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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Old Huo was a man with a story.

Anjou sat on the nine star stage and listened to Huo’s story about Horvu.

“I am a refiner and have been refining for the rest of my life.

In my hands, I have refined many great artifacts that many people in Jianghu would envy.

But I’m a loser because I didn’t make my son a big deal.

I’ve spent most of my life forging artifacts, but I’ve ruined the most precious treasures.

It’s not his fault. I didn’t teach him well.

Since he was young, he has been cultivating and living alone. Every time he comes looking for me, I would say that I am very busy letting him play by himself … ”

“So Heaven is fair. Heaven probably thinks I don’t care about this son, so he brought him back.”

An Chou patted Old Huo on the shoulder. “But you didn’t take revenge.”

Old Huo shook his head. “Revenge?”

I don’t want revenge, because the enemy is not Mu Changyan, but me.

Mu Changyan injured the wufu but didn’t kill him. He forcefully swallowed a Duke Jin Dan for the sake of getting back at his lost face. ”

An Zhan’s face suddenly changed … … .Duke Ming’s Jindan was the most precious treasure of the great Xi Zen Sect.

It is said to have unparalleled medicinal effects, the golden core used by the reincarnation of the leader of the Zen Sect.

After eating the aurous core, Duke Ming can guarantee a smooth reincarnation, and the new Duke Ming can perfectly inherit all the abilities of the old Duke Ming.

This kind of thing was a secret of the Zen Sect, but to think that Old Huo actually had one.

“So it was I who harmed him.”

Old Huo took another sip of his wine, “I was the one who renewed his life with that Jindan, just like this Heaven Defying Seal.”

He was competitive, so I knew sooner or later he would be at a disadvantage.

So he used thirty-six years to create the Heaven Defying Seal, and he used six purple rank treasures to create it.

After that, I used another ten years to repair the Zen Sect’s Devil Fighting Poles, so I exchanged one Jindan from Duke Ming.

“I feel that with the Heaven Defying Seal and the Duke of Ming’s Jindan, I can let my son live well.”

“But when he was severely injured, he didn’t know how to use it and directly swallowed the Golden Core. His body couldn’t withstand the medicinal effects of the Golden Core and exploded …”

Old Huo looked towards An Ying and smiled bitterly, “It’s been a few years since I last talked, so I’ve talked a little more today. Please don’t take offense, Master.”

An Zhan shook his head. “Senior, don’t call me that. I was just joking with them.”


Old Huo said, “The Heaven’s Enlightenment Institute was built by my son, but he was unable to continue the academy.”

You’ve come to take over this responsibility.

The other day, you said that you wanted the Heaven’s Enlightenment Martial Academy to change its name to the Heavenly Awakening Sect, so that it could spread far and wide … Perhaps you don’t understand, but when I heard you say these words, how did I feel?

“Wu Fu is gone. I didn’t leave because Wu Fu’s heart and blood are here after all.”

“So, you have to be this sect head.”

Old Huo fished out a key from his pocket and handed it to An Zhan, “This Nine Stars Arena is a small world.”

This key was used to open this small world.

Do you know why I made a heaven defying seal for thirty-six years?

Because the effect of this thing was truly heaven-defying.

The Heaven Defying Seal could ignore the laws of time.

You entered the Heaven-defying Seal’s small world to cultivate, and the time inside was still and unmoving.

You went in for a year, and when you came out, it was the same day you went in.

You went in for three years, and when you came out, it was still the same day you went in. ”

An Zaihai’s heart skipped a beat. “This is indeed going against the heaven’s will.”

Old Huo said, “It is precisely because it defies the heavens that it steals time towards the heavens. The heavens have its own Heavenly Dao. If it is discovered by the Heavenly Dao, this item cannot be preserved.”

Therefore, I used meteorite to make the Nine Stars Arena outside, and hid the Heaven Defying Seal in the Nine Stars Arena.

However, I have never used it before, so I don’t know if there will be a heaven’s punishment once I use it.

“If you want to use this thing, you have to think it through yourself.”

An Zhan nodded, “Thank you, Senior!”

Old Huo shook his head. “I have nothing left. I can’t take these things with me even if I die.”

Rather than throwing them into the martial arts world and causing a huge ruckus, they might as well choose someone with good intentions to send them out.

You’re a good boy, very good.

Even though I am not a powerful cultivator, I have nearly a hundred years of life experience.

“This is much better for you than falling into someone else’s hands.”

He stood up shakily and said, “There is one more me in this Heaven Defying Seal, and that is my thirty-six years of concentration.”

“Even if I die in the future and encounter any difficulties, you can ask me in the Heaven Defying Seal.”

He stood up, not knowing what to say.

Old Huo waved his hand and signaled An Zaixin not to follow him, “Humans are good and evil, and there are both good and evil things.

There was a small world inside the Heaven Defying Seal. The good and evil depended on the people who entered.

The illusory world was also a small world, but it was only a microcosm of the larger world.

Therefore, I hope that you will not be affected by the mortal world.

If you are tainted, my heaven defying seal is tainted.

“White or black, it’s all in you.”

The reason why Old Huo couldn’t figure out where this war came from wasn’t because his cultivation was inferior to Mu Changyan’s.

Mu Changyan guessed that the reason why An Zhe was a reincarnator was because An Zhe had written the manual for Xiao Qishan.

When Aunty Ye first saw the struggle for peace, she only felt it was special. She couldn’t see what was wrong with her body.

There was no Fiery Eyes of Truth in this world. No matter how powerful a person was, they would never be able to see the depths of their soul.

He looked down at the key in his hand in a daze, feeling as if he were dreaming.

As Old Huo walked, he smiled and said, “Why aren’t you going to cultivate? If you want to succeed with that lousy physique of yours, how can you still be in a daze?”

An Zhe suddenly kneeled down and kowtowed towards Old Huo.

Old Huo’s footsteps paused for a moment, then he said, “I’m not a member of the sect, so I only accept apprentices who refine weapons. You don’t have to follow me, it’s your good luck.”

An Xuan said, “Thank you for your kindness, Senior. I don’t dare to refuse.”

Old Huo raised his head and gulped down a mouthful of wine, “Scram and cultivate. You will never be able to catch up to those geniuses with your body transformation.”

Even those people from the other Fantasy Academy, you couldn’t compare to them.

As for a genius like Xiao Qishan, one day of cultivation is equivalent to more than a year of cultivation for you … You hit the wooden stake too loudly at night, and this elderly person didn’t sleep well. This is the reason why I gave you the Heaven Defying Seal.

I can also sleep well if I train in the Heaven Defying Seal.

Remember, the Heaven Defying Seal can only be used by you alone, because that thing can provoke heavenly retribution. The more talented the user is, the easier it is to provoke heavenly retribution.

“Since your physique is so poor, I presume your luck will be better.”

An Zhan kowtowed three times seriously, then he stood up and bowed down to pay his respects.

Old Huo had already returned to his room. He leaned against the window and was in a daze while drinking.

An Zhe originally wanted to bring Skinny Du and the others in, but Xiao Qi’s cultivation speed would advance by leaps and bounds. However, after hearing what Old Huo said, he thought for a moment and decided to wait until he was certain that the Heaven Defying Seal did not provoke the heaven’s Punishment.

When An Zeng returned to the classroom, Du, Skinny and the others were shaking their heads and shaking their heads as they memorized.

It was only when An Xuan walked in that he discovered that Du was sleepy, shaking his head and shaking his head.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted from outside the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy, “Are there any living people inside?”

An Zeng walked to the entrance and took a look. He saw a few young disciples in white uniforms standing outside the gate of the Martial Arts Academy.

The one in the lead looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, and his face was rather handsome.

This youth was very tall and slender. His hair was neatly combed, and there was even a peony flower stuck in his ear.

Thus, it seemed that the person’s yin aura had become stronger.

“You are the one fighting?”

The youth wearing the flower looked at An Zeng and snorted, “I was wondering what kind of genius he is, but it turns out that he’s just a stocky, stocky, and stocky kid.”

I heard that you and Principal Mu have a bet, so I came to see what kind of opponents you have.

Remember, my name is Zhou Mushan, a disciple of the Fantasy World Academy.

“After half a year, I will come and compete with you.”

An Zaihai looked at the youth, not saying a word.

Zhou Mushan said, “Originally, I wanted to see what the slaves would look like after half a year. After seeing them, I was disappointed.”

I feel ashamed to be a servant to people like you.

“Thus, I feel that the bet should be changed. Half a year later, the loser will cripple their own cultivation.”

Skinny Du and the others ran out of the classroom. Hearing Zhou Mushan’s arrogant attitude, Skinny Du immediately couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pointed at Zhou Mushan outside and shouted: “Grandson, wait half a year! Grandpa will beat you up in such a way that you won’t even recognize your grandmother!”

Zhou Mushan’s face turned cold. “Do you believe that I won’t cripple you right now?”

“If you want to acknowledge your ancestors in advance, Grandpa doesn’t mind teaching you a lesson right now.”

Zhou Mushan kicked open the half-opened gate of the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy. This kick was very powerful, causing a wooden door to fly out.

The wooden door rolled towards Du, thin and fast.

Du was thin and had already washed his marrow and felt that he could deal with it and did not dodge.

It was already too late for An Zeng to charge over. Both his skinny fists smashed onto the wooden door that was flying over. Then, with a kacha sound, both arms were cut off!

The door was instantly smashed into smithereens as wood shavings flew everywhere.

After being knocked down by this force, his two arms hung limply down. It was obvious that the bones in his arms were broken.

Zhou Mushan snorted coldly, “This is cultivation, you still dare to provoke the Academy … I don’t know if your parents are still alive, but if they are, they will die from your embarrassment.”

Bastards like you are born a head lower than others, yet you still don’t know your own worth.

If you want to be a lower class person, that’s fine, but you still want to drill into a higher class person’s world … Can you drill into it?

I started cultivating at the age of four. I rose to grade-2 at the age of ten, and ascended to grade-3 at the age of fifteen.

He kicked out again, and the courtyard wall collapsed.

“All of you, remember this: Illusory World has lived in the city for a long time, and the strongest person here is the Illusory Realm Academy.

As for you poor children, you have no right to be our opponents.

However, since the headmaster has given you all a chance, I shall let you all live for another half a year.

“After half a year, this place will no longer have any Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy, and you will all be like stray dogs, scram out of the Illusory World and live in the city.”

Zhou Mushan spat on the ground, “A bunch of bastards.”

Sitting in the room, Old Huo took a sip of his wine and looked at Zhou Mushan with narrowed eyes.

Zhou Mushan turned his head and saw Old Huo looking at him. He immediately scolded, “Old bastard, if you take another look at me, I’ll dig out your eyeballs and feed them to the dogs.”

Old Huo didn’t say anything and continued to drink.

Zhou Mushan had cursed enough. He walked up to An Zeng and said, “Kid, if you’re scared, then scram the entire night.”

His finger poked three times into An Zeng’s chest. “However, don’t let this grandpa meet you again in the future. Otherwise, if I meet you again, I’ll beat you up.”

An Zeng held onto Du’s skinny body, but his face was calm. “Half a year later.”

Zhou Mushan laughed, “I don’t know how to write the word ‘dead’. Don’t say that I’m being unreasonable.”

I’ve only been waiting for you for half a year. I’d like to see what you can do to win in half a year.

“If you win, I will kneel down and kowtow to you, and call you father!”

Ang made a gesture of invitation. “I won’t see you out.”

Zhou Mushan tilted his head and spat again, then turned around and left.

Everyone in the Tianqi Martial Academy clenched their fists. Even Xiao Qidao was equally angry.

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