About a month passed by and Jake’s life in the dungeon was filled with dungeon building and sex. The surrounding monsters such as goblins, kobolds settled on the second floor of the dungeon. A horde of trolls had made the third floor their residence along with ferocious black wolves.

A tribe of orcs which pledged loyalty to him recently took the fifth floor. Their leader was a buff First Circle Orc Warrior who could somewhat speak the human language.

The sixth floor was empty except for Keirth guarding it. Jake wanted more powerful monsters to live there, and he was saving points to buy a tribe of fox shifters.

10,000 Evil Points! He could unlock another sin with it. They were an expensive race. With only Yunna, Erin and Perry for him to farm points, it would be 100 times more difficult.

If all went well and Erin’s rumors brought more female adventurers to this place, he would get a steady supply of points. After spending 1000 points to learn [Memory Erase], 600 points to improve his stats, and another 1470 to level up his various skills – He had about 2000 points remaining now.

‘Master, things aren’t going well.’ Jake heard Erin’s voice in his left ear. [Mana Communication], if she was using this skill, then she was just outside the dungeon. That was the maximum range at level 6.

‘Tell me what happened.’ Jake stood up while chewing a piece of meat. Perry’s cooking was good. Thankfully, the food items in the system were cheap.

‘They think the rumors are fake. They’re afraid to come here. The villages only have Rank F and E adventurers living and they are hesitant to enter a dungeon.’

He could sense Erin’s frustration in her voice. Not being able to complete her master’s task made her feel incompetent.

Jake sighed and told her to come back. He gulped the chewed meat and got out of his chamber. His long, dark robe swayed as he walked. The corridors looked better now that he had installed some more torches.

”Master, where are you going?” Jake heard Lena’s cute voice. She was coming from another corridor. Her small body flew close, and she sat on his right shoulder.

”I’m going outside.” Jake focused on finding a specific skill. One thing really troublesome about this system was that it had no search feature. He had to scroll and scroll to find the thing he needed.

While searching, Jake ascended the floors. He gave vague answers to Lena’s unending questions, making her pout. She realized he wasn’t paying attention to her and flew to find Yunna instead. Alas, Yunna and Perry had both gone to find a new water source upon his orders.

”Master, why are you going outside?” Lena came back to him with her question.

”To see what it’s like,” He replied. Even if he had been an introvert, he was curious about how this world looked like. However, his main purpose was something else.

To fuck and get Evil Points. If they wouldn’t come to him, then he would go to them instead!

For that, he had to look like a human first. With his long horns and such a gigantic body, they would surely identify him as a demon. His rank was low, so he didn’t have wings yet, or he would have to deal with that as well.

”Found it!” Jake’s sudden voice startled Lena who flew away after hearing it, like a bird from a shaken tree. Jake glanced at her and she looked scared to approach him now.

Jake bought a low-grade mana crystal and lured her with it. After she came back, he gently patted her head with his forefinger.

He then looked back at the system screen, immediately buying the skill which he had selected.

[Skill: Body Transformation]

[Grade: Rare (Low)]

[Cost: 1200 Evil Points]

[Usage Cost: 10 Mana for one transformation per day.]

It needed no explanation. It was a skill to transform one’s body. However, at level one, things were limited. He couldn’t change his height or his physique. Only his face and some properties of his body parts. However, that was enough for him.

Using the skill, he hid his horns and changed his facial features to that of a human’s, of course making him look more handsome. After changing his hair color, these three transformations would cost him 30 mana to maintain for the next 24 hours.

Jake also changed his clothes. Tight beige pants whose ends were tucked into brown boots and a bright white shirt. He then wore cheap armor to protect his knees, hands, and shoulders. After that, he covered his chest and back with an iron armor of the same silver color.

It looked like a set but wasn’t. He didn’t cover his thighs and arms with anything, so this wasn’t a full body armor. He looked like an adventurer who was just starting. However, with his large stature, few would dare mess with him unless they were sure of their strength.

”M-master, you look like a human!” Lena flew around his body while flapping her translucent green wings.

”That was the intention,” Jake smiled, adjusting his blonde hair, which reached only until his neck.

He took a step forward and Lena saw a sheathed sword appear from a crack in space. Jake caught it and tied the long sword to his waist. It looked rather small for him, but he didn’t care. That was the standard size for human swords.

However, if he ever felt like really using a weapon, he’d rather use his scythe.

”Alright then, it’s time for some ‘adventuring’…” Jake cracked his knuckles, climbing to the second floor.

He saw Erin descending there and seeing him, she was confused for a while. However, she identified him by his mana.

The goblins all had their heads lowered seeing the dungeon master and the dungeon fairy together. At this moment, the bat flying above them transformed into a beautiful woman who walked towards their dungeon master.

”Tell others that I’ll be back in less than a week. If something happens, search for an adventurer named Johnny, I’ll be in the nearby villages.”

Erin nodded. However, she was a bit worried for Jake. A demon going outside of his dungeon was rare. If some powerful human saw through his disguise…

“I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry. There shouldn’t be anyone above First Circle in the villages. I won’t go to the city yet.” Jake patted Erin’s shoulder.

He wanted to take her with him but he worried the monsters would act up with only Lena in the dungeon. Someone had to remain here to check on them.

Erin then descended to the lower floors while Jake walked through the second floor’s dirty corridors. After 10 minutes, he reached the first floor. Lena could only go until here.

“I’ll bring you something tasty.” Jake waved his hand looking at her and then disappeared into the brightness of the outside light.

The moment he exited the dungeon, Jake took out the map that Erin had brought him about a month ago. Unfolding it, he started searching for his first destination.

‘Let’s see… Where is the nearest village from here…’

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