Rise Of Evil Sword God
Chapter 23 - Death Fog Valley

Chapter 23 - Death Fog Valley

The five people went deeper and deeper. They saw that the dense fog filled the canyon; The visibility was getting worse and worse, and there was a sinister feeling coming from the fog. Just walking, they saw a flash of lightning, and it started a heavy rain.

This time they wanted to hide, but on the all-around flat ground, there was no place to hide from the rain.

Unexpectedly, the rain came suddenly and paused suddenly, and soon it became the original appearance, and the fog filled the valley again. There was a gust of wind blowing, whistling after the rain stopped there.

"Where is this, how is it so weird?"

The four people can’t hide the doubts in their hearts, only to feel that this place is weird to the extreme!

"Not good, is this Death Fog Valley?" Yan Zilan suddenly changed her face.

"What is Death Fog Valley?" Feng Yun asked.

"Death Fog Valley is a dangerous place in the Soaring Heaven Mountains. It has been covered in the fog all year-round. Nine of the ten people who entered it have not come out again! But the legendary fog shrouded the entire valley, and suddenly it shrank into it! "Yan Zilan has a doubtful color.

So dangerous!

Feng Yun frowned

"Go back immediately!" Yan Zilan took the initiative. She has given responsibility for this team, if someone died then she would be also punished by the sect.

The six people went back and walked for a long time, they all stopped suddenly. They were lost, can’t go out!

They clearly did not enter the valley far distance, it is reasonable to say that they should be able to go out after going back for ten minutes, but it could not go out for so long. Obviously, it is not normal.

"It’s this fog!" Feng Yun said suddenly, "There is a confusing effect!"

Yan Zilan and the four people suddenly realized, Yan Zilan said: "everyone stops the breath to stop the fog affecting the mind!"

The five people followed the words, but it didn’t work. Even if the Warrior had a long breath, it was not enough to get them out of the valley. Half an hour they were still in the same place.

The time has come in the evening, and the fog is filled here, and it suddenly becomes darker, and there are a few senses of reaching out.

"What to do, are we going to be trapped here?" one disciple’s voice was shaking as spoke, he was afraid of the valley. How could he not panic, didn’t he listen to Yan Zilan before, and ten people came in and nine people would never go out!

"First take a break, eat something to fill your stomach, and raise your spirits. I will take you out!" Yan Zilan said awkwardly, but she was also low-spirited.

Feng Yun sat on the ground and tries to communicate the black broken sword. This is a divine object, maybe it can have a miraculous effect.


Ten minutes later, Black Sword suddenly reacted, releasing a wave of fascination. But it could only Felt by Feng Yun, for others, they did not able sense of the energy released by the black sword.

The wave released by the black sword was like a stone in the calm lake water, and the whole sea of fog suddenly became a big wave, and it rolled up into the vastness.

"What happened?"

"I don’t want to die!"

The Four people are involuntarily exclaimed, Death Fog Valley is fierce, and now this change is very strange.

Although Yan Zilan has to calm down, it is still difficult to hide her panic. After all, this is far beyond what she understands.

"Follow me!" Feng Yun stood up violently. His eyes were so clear that the fog could no longer block his sight.

His calm voice gave the other three an inexplicable courage. When they were so scared, someone could stand up and let them involuntarily attach themselves.

Feng Yun was striding forward, Yan Zilan and four people are close behind him. In fact, they have no grasp of Feng Yun that he can go out, but only by listening to his confidence voice, they followed him.

After walking a few miles, the fog was scattered. The mountains were visible again; it was a sign that they had left the valley.

"We have come out!"

The four outer disciples are cheering and full of the joy of advocating a catastrophe.

"How do you do it?" Yan Zilan asked in a trembling voice. Even she who was a Spirit gathering cultivator can’t see in the fog, but Feng Yun can see only at the body refining base.

The outer disciples looked at Feng Yun with amazement. You know that this Death Fog Valley doesn’t know how many lives have been swallowed!

Feng Yun lightly smiled, said: "Maybe my eyes are different, you can see something that others can’t see!"

Special Eyes?" Lu Qing, one of the disciples said with a trembling voice.

In The Legend, if you have a special illusion eye, you can see through all illusions. Is Feng Yun also have one of those eyes?

Feng Yun nodded earnestly.

"We should go out quickly, we can’t stay here for too long’" Yan Zilan said.

Feng Yun wants to explore the Death Fog Valley, but he has to return to the sect for now.

He will come later to find the mystery of the Death Fog Valley. If he left the team now others will suspicious of him, because the false news of Special Eyes.

Feng Yun and the team led by Yan Zilan returned to the Seven Sword Sect.

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Rise Of Evil Sword God Chapter 23 - Death Fog Valley