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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

When An Zhe was teasing Aunty Ye earlier, he was actually thinking of something else. If he wanted to recover his strength, he could stay in seclusion in the Great Illusionary Land, but this place was too remote and tiring.

It was very difficult to find the various spiritual herbs used to recover cultivation here. Furthermore, the problems he was facing right now were not only about recuperation, but also poverty.

He had never lived such a poor life before. Whether he wanted to live a better life or to find a place to buy spiritual herbs and pills, the first thing he needed was money.

The little bit of silver that Kou Liu gave him and the skinny Du basically didn’t have much left after eating a meal.

No matter what, he had to earn some money first.

As he was thinking about this, Gaudi arrived with a group of hoodlums on Nanshan Street who were about seventeen or eighteen years old.

In a place like the Illusory Realm’s Long City, the rules were actually very simple.

Whoever was strong enough would live a good life.

If it was in the past, how could An Zuoshi possibly hold these ruffians in his eyes?

But now, when Anjou saw them, his eyes began to shine.

He was here to send money.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the thugs outside. These fellows must have accumulated a lot of money. Although it wasn’t a lot, it was still an extremely enticing temptation for those who were thirsty enough to get a drop of water.

“God damn, get out of here!”

The leader of the hooligans looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old and had quite a strong stature. He was wearing a bright brocade robe, but the materials and craftsmanship were quite poor.

He held a long blade in his left hand. It looked like it was made of ordinary iron and was worth at most 2 taels of silver.

While the little hoodlum was furiously cursing at An Zhe, An Zhe had already calculated how much the clothes, shoes and weapons he was wearing were worth.

“Sigh … It’s really not easy to earn some money in this place.”

An Zhan said to himself.

The skinny Du was very nervous and didn’t hear what An Zeng said. He subconsciously walked in front of An Zeng to block him. He turned around and said, “I’ll block it for now, you run first.”

An Zhan smiled, stood up and patted Du’s skinny shoulder. “Thin, have you had enough of hardships?”


Skinny Dean was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand what An Zhe meant.

An Zaiyue turned around to look at Auntie Ye, thinking to himself that this woman was indeed unusual.

The thugs outside probably knew she couldn’t afford to offend them, so they didn’t dare to barge in.

If they didn’t get out, there wouldn’t be any danger.

But sooner or later, he would have to go out, and he still didn’t put these thugs in his eyes.

He thrust the sleeping kitten into his thin arms, then stepped out. He reached out and pulled him, and Andersen’s shoulders shook a little. It looked like he was moving very little, but the hand that was holding his clothes seemed to have missed.

Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up when he saw An Zeng’s actions.

She wanted to help these two little boys who weren’t too annoying, but seeing how An Zhe shook his shoulders slightly, she held it back. She wanted to see how this young boy would solve her problem today.

Thin Du was obviously extremely afraid, because those thugs had no sense of propriety. Their attacks were dark and vicious, and Gao Di’s group of people were nothing more than children compared to them.

However, Skinny Du did not hesitate. He stuffed the cat into Aunty Ye’s hands and rushed out after An Zeng.

An Zeng walked out and looked at the people around him. There were more than a dozen of them. Some were carrying knives, some were carrying sticks, and some were carrying bricks. It gave An Zhe a sense of familiarity.

“You are the one fighting for it?!”

The thug in the lead walked forward a few steps with a face full of arrogance: “I’m the boss of bullies, Zhang Lei. Do you know my face?”

An Zhan smiled and said, “I’m not your father, and judging by your face, you can’t do a paternity test, so there’s no need for me to know your face.”

Zhang Lei was stunned for a moment before he flew into a rage.

Ever since he organized a few dozen thugs to form a tyrant association, even the people from the nine great bandits began to come in contact with them, hoping that they could all become people from the Great Kampa Hall.

These days, he had been negotiating with the people of the nine bandit groups. He had to hold onto some strength in order to gain a foothold in the long-lost city.

Therefore, at this moment, he was being looked down upon by a youngster who appeared to be only around ten years old.

“Zhou An, Zhou Wen, Liu Mudou, Wang Dacheng, you little bastards know what the consequences are. Tear his tongue out of his mouth, then pull his arms and legs out of his mouth!” 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

“Let me see, who the hell dares to care if I kill someone on Nanshan Street today!”

The people on the street were all scuttling around. No one wanted to provoke these hooligans.

These guys were like dog skin ointment. Once they were attached to them, they would at least shed a layer of skin if they didn’t die.

Illusory Land lived in a city without any laws, and there weren’t many people who spoke reason. Growing up in this sort of environment, these local ruffians didn’t take bullying anyone seriously at all. As for maiming someone, it wasn’t that they hadn’t done it before.

“Wait a minute.”

An Zhe suddenly waved his hand, and those people who were rushing over stopped subconsciously.

Zhang Lei coldly snorted: “What?”


Little bastard, I tell you, it’s too late to admit defeat.

“I say that if I pull out your tongue I will have to pull out your tongue, but if you kneel down and kowtow to me three hundred times, I can consider not crippling your limbs and letting you barely live.”

“No, no, no, you misunderstood.”

An Zhan smiled and said, “I just want to know, it’s not like you hoodlums don’t have a price for your work, right?”

For example, how much does it cost to cripple a person’s arm, how much does it cost to remove a person’s thigh, and how much does it cost to take a person’s life?

I want to ask, how much is it worth like this? ”

Zhang Lei tilted his head and said, “Fuck, you little bastard, you actually know a bit more.”

However, I’ll tell you, a poor person like you isn’t worth much, even if you disassemble it, it wouldn’t be worth much.

“If anyone offers to kill you in the city of Huan Shi, then I’ll give them five taels of silver.”

An Xuan turned to look at Gao Di. “I thought you had some face. So you’re the one who spent five taels of silver to hire.”

“If you came here to take revenge on me, I would think highly of you. Since you are courting death, there is no need for me to keep you here.”

He pointed to Gao Di and asked Zhang Lei, “What about him? If we kill him, how much money will he get?”

“Don’t be so fucking arrogant. You’ll be in for it in a minute!”

Zhang Lei didn’t really care about Gao Di. He raised his chin and said, “He’s worth more than you. Kill him with at least twenty taels of silver!”

An Zhan nodded slightly, and said in a very light tone, “You’re making a mistake about the price … I’m much more valuable than him.”

Just as he finished speaking, he suddenly moved forward.

Before the hoodlum named Liu Zizi, who was rushing at the front, could react, he was kicked in the crotch by An Zeng.

An Zeng’s body indeed looked a little thin and weak, but he had been in the wind and rain for several years, so his muscle strength was not to be underestimated.

This kick was incredibly fast and vicious, directly destroying the two million worth of real estate that Liu Mou had in his crotch.

Liu Mou let out a cry and fell to the ground. An Ying stepped on his face with one foot and grabbed his arm. He twisted and pulled, and with a kacha sound, Liu Mou’s arm was also crippled.

An Xuan casually swung off Liu’s arm and said, “The price I am offering is much more expensive than yours. You guys can figure it out yourself.”

I will punch and kick thirty taels of silver and kick thirty taels of silver. I will cripple one arm and fifty taels of silver, while I will cripple one thigh and one hundred taels of silver.

“Oh, right. That kick with the broken egg was a gift from the bounty holder, no charge.”

This startled Zhang Lei’s group. No one expected that the thin and weak An Zhan would act so viciously and quickly.

But these people were usually ruthless, how could they be scared by a child?

Zhang Lei cursed as he pointed the long saber in his hand at An Zhe. “Kill him!”

The hoodlum called Zhou An raised his iron club and smashed it towards An Zeng’s head. An Zou stepped forward, tiptoed his feet and smashed his shoulder into Zhou An’s armpit, knocking Zhou An’s arm off with a kacha sound.

He retreated backwards and grabbed Zhou An’s wrist. Zhou An’s body involuntarily turned around.

An Zeng kicked Zhou An’s leg, and with a ‘pu tong’ sound, Zhou An kneeled down.

An Zeng’s fist landed on the back of Zhou An’s neck, and Zhou An grunted before falling forward.

An Zhan clapped his hands, “I’ve beaten him three times, and there’s a total of ninety taels of silver... No, that’s not right, adding fifty taels to his damaged arm, a total of one hundred and forty taels.”

“It’s a big job. I’ll give you another one.”

Bang! An Zou kicked Zhou An’s crotch again.

Zhou An cried out in pain before fainting on the spot.

Without waiting for the people behind to react, An Zhe rushed forward like a cheetah.

A punch landed on the throat of the hoodlum called Zhou Wen. The man’s neck issued a ‘ka ka’ sound, and his vision darkened as he fell to the ground.

He fell backwards, while An Chou grabbed both of his arms and aimed a kick at Zhou Wen’s chest, breaking a few ribs.

“Two arms, one punch and one kick, a total of one hundred and sixty silver taels.”

He tossed Zhou Wen to the side and avoided the machete that was hacked down by the hoodlum named Wang Dacheng.

Instead of retreating, he advanced forward and bombarded Wang Dacheng’s lower jaw with a Sky Cannon, shattering it.

This punch was so powerful that it actually sent Wang Dacheng flying backwards.

Before Wang Dacheng could land on the ground, the Cheetah rushed into the group of thugs like a flock of sheep.

Each of his punches were as fast as lightning, and they were extremely precise. In just a few minutes, a large amount of his punches landed on the ground.

Skinny Du had picked up a brick from the ground and was prepared to fight, but he didn’t have the courage to do so.

More than a dozen menacing ruffians were put down by An Zeng. Now, only the dumbstruck Gao Di and the pale-faced Zhang Lei remained.

“Do you remember how much you owe me?”

With a smile on his face, An Ying looked at Zhang Lei and asked. Zhang Lei’s face paled from fear and he subconsciously took a step back.

“It seems like you didn’t remember, but I didn’t either.”

“But it doesn’t matter, we can count on it later. I’ll give you a discount for such a big deal.”

As soon as he finished speaking, An Zhe pounced towards Zhang Lei.

“Ah!” Zhang Lei cried out in fear as he wildly brandished the long blade in his hand.

An Zeng’s body leaped through the shadows of a blade, accurately avoiding the messy chopping down knife, then he punched Zhang Lei’s lower abdomen.

Zhang Lei cried out in pain and the blade in his hand fell to the ground.

An Zhan kicked Zhang Lei onto the ground, then sat his butt on Zhang Lei’s chest. He picked up a brick from the ground, weighed it in his hand, and then fiercely slapped it onto Zhang Lei’s face.

“Thirty silver, sixty silver, ninety silver, one hundred and twenty silver, one hundred and fifty silver …”

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop...

An Zou, who was tired from the beating, straightened his body and took a deep breath. He pursed his lips and said, “Bully … Pah you old bastard, I’ll exterminate a gang of yours.”

Just then, the cat lying on the soft side of Aunty Ye’s chest woke up with a yawn. As he looked outside, his eyes seemed to be filled with an awe-inspiring majesty.

It jumped out of Aunty Ye’s arms and quickly ran to An Zeng’s side. Then it climbed up An Zeng’s body and squatted on An Zeng’s shoulder to look at the injured people.

He had the disdain of a tiger looking down on a mountain.

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