Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign
Chapter 269 Life Ark

Floating in front of him was a green coloured light.

In it was written 'Activating…' in brackets.

Ezra couldn't believe his eyes.

'The Life Ark!'


The whole world shook.

It lasted only five seconds, but every inhabitant was thrown off balance.

Panting heavily, Ezra rapidly turned from side to side, sweating profusely.

'What was that?!'

For the shortest time, he felt something locking onto his presence.

Something unfathomable.


Still though, his eyes couldn't help but go back to green floating words in front of him.

[Activating…. ] It said.

With it came a bevy of memories Ezra would rather not dig up.

'I was really stupid back then'

Shall it not be wondered, how Marcus, who gave away his artifact, his chance for continuous improvement, and yet somehow, was able to match Ezra-who was constantly changing battlefields?

This was it.

This was the item that allowed such absurdity to take place.

When the apocalypse hit and otherworld monsters invaded, humans were culled in the dozens, dying by the thousands.

Extinction creeped ever closer, but then a ray of light shone.

Awarded to every human was an artifact enabling better and faster growth.

It was soon dubbed the Life Ark.

'But I didn't believe it'

But of course, humans will be humans.

Opinions on it were divided between two sides, those who trusted its power and those who didn't.

Ezra was among the latter, its existence was unexplainable, he just couldn't bring himself to utillizing its power.

'And look where that got me'

He shut it away, making sure never to use it. And since he could still grow using traditional means, Ezra kept to that.

Alas, fighting change was almost always a fool's act.

Embracing the Life Ark, Marcus caught up to him in no time, and then came to kill him.

When his memories came to him as Ezra Miller, he realized that not utilizing the Life Ark was his greatest mistake.

If Marcus was able to grow to Expert rank so quickly…

'I would stepped into Master rank easily'

And avoided a lot of mishaps along the way.


The Life Ark vanished before reappearing.

[ Kevin Reed ]

Soul Shards: 2500/10

[ Strengthening confirmed ]

Ezra could feel a large power ready to burst from within him.

It froze.

After which it wrote…

[ ##Error#@@##Error@@# ]

Then, it unilaterally shut down..

Waving his hands in front of his face, Ezra confirmed its disappearance.

His skin tingled.

Ezra jumped to a stance, staring straight ahead at an approaching projectile trailing forth with white lightning

The presence was unmistakable.

Three others followed behind it.

Without a word, Ezra's body was emblazoned with lightning and he took to his feet.

But he was unable to get far.

Lightning struck in front of him, forcing him to a stop.

He noticed the presence far too late.


The projectile landed in front of him.

eaglesnovɐ1,сoМ "Ezra"

It was a voice all too familiar.

"What have you done?"

"Hello" Ezra's gaze darkened. "Father"

Emblazoned in lightning, the Emperor stared him down.

Wait, since Ezra was now taller than the Emperor, shall it be stared him up?

"You did not answer my question"

"Which was?"



The Emperor punched out.

Ezra his feet dug into the ground, sliding back ten feet, his hands letting off steam, having guarded his face.

"Decent strength, son. This should've been a joyous occasion, so, why did you become a demon?"

"It was only way for me to survive"

"Do you realize what this means?!"

"That I cannot become the next Emperor?"

"You cannot be allowed to live"

"Just let me run away, I'll never come back"

"I can't let you leave"

"And if I do?"

"Both those servants and your mother will be executed as demon accomplices"

Ezra flew into rage. "You wouldn't DARE!"

The Emperor pointed behind him. Where Deneris, Raven and an injured Fredrick. "I have no choice in the matter. You've been seen by others"

"Guess something's even Emperor's have to bend to, huh?" Ezra retorts. "And if I fight?"

"We'll have no choice but to kill you"

The Emperor was blunt.

"Aren't you going to do that either way?"

"No" the Emperor shook his head. "I won't let them"

"What then will you do?"

"We'll break your meridians and seal your mana flow"

"Ah! And let me guess, you'll throw me into the demonic army?"

"Hmm, I thought to simply lock you away-but that might be better"

"I thought I couldn't be allowed to live?"

"Consider it benefits for beings my son"

Looking beyond the Emperor, Ezra saw Fredrick giving him signs.

If Ezra wanted, he could escape because Fredrick would help him delay the others.

Behind him, the siblings were hunched together.

'I can have them in the ancient space ring in but an instant'

He could also take them away.

Just when he seemed ready for action, Ezra calmed.

'But then…I'll abandon mom?'

Ezra couldn't do it.

He could make short bursts of speed and disappear into the ocean, but heading towards Kingsmere to rescue his mom had a ninety percent probability of failure.

And if it failed, his mother could be executed.

'It's too much of a risk' Ezra deduced. 'Damn!' he clenched his fist.

His predicament came down to one issue. 'There couldn't be worse timing'

If this happened even a day later, he might've been able to familiarize himself with his new strength.

He didn't even know how to fly yet.

The lack of information on his new abilities rendered him handicapped.

Moreover, the sudden appearance of the Life Ark took his attention until the Grandmasters were already close by.

So it came down to one question.

Would he sacrifice the strength he painstakingly built to save his mother-or not?

'I still have an advantage. Since I definitely can't become the next Emperor-there's no reason to stop the coming apocalypse anymore' Ezra reasoned.

'Right, as a demon, that's the best time to take advantage, it'll be ripe for my intervention. And I'm a Grandmaster now, heading to Sirion or Lumeria shouldn't be too hard. But then-

His thoughts were cut short.


A metal brace clamped into his right wrist.

Immediately, he felt weaker.

'What is-

Ezra sought to smash it.

The Emperor attacked.


Ezra retreated with haste.

"Surround him" the Emperor said.

Right then, the same type of brace clamped on his leg, distorting his balance.

'Just what is-

Another brace flew towards him, aiming for his second leg.

This time he was ready, deftly dodging it.

While dodging the first, another flew towards him.

Dodging even that should be easy, but the first two braces distorted his mana coordination, hence…


Another brace clamped his left wrist.

And before he could recover, the Emperor arrives before him, pressing his head into the ground.

Of which a brace clamped on his right leg.

"W-What is-

With effort, Ezra mouthed some audible words.

"Mana distorting braces. Made to capture demons" the Emperor said. "I never thought I'd use it to catch my son"

"Don't do this!" Ezra yelled. "Let me go! I'm different from the others"

"That's what they all say" Deneris noted. Watching the Emperor carefully. "Well?

"Huuu…" the Emperor took a deep breath.

"Don't!" Someone shrieked, and a shower of silver feathers rained down.

The grandmasters easily swept it aside.

"What is the meaning of this?"

It was the siblings.

"He risked his life to save us. We won't let you kill him!"

They ran towards the Grandmasters.

The Emperor stared, before firing down lightning bolts in the dozens.

Sure enough, the siblings were swept away.

"I don't intend to kill him. Do not interfere"

His white aura blazed, frightening them out of their wits.

With his hand emblazoned in aura, the Emperor struck.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

"Sorry Ezra" it fell on deaf ears.


The Emperor smashed his palm against Ezra's back.

Soon after, Ezra felt indescribable pain as his eyes took a deeper shade of red, turning crimson.

He could feel something within him being destroyed, letting out a gut wrenching scream.

He tried to fight back, but the braces made sure he'd be unable to, growing weaker in the passing seconds.

His struggle was rendered useless in the face of the Emperor's strength as a late stage Grandmaster, and even then, the man's arm was most of its veins bulging.

Other Grandmasters would not have had it easy trying to hold Ezra down.

Deneris and Raven stationed themselves facing the Emperor, making sure Ezra didn't escape.

After five minutes, Ezra was allowed rest, blood flowed down his nose like a leaking tap.

But the ordeal was not over.

The Emperor raged, lightning bursting out of his body-and then into Ezra's!




A teacup fell and shattered. Splattering tea over the Empress's dress.

"My lady?! Is everything alright?"

The maid scampered to her side.

Kiara froze in place, her breathing quickened.

She took the maid's shoulders.

"My child" Kiara cried. "Something's happening to my child!"

She couldn't explain it, but she knew. Such unease could come from nowhere else.

Her heart felt heavy.

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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign Chapter 269 Life Ark