While Jake was having pleasure with Rose, he suddenly heard a system message that made him stop.

[Ding! You have made another individual commit a lustful sin. You gain 200 Evil Points!]

‘What?’ Jake thrusted as he thought, ‘That gives me points…? Wait, Wait a second…’

Jake suddenly realized something he had forgotten.

‘Ah…’ He pounded Rose’s asses, making her moan louder. Grabbing her torn skirt, he plowed in frustration, making her buttocks bounce on his thighs.

Pahk… Pah! Pahk… Pah… Pah!

How could he have forgotten that his ”Lust Demon” title aroused every female in a 10 meter radius? It wasn’t a circular radius but a spherical one. That meant almost every girl inside this inn was aroused!

‘Who else is fucking?’ Jake cummed inside Rose and stopped to listen. However, the winds were fast and Rose was still moaning. He covered her mouth and told her to stay silent for some time.

Being a demon, his senses were, of course, higher than that of humans. After a while of concentration, he heard soft moans coming from below.

”Ah~ Ah… Anh~”

‘It seems to be coming from the backroom?’ Jake thought, releasing Rose’s mouth, she had started to suck on his middle finger.

”Fuck… fuck me more please~” Rose pleaded, looking at him.

Jake again got the system messages and the moans downstairs were louder this time. He finally recognized whose voice it was.

“Anhh~ Yahul!”

Maise! Maise and Yahul were having sex? Jake began pounding Rose again after coming to this realization. His lotioned dick entered into her slippery pussy more easily this time.

‘So tomorrow is his marriage and he’s having sex with another woman? It’s probably Maise who started it.’ Jake thought in amusement, shaking his head.

However, there was something that even Jake didn’t know yet. If he knew, he would be raising an eyebrow at the very least.

Yahul and Maise were siblings.

Daylight shined on the Honey Fork Inn, passing through the small cracks between the wooden planks. The wet tiles shined brightly in the morning. Yet, unlike every other day, the hostess wasn’t awake early. Even the hostess’s daughter was tired.

She had been masturbating all night, after all.

Jake woke up earlier than Rose and looked at the state of the room. He had been awake until 2 am, fucking her until he ran out of positions. He got about 2600 Evil Points from her and about 1500 points from the blood-related couple below.

Usually, the system wouldn’t give so many points when others committed a sin, but this particular lustful sin they committed was rather spicy. Jake thought that it was normal to get such points from others, but he would later on realize that it wasn’t the case.

”Eh… I am…” Rose woke up at this time, rubbing her eyes. She then immediately shot up and grabbed her head. She saw Jake standing there naked and her own body devoid of any clothing.

The room looked messy. Stains of Jake’s cum and pieces of her torn clothes were on the floor. She remembered everything and touched her vulva. She could still feel the touch of his skin on her butt, and the hardness of his cock in her vagina.

”Oh, hello there, Rose. You were really delicious last night.” Jake hadn’t bothered to use the [Memory Erase] skill on her. What could she do to him? Instead, her red ears and the immediate tears in her eyes were cute to look at. She was realizing how hard Jake pounded her cunt last night.

”You… I…” Rose couldn’t speak. What had she done?!

Jake buttoned his shirt and stared at her. Picking up his pants, he came before her and said, ”You liked it, didn’t you?”

Jake casually placed his palm on her cheek and rubbed her lips with his thumb. Rose tried standing up but she didn’t have any energy. Her legs felt wobbly and she had this strange urge to piss.

After Jake finished donning his clothes, he didn’t bother to equip his armor which he had in his inventory.

”Here, you’ll need this.” Jake gave Rose a strength potion and then went downstairs.

He wasn’t surprised to see not a single female in the hall. Rose had hired a cook for her inn. Fortunately, that cook wasn’t in the range of his title last night. Breakfast was served but Jake didn’t find veggies appetising right now. After having sex last night, he wanted some eggs and meat even though his demon physique demanded no such nutrition.

He called the cook and told her that he needed some meat.

“I’ll pay for everything extra,” He said and she agreed.

At the cook’s order, boy Rohan ran out to get some hens from the neighbourhood while Jake waited. He saw Yahul coming from the backroom. This young man looked awfully tied.

After a while, Maise came and sat beside Yahul. She glanced at her brother for a moment and turned her head. Jake looked at them and found the sight entertaining.

“Yahul, you should go home, the bride should have arrived by now.” Jake said with a smile. He still didn’t know they were siblings.

“I uh- yeah…” Yahul stood up and went towards the door. 𝚒n𝐧𝑟ea𝚍. 𝒄𝑜𝚖

“Maise, you should go as well. He looks a bit tired, what did you do to him?”

The girl abruptly stood up. That questioned seemed to hit home. Her eyes were glued to her brother’s figure. She remembered what she had done last night. That was a taboo. Yet, now that she had Yahul’s seed inside her womb, she just couldn’t let him go.

Jake watched as she ran outside as well. He wasn’t interested in her at all. Instead, his mind was thinking about the bride.

After a while, Rose stepped down, and saw her son Rohan coming with 3 dressed hens. She quickly got an explanation for this.

Breakfast was served after 20 minutes, the cook was fast in preparing various dishes. It was Jake’s treat.

After eating, he went with Vin to the marriage venue. She looked rather frustrated with herself and Jake knew the reason.

‘Eh, while I’m at it, I should provide her with the benefit of my cock as well.’ Slowly but surely, Jake was turning into a fuckboy.

When the reached the scene, Jake and Vin saw red tents were raised. There was a small pavilion in the center and people were arranging things. He saw that Rose was already here and helping to make garlands.

Most of the villagers were here, taking a day off from their daily duties. The marriage would soon take place.

Vin and Jake talked as they went towards the house which was being decorated.

“You two, come inside!” Maise called at this moment. She seemed rather tense and wanting to share something.

‘Here we go…’ Jake thought as if he knew what she was going to tell him.

However, at this moment, an elderly man called Maise.

“Aye girl, go tell your brother to ready himself. What’s the groom doing inside?”

‘Huh?’ Jake titled his head and raised an eyebrow.

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