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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

An Zeng lowered his head to look at the blood on his hand, then he looked at the wailing Wang Meng lying on the ground.

His mind was still aching and blurry, but everything seemed a little illusory.

The owner of this body was dead, and a cowardly child who could not even give birth to compassion was killed.

It was ironic that he had been reborn in this child’s body.

Arrogant as he was, he had fallen into such a weak body when he was reborn.

Wang Meng’s thigh was stabbed by him. This stab was very deep. When it came down, it was vicious and casual, but it accurately avoided the artery.

However, before this body, the blood had already stopped flowing. As a result, the hand was still somewhat trembling, and it was not very stable.

Forget it.

An Zaiyue sighed in his heart. In the end, he was still alive.

During the period when his body had been stiff, he had gone over the child’s short life in his mind like a movie.

An argument?

This name was not vulgar, he would use this name in the future.

An Zhan stomped his foot on the wound on Wang Meng’s thigh and said calmly: “When you hit me earlier, two punches landed on my vitals. This wasn’t the first time you paid me back for what you owed me back, because both of your punches could have killed me.”

He suddenly pulled out the dagger and Wang Meng suddenly shouted.

The shout had only just begun when, with a pu sound, An Zhe stabbed the dagger back.

The dagger accurately stabbed into the previous wound without leaving a single wound.

The knife fit perfectly with the wound, as if it had returned to its sheath.

Even the best of the riders couldn’t tell that they’d been stabbed twice.

Wang Meng’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper. After yelling, he actually fainted.

Who would have thought that the fierce and domineering guy would actually fall unconscious from fright?

“Fight for peace!”

Kou Liu’s expression was a little ugly. As the most useless student in the classroom, he completely ignored his previous orders. This made Kou Liu a bit angry.

The old struggle was before him, submissive and humble, not even daring to speak aloud.

But now, An Zaiyue didn’t even spare him a glance.

Kou Liu roared angrily: “You’ve grown much more powerful, haven’t you?”

“You even dare to ignore my words?”

An Zaiyue rolled his eyes. Although he looked up at the tall Kou Liu, there wasn’t a hint of respect in his eyes.

There was actually disdain in those eyes.

“What did Mr. Sixth teach us?”

An Zhan pulled out the dagger once again and spun the circle in his beautiful hands. “Sixth Mister said that this is the territory of the nine bandits. The only rule here is to see who is fierce and vicious. If someone is bullied and doesn’t dare to resist, then no one will be pitiable.”

“So, Mister has always looked down on me, and now I am following Sixth Mister’s instructions. Why … Mister doesn’t like the look of me?”

Kou Liu was very tall, at least 1.9m tall, and his muscles looked as muscular as a bear.

Although he was not the fiercest person in the Nine Komsomols, he was the most vicious.

The ideas of the nine bandits came from his head in about seventy to eighty percent of the time.

Moreover, this person was very fond of studying the human body. It was said that he had once perfectly peeled off the skin of his enemy with 666th sabre, and then he had perfectly cut off all the bones with 666th sabre.

Kou Liu looked at this different kind of dispute and was actually at a loss for words.

After a moment, he said, “Yes, that’s what I said.”

But I didn’t see them bully you. I only saw you do it. ”

To the side, Skinny Du immediately said: “Sixth Mister, Gao Di, Wang Meng, and the others killed An Zhe earlier. They were the first to take action!”

“He’s dead?”

“Why is he still standing here after I beat him to death!”

“Thin Du, you know that I don’t like being lied to the most. You also know the consequences of lying to me.”

An Xuan coldly snorted. “It’s not important if you don’t see it … I remember what Mr. Sixth said in his lecture. If the bullied people don’t dare to resist, then it means they are trash. Everyone looks down on them.”

But bullying people is different. When bullying people, you must not be reasonable. If you are reasonable, then you are not bullying people.

So it doesn’t matter if Mr. Six saw it or not.

“Because you can treat it as me bullying them, not them bullying me.”

After saying this, An Zeng slowly walked to Wang Zhuang who was trembling in fear. He laughed and asked: “Your brother has fainted after being stabbed by me twice. As your brother, shouldn’t you avenge him?”

Wang Zhuang swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty. “No … no need, he … he’s fine.”

“I was in the wrong today. You put down the dagger first. We were always playing around.”

“Are you joking?”

An Zhan sneered, “Your brother punched me twice at my vitals, and you even kicked me seven times. I still have some blood in my body, and it’s very painful.”

But don’t worry, I won’t hit your vitals, I don’t want to kill you right now … At the very least, I don’t want to kill you right now. Because in the previous years, I will slowly take back everything that you two brothers have done to me.

“First, we’ll take what is happening today. Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the dagger in his hand stabbed out.


Kou Six strode forward and grabbed towards An Zhan.

However, when he took this step forward, An Zhe had already stabbed him twenty-three times.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Because Wang Zhuang had hit him sixteen times and kicked him seven times.

It seemed that these twenty-three slashes were as fast as lightning and had no consideration at all. In such a short period of time, the speed of these slashes was so fast that a normal person’s eyes couldn’t keep up with them at all.

Wang Zhuang instantly turned into a gourd of blood. With twenty-three cuts on his body, he screamed as he looked down to see every wound on his body oozing out blood. This fear was indescribable.

He cried out in fear, his hands clogging up the wounds in panic. However, he could not block this and that. Soon, he turned into a bloody man.

The twenty-three strikes took about two seconds.

An Zeng sighed in his heart. He simply couldn’t bear such a slow speed.

Fortunately, the blood in his body had recovered and the stability of his hands had improved.

What surprised him the most was that this thin and frail looking body actually didn’t seem weak at all.

In fact, the original owner of the body was exercising every day so as not to be bullied.

However … he was not physically weak, but his heart was weak. Even though he had been training, he still did not dare to retaliate once.

An Chou was slightly satisfied, but the opposing Kou Liu was already stunned.

Two seconds, twenty-three.

If it was anyone else, they would have been shocked, but Kou Liu’s shock was even greater than everyone else’s.

Because he was familiar with the human body, he could see it clearly.

The twenty-three blades were ridiculously fast and looked like random stabs, but these twenty-three blades all managed to avoid vital points. Therefore, as long as Wang Zhuang managed to recover in time, he wouldn’t die.

So fast, and so precise.

Was this the weak and repulsive struggle?

This youth looked more like an infant beast. Although he was far from being powerful, the coldness in his bones was clear.

Kou Liu felt that the conflict in front of him was foreign, absolutely not the cowardly orphan he was familiar with.

“You … How did you do it!”

When Kou Liu asked this question, he didn’t notice that his voice was slightly trembling.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of strength displayed by An Zhe was actually nothing in Kou Liu’s eyes, but he was An Zhe and no one else.

Two seconds and twenty-three slashes. Even a cultivator who had just broken through would snort in contempt.

Not to mention the cultivators in the Opening Realm, even if they were Body Spell Masters who couldn’t cultivate the second best, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to stab out sixty times in a second after reaching the first stage.

Although Kou Liu looked as strong as a tiger or leopard, he couldn’t cultivate, so he chose body transformation. Not long ago, he had just broken through to the third stage and struck out more than two hundred times in a second.

“Mr. Sixth is very good at teaching.”

An Zhan naturally said, “Mr. Sixth said in class that there are no shortcuts if you want to make a move quickly, so you can only persevere with your training.”

After I returned home, I practiced for more than four hours every day. First, I took out a knife, then a prick, then a prick, then a prick.

“Mr. Sixth also told me about the distribution of those acupuncture points. After I go back, I made a map and marked it out. But now, I don’t need that map because it’s all in my brain.”

As he said these words, the faint and unreasonable aura of a powerful expert from An Zhe’s body caused Kou Liu’s heart to feel numb.

Was this child really going to fight for peace?

Why is it getting stranger and stranger?

An Ying looked at the expression on Kou Liu’s face and continued to say with a smile, “If Mr. Sixth doesn’t believe me, you can come to my house and take a look yourself. The wooden stake man and the map are still there.

I practice regularly for four hours a day without interruption, even when it’s windy and rainy. ”

Kou Liu said in disbelief, “But before you …”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by an argument.

“But I haven’t resisted before, have I?”

But I’ve always been a coward, haven’t I?

There’s nothing strange about it, because I’ve had enough.

I was an orphan, and I had no one to rely on. I wanted to put up with it.

But these guys have gone too far lately. They don’t just want to hit me, they want to kill me.

“I heard that these few days, they are very close to some delinquents who roam the streets and are preparing to join a gang called the Tyrant’s Association.”

He turned to look at Gao Di who was hiding at the side, his tone full of disdain. “Legend has it that it’s not easy for this unrated gang to join. The first thing we have to do is kill a person.”

These people want to kill someone but don’t have the guts to go outside, so they could only use me to train their courage … Since that’s the case, why should I tolerate it anymore?

“If you endure any longer, you will really die.”

He looked at Kou Liu and said, “I am an orphan, and I have no one to rely on. I have been living on by my life. I have always been weak and cowardly, and that is because this is a way to survive.”

This is precisely because I don’t want to die … It’s the same now. I don’t want to die, so I can only resist.

Since he resisted, he could only fight back completely and thoroughly.

From today onwards, I will pay back anyone who dares to do anything to me.

Give me good will and double it.

“Those who wish to harm me, pay me back twice.”

Kou Six opened his mouth, but discovered that he didn’t know what to say.

Something like that in An Zhe’s eyes scared him.

Gao Di, who had been dodging, was about to turn around and leave when he heard an argument from behind him, “You want to leave?”

“Do you owe me anything?”

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