Sin System: Demonic Harem After Reincarnation
Chapter 174.10 Million Evil Points!

''Don't lie, I can tell who you are!''

''You all are monsters!''

A thin swordsman and two mages were standing in front of Ruxa and Erin. A 3rd Circle Priest and some knights surrounded Bella and Ella from behind.

It appeared the clerics had found out about these women's true nature by using Detect Evil. At the moment, the dungeon was in turmoil and rogue adventurers were threatening to disrupt the town's security. Sensing monsters among people alerted everyone.

''That priestess is also not one of us,'' A female cleric shouted religiously. ''She who obeys God's will does not scandalously show her body like that!''

Perry was wearing clothes that accentuated her attractive curves. Although her priestly robes hid her shoulder and back, it was open at the front. Thus her cleavage, smooth belly and even her long legs were clearly shown.

''Hmph,'' Perry snorted.

She didn't care what they thought. She was only wearing it for her Lord and master, Jake. Perry turned around and walked toward Erin. Her hips naturally swayed, and men couldn't help but gulp seeing this scandalous priestess's ass jiggle.

Seeing the attitude of a lower-ranked priestess made the other priestesses irritated. How dare she?

''This is absolutely unacceptable!'' An old 3rd Circle Priest shouted. He was about to raise his staff when a deep voice came from above.

''What's unacceptable?''

An immense aura suddenly covered the entire Pitts Town. Everyone sensed the presence of someone at the 4th Circle. For almost all people, the distinction between ranks was absolute and it was more so at the higher ranks.

The moment he arrived, the adventurers looked above and found two people descending. Jake and Fiona landed among the centaurs who rejoiced to see their master again.

''This… uh…''

The earlier priest began stuttering. He realized that the new tall man and that weirdly-dressed young woman were both on these suspicious women's side.

However, some adventurers still thought that maybe this mysterious 4th Circle man would listen to them.

''T-They are monsters! Sir, they might be deceiving yo-'' The speaking swordsman's head popped like a watermelon due to extreme blood pressure.

''Noisy.'' Jake clicked his tongue.

The surrounding adventurers, who were ready to attack Ruxa, Erin, and Perry, suddenly felt chills as they watched this scene. What just happened? That 3rd Circle beastkin Swordsman died… like that?

''Get out of my sight before I start popping more heads.'' As he said this, Jake didn't even glance at the shocked adventurers.

They backed away while having sweat on their foreheads. Why was this man supporting monsters? That red-haired woman was clearly a vampire and the other one was most likely some kind of transformed beast…

''What? Didn't you hear him?'' Ruxa walked forward and taunted the adventurers.

''Ehe…'' Perry giggled and went to greet Jake. Erin had already ran up to him.

The adventurers of Pitts Town gritted their teeth and slowly backed away. Against a single 4th Circle being, even if they all used up their lifeforce to attack, it wouldn't be enough. And there were two of them.

Suddenly, the earlier old priest's head popped. This made the adventurers remember what Jake had said.


''He is a monster himself!''

Everyone immediately left from that place as if they were avoiding a plague, regretting they had ever surrounded those women.

Clinging to Jake, Erin glanced at the fleeing people. She disdainfully rolled her eyes and looked up at her master's face.

''Come closer, you all.'' He said while closing his eyes.

Ruxa, Perry, Bella and Ella came closer at his call. They waited as Jake stood in silence for a few seconds. Suddenly, a large purple magic circle appeared on the ground below.

The women recognized it and excitedly closed their eyes as well. Immediately, Jake and the others disappeared under numerous spatial fluctuations.

A day later, inside a luxurious room of the floating castle.

''So that's what happened…''

''Does that mean this dungeon is yours, master?''


Jake had just finished recounting yesterday's epic battle. Well, most of it was told by Foina. She didn't exaggerate anything but even Erin thought she was embellishing her master's achievements too much.

That was to be expected, however. Some things were truly ridiculous and Jake might have even lost his life yesterday. While telling about the battle, he didn't really omit anything as he felt no need.

Thus, everyone now knew that Fiona was a homunculus and that their master had a young female dragon under him.

''What about the mistress… I mean Nyssa?'' Ruxa sat beside Jake and held his large hand.

''I've already 'talked' with her. She won't give me any trouble,'' He replied.

After teleporting yesterday, Jake had ordered Yvonne to thrash that gorgon to the ground first.

He would be a fool to not corrupt Nyssa as well. Although she tried to play subservient, he didn't really buy it. Being a schemer himself, Jake understood the crafty gorgon very well.

'She would be a good tactician.' He stroked his chin.

Jake had never thought he would conquer the entire dungeon and even have such huge gains in less than a month. Now he had a 5th Circle dragon, a 4th Circle gorgon, and a powerful dungeon fairy who was also a talented artificer!

Not to mention the thousands of monsters in this dungeon. To be completely honest, he could just go to the capital and take the throne of Grimbow with such a huge force.

Adding this with his own dungeon's monsters, the wyvern and numerous 4th Circle beings under him, Jake could completely crush the royal family and the nobles combined.

He was sure that Yvonne could defeat the Royal Commander, Bors de Philips. Although he was a powerful warrior knight at the 5th Circle, dragons were unparalleled in the same rank.

However, Jake didn't feel like starting the coup so early. He wanted to play around in this province for a while, and spread his influence.

The Evil Points in Jake's system had crossed 10 Million today and that delighted him. Just another month and he would be able to buy that Demonic Dragon bloodline! He was waiting for that day.

''I'll be sending you off to Karsuda tomorrow,'' Jake said to the women around him.

''Ehhh!'' Bella and Ella expressed their surprise at once.

''You aren't coming?'' Perry asked, tightly holding his right arm. Ruxa held his left arm.

''I need to stay here for a while,'' He shook his head and stroked Erin's hair. She was hugging him from behind.

''Yvonne will take you back to the Dungeon of Sin.'' Jake glanced at the dragon girl who awkwardly stood there. She had never seen these women before, nor did she know where her Demon Master's dungeon was located.

Knowing what she was thinking, he chuckled and waved his hand, ''I'll tell you about it later.''

''But for now…'' Jake held Perry's chin and stood up. ''Come with me.''

As their master and the priestess went to another room, Erin and Ruxa pouted in jealousy. However, they couldn't really complain as they had their turns already this morning.

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Sin System: Demonic Harem After Reincarnation Chapter 174.10 Million Evil Points!