She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement
Chapter 47 - Seduce a Rich Lady?

Chapter 47: Seduce a Rich Lady?

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Although Yu Huang refused to reveal her real name, the man did not feel that it was rude. He held a stick and pulled out the sparks in the bonfire. He asked casually, “Young lady, you’re also here for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?”

Feng Si’s tone sounded very casual, but Yu Huang could tell that he was on guard.

Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?

This was the first time Yu Huang had heard of this thing.

Feng Si narrowed his eyes when he saw Yu Huang deny it. It was obvious that he was suspicious of her answer. She had chosen this time to come to the Black Dome, but not because of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, so what could it be?

“Since it’s not for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, why did you come to such a place alone? You can’t possibly be here to travel.” Feng Si’s gaze became colder and colder, and even contained killing intent.

Yu Huang subconsciously placed her left hand on the bracelet on her right wrist. She was already prepared to draw her weapon and fight, but her gaze was still calm.

“I’m going to the Purgatory Sea.”

Hearing Yu Huang’s explanation, Feng Si was somewhat shocked.

Only some Purifying Spirit Masters who wanted to break through would risk their lives to go to the Purgatory Sea. Could this young lady be a Purifying Spirit Master?

Feng Si probed, “Are you a Purifying Spirit Master?”

Yu Huang said, “I want to become a Purifying Spirit Master. I heard that the Purgatory Sea can temper one’s mental strength. I came to try my luck.” From her casual tone, she seemed to be saying that the coffee in this cafe was said to be very delicious, so she wanted to try it too.

After knowing that Yu Huang was not a Beast Tamer nor had she come for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, the man’s hostility towards her decreased greatly.

It was common knowledge that every Purifying Spirit Master was trash that had failed to awaken their beast form. They were not a threat to him.

After knowing that Yu Huang was going to the Purgatory Sea, Feng Si took on the attitude of an elder and said to Yu Huang with a frown, “The Purgatory Sea is called the graveyard of Purifying Spirit Masters. Young lady, the Purgatory Sea is not some amusement park. Many people jumped into the Purgatory Sea, but only one managed to come out successfully. And that person is already one of the only two Level 9 Purifying Spirit Masters today. Young lady, you are young and in the prime of your youth. It’s better not to be rash.”

Yu Huang remained silent.

She had her own plans and no one could interfere with her plans.

Seeing Yu Huang ignore him, the man didn’t say a word and continued using the firewood rod to pull the fire.

Suddenly, the girl beside him asked, “What is a Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?”

Although not many people knew about the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, it was not a secret. Feng Si told Yu Huang, “Six hundred years ago, when Purifying Spirit Grand Master Su Tingxue died, the poisonous gas in the Black Dome erupted. For some unknown reason, her remains were buried in the flames of the Black Dome.”

“I heard that after Su Tingxue died, her powerful soul force turned into a Sacred Pearl that was hidden in the Black Dome. It will appear once every hundred years with the poison in the Black Dome. It is said that the Sacred Pearl has a powerful Purifying Spirit power that can wash away all the impurities in a person’s body. If a low-level Beast Tamer obtains the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, there is a 90% chance of successfully upgrading his or her beast form!”

Low-level Beast Tamers referred to Beast Tamers who had awakened their beast forms, but Beast Tamers with weak beast forms. Anna Tao’s ant beast form was the lowest-level beast form.

Feng Si was born in a cultivation family on the Ice Domain Continent. He was the fourth young master born by the patriarch, but his beast form was a low-level butterfly.

His butterfly beast form did not have any offensive or healing power. His only skill was very useless charm. However, as a man, what did he need charm for?

To seduce a rich lady?

His bastard brothers in the family all had powerful beast forms. Two years ago, they had all gone to the world’s three greatest Beast Tamer academies to study. Only he remained at home.

He had already become the laughingstock of the clan and the shame of his parents.

In order to change his future, he had to obtain the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

After knowing that the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was formed by Su Tingxue’s mental strength and had a heaven-defying effect of increasing the grade of a beast, Yu Huang also wanted it.

The Spirit Restraining Parasite was something Su Tingxue had created. Perhaps this Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl could neutralize the Spirit Restraining Parasite in her body and help her awaken her beast form?

Yu Huang subconsciously licked her lips and felt a sense of temptation.

As she stroked her necklace, she sized up the people around the bonfire. Those people were wearing ordinary clothes, but their eyes were cold and filled with killing intent. There was a high chance that they were mercenaries.

Yu Huang was not confident that she could win against a group of mercenaries alone. She had to calm down.

Just as Yu Huang suppressed the ulterior motives in her mind, she heard Feng Si say, “The outbreak of the Black Dome Poison will be in the next few days. In the next few days, more people will arrive at the Black Dome.”

Feng Si stared at the people around the bonfire and told Yu Huang, “I specially spent a high price to hire two Masters and twenty mercenaries to help me. I will definitely get it!”

Upon hearing that there were two Masters hidden among these people, Yu Huang secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, she had suppressed the ulterior motives in her mind and did not act rashly.

However, Feng Si had deliberately revealed the strength of his team to him. He was probably still worried about her and was hinting to her to be sensible.

Yu Huang completely gave up on the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl. “I wish you success.”

“Thank you.”

Yu Huang sat beside the bonfire for a while before returning to the car.

Yu Huang did not sleep the entire night. When the sky brightened, she got out of the car and walked towards the mountain next door with her bag. Feng Si saw that she really wanted to go to the Purgatory Sea and wanted to persuade her again, but he stopped himself.

Forget it, everyone had their own path to take. If the other party wanted to go to the Purgatory Sea, it was the same principle as him needing to obtain the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

That was an obsession. If one did not complete it, it would be a regret for the rest of one’s life.

“I’ll bet that this little girl will never return.” The group behind Feng Si began to discuss Yu Huang’s fate.

“One look and I can tell that she’s going to die!”

“Let’s make a bet. Let’s bet on how many days she can last!”

“One day!”

“I say half a day at most!”

Feng Si shook his head and picked up his breakfast. As he was eating, he heard the sound of rotors in the distant sky. He raised his head and stared at the helicopter in the sky with a serious expression.

“Someone else came…”

At the same time, in the library of the Divine Realm Academy.

Sheng Xiao stood in front of a row of ancient book shelves and looked down at the book in his hand. It was a personal biography called Purifying Spirit Grand Master Su Tingxue.

This book was personally written by the previous dean of the Divine Realm Academy four hundred years ago. The content was relatively objective and factual.

On the 5th of July, Year 120 of the Divine Moon Calendar, Purifying Spirit Grandmaster Su Tingxue was beheaded by the Yin Clan, the Sheng Clan, the Xuanyuan Clan, the Mo Clan, the Glass Clan, the Garo Clan, and six other great clans on the Kui Mountain. In the same year, Su Tingxue was buried in the Black Dome. Her soul turned into the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, which was hidden in the Black Dome and appeared once every hundred years. It was rumored that the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl could purify the impurities and all kinds of filth in the mortal body and increase the grade of the beast form?

Because he was not sure if the legend was true or not, the dean wrote a question mark at the back of this sentence, indicating that this matter still needed to be investigated.

“The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl can purify the impurities and all kinds of filth in a mortal’s body…” Sheng Xiao slammed the book shut and disappeared from the library in a flash.

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 47 - Seduce a Rich Lady?