She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement
Chapter 58 - Are There Many Girls Pursuing You?

Chapter 58: Are There Many Girls Pursuing You?

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Sheng Xiao was embarrassed when Yu Huang’s back was pressed against his chest.

This was the first time he had been in close contact with a girl.

After calming down, Sheng Xiao used his divine sense to check his body’s recovery. He found that Yu Huang had healed his broken heart. He was shocked and amazed.

This little girl could actually control her mental strength. Had she become a Purifying Spirit Master?

It had been less than twenty days since they last separated. Was that even possible?

Sheng Xiao stared at the little girl in his arms with a curious and surprised gaze for a moment. Then, he carried her and walked out of the valley.

The battle with Su Tingxue was very intense. The cars parked at the foot of the mountain were destroyed and could no longer be used. Sheng Xiao rummaged through his storage space and found a motorcycle.

A motorcycle was a car too. It was faster than him walking.

Sheng Xiao carried Yu Huang into the car and tied the two of them together with a long rope. Then, he drove Yu Huang to Rakshasa Empire’s city.

Yu Huang woke up amidst the bumpiness. She opened her eyes and realized that she was lying on a man’s back.

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and saw that the man was wearing a tattered shirt. The narrow waist under the hole appeared pale because it rarely saw sunlight. Although it was white, it was not delicate. Instead, it was filled with a sense of robustness.

Yu Huang stared at the waist for a long time before suddenly extending a finger to poke it.

Sheng Xiao suddenly braked and stopped the motorcycle.

Yu Huang was caught off guard and her head bumped into Sheng Xiao’s back.

Yu Huang took off her mask and massaged her eyebrows. She looked up and asked Sheng Xiao, “What’s wrong?”

Sheng Xiao was startled to see Yu Huang’s ugly face. He forgot what he wanted to say.

Yu Huang realized that she looked scary and quickly put on her mask. She wanted to step back but realized that there was a rope around her waist that tied her and Sheng Xiao together.

Sheng Xiao quickly explained, “You were unconscious earlier, so I couldn’t drive you. I could only do this.”

“I’m fine.” A woman who achieved great things did not care about trifles.

Yu Huang took out her dagger and cut the rope. She moved her butt back and looked up at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao’s torn clothes fluttered in the wind.

Yu Huang stared at Sheng Xiao’s tattered shirt and reminded him meaningfully, “Do you feel cool?”

Sheng Xiao knew that his clothes were torn. He was in a sorry state.

He took out a clean shirt from the storage device and was about to take off his clothes when he suddenly stopped and said to Yu Huang sternly, “Close your eyes. You’re not allowed to peek.”

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao, who had a serious expression on his face. A phrase suddenly appeared in her mind.

Pure and innocent.

“Master Sheng, please change your clothes. I will not peek.” Yu Huang turned her face away and stared at the distant scenery.

Did he think that she had never seen a man before?

Sheng Xiao pulled off his tattered shirt and quickly changed into a new shirt. He buttoned the last button before reminding Yu Huang, “It’s okay now.”

Yu Huang opened her eyes and saw that Sheng Xiao had changed into a clean blackish-blue shirt. He had buttoned all the buttons and the sides of his collar were symmetrical. He immediately looked as handsome as usual.

Yu Huang noticed that Sheng Xiao was missing something.

She picked up the shirt that had landed on the back of the car and took out the black fountain pen from the pocket of the shirt.

Yu Huang put the fountain pen on her fingertip and twirled it. She looked up at Sheng Xiao and asked, “Do you not want this anymore?” Every time Yu Huang saw Sheng Xiao, he would wear this pen on his chest. It was obvious that this thing meant something to him.

Sheng Xiao nodded and reached out his right hand. “Thank you. I can do it myself.”

Yu Huang threw the pen at Sheng Xiao. Sheng Xiao grabbed the pen and wore it on his chest. He even changed the direction.

Seeing that he cherished this pen so much, Yu Huang asked him, “Is this your family heirloom?”

“This is a pen that every disciplinary officer in Divine Realm Academy has,” Sheng Xiao told her. “Every word written by the pen will appear on the wall of Divine Realm Academy’s disciplinary hall. So, every disciplinary officer would rather lose blood than the pen.”

Yu Huang nodded.

Then, she thought of something. She widened her eyes and asked Sheng Xiao, “You said that every word written in this thing will appear on the wall of the disciplinary hall?”

Sheng Xiao nodded.

Yu Huang grabbed Sheng Xiao’s arm. She widened her eyes and asked anxiously, “Then, is my agreement with Xuanyuan Jing in the disciplinary hall?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Yes.”

Yu Huang was stunned and was momentarily speechless.

When she came back to her senses, she could not help but blame Sheng Xiao. “Why did you lend me a pen back then? If I did not get into Divine Realm Academy a year later, it would be so embarrassing!”

Sheng Xiao said, “Everyone should fulfill their promise. Even if they struggle, they must do their best. Will this affect you if it is not on the wall of the disciplinary hall?”

This was Sheng Xiao’s character. He never made promises to others easily, but he would do his best to fulfill any promise he made.

Yu Huang understood what Sheng Xiao meant. She was really impressed.

“Master Sheng, have you never gone back on your words in your life? Can you really do your best for a promise?”

Sheng Xiao knew that Yu Huang was angry, but he did not explain.

He suddenly opened his palm and a gray bead floated in it.

Yu Huang stared at the bead and felt the terrifying energy coming from it. She looked at Sheng Xiao in confusion and asked, “What is this?”

Sheng Xiao said, “The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.”

Yu Huang subconsciously gulped.

The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was a treasure!

Yu Huang felt puzzled again. She said, “Your dragon form is a supreme-grade beast form. Do you still need this?”

“It’s for you,” Sheng Xiao said to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang pursed her lips and suspected that she had heard him wrong.

Sheng Xiao knew that Yu Huang would not believe him.

He stuffed the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl into Yu Huang’s arms and said, “You have a beast nature but are unable to awaken your beast form because you were poisoned by the Spirit Restraining Parasite. The method to nurture the Spirit Restraining Parasite was jointly destroyed by the six great cultivation clans six hundred years ago.”

“But you were poisoned by Spirit Restraining Parasite, which means that there was a traitor among the six families who secretly kept the cultivation technique of Spirit Restraining Parasite. These six families owe you. Now, the six families are led by the Sheng family. As the young master of the Sheng family, the future patriarch of the Sheng family, I should bear the responsibility of getting rid of the Spirit Restraining Parasite for you.”

“This Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl has the divine power to purify all impurities. Perhaps it can remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite in your body.” That was why he risked everything to snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

After Yu Huang heard Sheng Xiao’s words, she lowered her head and looked at the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl in his hand. She felt that it was ridiculous. Yu Huang suddenly asked Sheng Xiao, “What if the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl cannot remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite in my body?”

Sheng Xiao’s expression was cold, but his words were stubborn and sincere. “Then, let’s continue searching. We will eventually find a way to remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite.”

How could there be such a fool in this world?!

Yu Huang licked her lips and suddenly smiled. “Master Sheng, are there many girls pursuing you?”

Sheng Xiao was stunned.

He did not understand why Yu Huang asked such a question at this time. In Sheng Xiao’s opinion, this question was unrelated.

Yu Huang laughed when she saw Sheng Xiao’s reaction. She touched the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl in her hand and muttered softly, “I’m really getting old.”

Old people liked pure and serious young fellas.

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 58 - Are There Many Girls Pursuing You?