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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

An Zeng carefully recalled the memories of this Chen family.

This Chen family seemed to be the biggest family on Nanshan Street. All the shops on the entire street were full of properties. All the businesses were rented by his family.

Moreover, he had heard that the Chen family and the City Lord of Illusory World were able to talk, and even the nine bandits had no choice but to give face to the Chen family.

The thin Dean pulled An Zeng back and said that he couldn’t go. An Zhe suddenly understood what was going on.

Zhang Lei and the other thugs were so unpopular, yet they were able to make a living in Nanshan Street. Furthermore, the Great Kou Tang didn’t even take action to exterminate them. This was clearly not a simple matter.

From the looks of it, this so-called bully guild was nothing more than a group of vicious dogs that the Chen family had raised.

The person who came to offer his respect looked to be around forty years old. He looked very ordinary and friendly. When he smiled, he gave off the impression of a neighboring uncle.

However, An Zeng was no longer the same. He could see the darkness hidden behind the man’s eyes at first glance.

“My name is Chen Pu.”

After the middle-aged man introduced himself courteously, he said to An Xuan: “Master An just taught Zhang Lei and the others a lesson, our boss already knows.”

The boss said that even if 100 Zhang Lei were to add up, they wouldn’t be able to compare to a single one of you.

Originally, the bullies would have been established to have Zhang Lei and the others accompany the young master for fun.

To do business in the city, one could not help but develop a wolf-like disposition.

The tyrant association was specifically formed by our boss to nurture the young master.

“The boss said that as long as Master An is willing to accompany our young master, it is more useful than any other tyrant association.”

He pointed back, “That’s five thousand taels of silver. Does my master know that Master An’s life doesn’t seem to be very satisfactory?”

“This is because our boss didn’t discover you long ago. If he had, how could he have made you suffer?”

An Zaiyue turned around and said to Skinny Du, “Some of our silver.”

Skinny Du nodded. He still didn’t feel at ease and didn’t want to argue. “Do it, don’t go.”

Chen Pu smiled and said, “Master An, you don’t have to come with me right now. Our boss said that he will be waiting for you anytime.”

You know as well, our Dong Clan only has this single seedling. We, the Dong Clan, are willing to do anything for our Young Master.

Young master and you are about the same age, you should be able to become friends together.

“As long as you think it through, you can go to the Chen House at any time.”

“When I have the time, I will definitely pay him a visit.”

Chen Pu clasped his hands together and turned to leave. 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

An Zhan called out to him, “I am the one who paid the three thousand taels. The extra two thousand taels have nothing to do with me. Please take it back and thank Boss Chen on my behalf.”

Chen Pu’s face slightly changed, “This is the kind intentions of our boss …”

An Zhan furrowed his brows slightly. “Who told you before that I must accept your kindness?”

“It’s your business to have intentions, but whether you accept it or not is my business.”

He had seen too much of this kind of face when he was in the Mystical Department.

It was precisely because of this that he hated these kinds of people that he had fought so many enemies.

How many people wanted to get rid of him, because his existence was already hindering the interests of too many people?

The reason why An Zaiyue had seriously injured and destroyed his fleshly body was also because of the result of those people’s sneak attacks.

However, these matters seemed to be rather distant from the current conflict.

If you can’t recover your cultivation, don’t even think of taking revenge.

The most important thing right now was to recuperate his body as soon as possible.

Those who had tried to get rid of him would not rest until they were sure he was really dead.

An Zaihai’s reply was only a subconscious response. It was his personality.

But when Chen Pu heard these words, his eyes flashed with a sinister light.

In Nanshan Street, no one dared to disrespect the Chen family.

This was the first time Chen Pu saw this young man reject his good intentions in front of him.

However, when he thought of the instructions from his boss, Chen Pu held it in for the time being.

“Since Master An isn’t willing to accept it, then I’ll bring it back.”

Chen Pu turned around and walked away, waving at the big men to carry away the two thousand taels of silver box.

Before long, Du, who was drenched in sweat, ran over and said, “An Zhan, I think you should go.”

If you offend someone from the Chen family, you won’t be able to survive in Nanshan Street.

“Even the people from the Great Kou Clan won’t protect you. Now that you have so much money, why don’t you leave the city and find somewhere else to live your life peacefully!”

He shook his head with a smile. “Do you really think you can take these silver taels with you?”

As he said these words, he thought of the things he had done before.

Skinny Du did not notice the change in An Zhe’s expression and seemed to be particularly anxious. “Then what should we do?”

We can’t afford to offend the Chen family.

If he knew earlier that this tyrant belonged to the Chen family, he wouldn’t have fought no matter what.

What should they do now? The Chen Clan definitely wouldn’t tolerate this.

And just now you rejected that Chen Pu, not giving him any face at all. ”

“Give face?”

The corner of An Zhe’s mouth twitched. “Have you heard of the Mages?”

“If the bad guys are given face, then the same is evil.”

Skinny Du was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand why An Zeng would mention this, but he still nodded and said, “Who doesn’t know about the Dali of the Great Xi Empire?”

We are now in the Cangman Mountain, in the crevices of the sixteen kingdoms of Youlan.

It looked like an ant compared with an elephant in any of the sixteen kingdoms of Youlan.

“You Yan’s sixteen kingdoms are like a grain of sand in comparison to the desert.”

After saying that, Du’s thin eyes started to light up, “Legend has it that the Da Xi Empire is the largest imperial court in the world.”

I heard people who came to live in the city mentioned that the most powerful and wealthy empire in the world belonged to the Great Xi.

“And the most famous person in the Great Xi Dynasty is the Shrine of the dynasty … Those sneaky, shameful people who do shameful things all tremble in fear when the Shrine of the Great Xi Dynasty is mentioned!”

There was a thin, unreadable smile on his face. A sense of pride?

Perhaps he would never imagine that the people standing in front of him were no longer his good friends. Instead, he was the one who was in charge of the Bright Law Division.

Speaking of Fang Dou, who didn’t know the name of the Great Xi Empire?

Perhaps it was because there was a ‘struggle’ in each of his names that the current struggle for security was somewhat intimate with the previous owner of this body.

It is undeniable that the struggle for peace is dead.

Right now, the only people who were still alive were the leaders of the Dharma powers of the Great Xi Dynasty, who had been born with a new body and a new body. He was a powerful and influential person in the past.

Perhaps it was because some things were bothering him, he sat down on the roadside and said, “I have heard a lot about the Dali of the Great Xi Dynasty, how about I tell you about it?”

Skinny Du liked to hear stories about these heroes and was also very interested in the outside world. He sat beside An Zhe and said, “You are even worse than me. You never come out of your house, so how can you hear more than me?”

“But tell me, let me see what you say is the same as what I know.”

An Zhan smiled, and said in a thin and uncomprehending tone, “You can just take this as a story of someone else … The Great Xi Empire is too big, just a random state alone would be dozens of times bigger than You Yan’s sixteen kingdoms combined.”

In such a state, there were ninety-nine people in the Great Xi Empire.

“It is precisely because it is too big that the Saint King of the Great Xi Empire cannot know everything that has happened in this dynasty like the back of his hand, nor can he make a decision himself.”

“The Great Xi Empire is so big, so there are many evildoers and evildoers.”

If he wanted to maintain the fairness and justice of the imperial court, he had to have a strong law enforcement yamen to share His Majesty’s worries.

Thin, you think … In such a small place like Nanshan Street, there are already Chen family and Great Kou Tang. How many bad people would there be in the Great Xi Empire?

“They don’t care about the laws of the Great Xi Empire at all. All they want is to become more powerful by themselves.”

An Chou raised his hand and rubbed his temple. This action caused Skinny Du to be stunned for a moment.

This action was as if a true adult had thought of something troublesome.

But how could An Zizhi, at his age, look so gloomy all of a sudden?

An Zaihai’s gaze seemed to waver. He gazed off into the distance, but his eyes seemed to hold nothing back.

“What these people are most afraid of is the Mystical Division, because the Mystical Division has a selfless and staunch seat of honor. His name is Fang Sheng, and he has the same name as me, with the same vanguard.

In order to uphold the laws of the Great Xi Empire, Fang Dou had offended many important people.

These people couldn’t help but wish that their lives could be saved.

“They had thought of every possible way to get rid of Fang Dou, but because Fang Dou was too powerful and too cautious, they had never given them the chance to do so.”

“Until the day when the Holy Emperor received the news that one of his sons had an accident in Youlan’s territory, and he couldn’t get out of it himself, he had to let the Fang Family that he trusted the most fight to save his son.”

“Fang Xuan and that prince were also on good terms. When he heard that he was in danger, he immediately rushed from the Great Xi Empire to the sixteen kingdoms of You Yan … As a result, he encountered an ambush outside the Cang Man Mountain.”

An Xuan looked at Du. “Thin, do you know cultivators?”

Skinny Du was already entranced by what he heard and he subconsciously shook his head. “I don’t understand. Cultivators … are too far away from me.”

Although my older brother is part of a Sect, he can’t practice cultivation. He’s just a servant of the Sect.

Even so, my family is very beautiful.

It was precisely because of this that Gao Di’s group didn’t dare to casually offend me. ”

An Xuan said, “Cultivators are divided according to their strength. Those who have just begun cultivating will undergo marrow cleansing.”

Generally speaking, those with potential for cultivation would be brought back for marrow cleansing after being discovered by the sect.

After Purification, one’s body could withstand the power of one’s cultivation. This was the initial stage, the Ascending Realm.

After advancing to the ninth stage, he would reach the spatial realm.

After reaching the Sumeru, one’s body could contain more cultivation power and had a very powerful attack power.

Look at Kou Liu. Because he can’t cultivate, he can only train his body. However, the ninth level of Body Transformation is barely equal to the first level of the Sumeru Divine Realm.

Unless, of course, the door was open.

After opening the door, a body practitioner can continue to increase their own strength, but a person like Kou Liu won’t have a chance in his life. He will at most reach the fifth level of body transformation.

“The state of the Xumi is the state of the prisoner.

The reason why it was called Prisoner’s Desire was because only by controlling one’s own desires could a cultivator continue to improve.

Above the state of prison was the Small Perfect Stage.

He was already able to control his desire, which could be considered to be at the Small Circle of Perfection, so he was called the Small Perfect Stage.

Reaching the Small Perfect Stage is already very, very impressive. I guess you won’t be able to find many experts of the Small Perfect Stage in the sixteen kingdoms.

“Above the Small Perfect Stage is the Great Perfection Stage. Above the Great Perfect Stage is the Heavenly Realm.”

An Zhan continued, “In the entire world, there aren’t many Heavenly Realm cultivators.”

Fang Zhan was a Heavenly Realm cultivator, and he was already at the ninth level of the Lesser Heaven stage. In the Great Xi Empire, there were only a handful of cultivators who were even stronger than him.

“It’s a pity … but he fell outside the Azure Barbarian Mountain after being plotted against and attacked by sneak attack.”


Skinny Du exclaimed in surprise, “The head of the Bright Magic Division, the famous Fang Dou has fallen?!”

“How did you know?!”

An Zeng was dazed for a moment, then he smiled. “Of course I made it up. Someone like him has such good luck, how could he possibly die?”

“You scared me to death. I knew a hero like him would die.”

“If only I could see him one day, I’m afraid I would die of excitement.”

“You will see him, I promise.”

“Meow ~”

The cat barked in his arms, as if to say, Believe my master.

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