throat and tears welled up in her eyes. Gagging sounds echoed and more points were accumulated. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

In a while, milk spurted out of the veiny pipe in her mouth and streamed down her throat, some leaking from her lower lips. Perry closed her eyes and sucked like she was being breastfed.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 25 Evil Points!]

‘That felt good…’

The system rewarded a bit more at times like this.

After she fully cleaned it, Jake slipped it out and told her to turn around again. He hadn’t tasted the main dish yet… Jake held her jiggly buttocks and spread them apart.

He inserted his rod and stretched her lower lips as if he was trying to open a lock. Her ass cheeks comfortably collided against his pelvis after he was fully inside.

Pah… Pah… With slow thrusts, he moved his hips and slick sounds of meat slapping meat started echoing.

”Ah~ Annhh~ Annhhh!”

Perry began moaning and the frequency of thrusts became faster and faster. It was as if an engine was starting. Jake’s both palms sank on her white asses as he lustfully ravaged the pink hole in-between.

”Annh~ Yes! Master~” Perry grabbed a nearby pillow and screamed in ecstasy.

The bed rocked as if a scale 8+ earthquake was running through the ground. Jake could feel the vibrations of his thrusts making waves through her round buttocks. Spreading his legs, he squeezed them and fucked her unrestrainedly.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 3 Evil Points!]

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 4 Evil Points!]

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 3 Evil Points!]

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain…]


Before the system’s messages could bombard Jake’s mind, he turned it off and focused on having fun.

He still hadn’t undressed Perry of her underwear and it was soaked in the juices that flowed. Jake started paying attention to the sin meter. The rage had gone past 400 and was quickly nearing 430… now 433… 437…

”Annh~ Annhh!”

Perry felt like she was going crazy. Her master was being so rough with her and yet she liked it. In and out… in and out… that meatstick was hitting her womb every time. It was big and powerful, domineering in its way. She loved this feeling!

”Yes, Annhh~ Don’t stop!”

Jake glanced at the lust meter of Perry and it was easily over 500. This girl was a different breed. His own lust was over 400 and it was only increasing.

Pah! Pah! Pah!


Something rushed from Jake’s balls. It burst like a fountain and streamed inside Perry’s infertile womb, like water from a squeezed pipe. The priestess cried joyfully feeling the hot liquid inside her. Her legs became weak but Jake wasn’t stopping. Now the slapping sounds seemed more ‘wet’ as if a stick was hitting still water.

Plat! Plat! Plat…

This act of debauchery lasted for nearly three hours before Jake suddenly stopped and pulled out. Perry’s mind was spinning after getting thoroughly fucked. There was no grace in her movements as she laid flat on her belly, hugging the pillows, white fluid leaking from her cave.

Jake had sweat all over his body and his blood was running quicker than ever. His stats were higher, thus he wasn’t as exhausted as Perry. He quickly pulled up his pant and narrowed his eyes, glancing at Keirth.

The boy’s eyes were all white with cracks of red lines converging towards his pupils.

[Rage: 502]

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