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Chapter 1632 - Fun

Chapter 1632 – Fun

To an ordinary person, ten days was nothing. As for the long lifespan of a cultivator, ten days were negligible. However, these ten days were extremely important to the entire world … Nothing is more important than survival.

When the envoys of the Buddhist Sect arrived, they cried and said that the Buddha was round and lonely.

The envoy of the Golden Crown also came not long ago, saying that the old king had suddenly gotten sick. In fact, everyone knew, it was just because of the Buddha’s loneliness, the old king’s heart was sad, at his age, he could not take too much damage.

That’s faith.

When An Zheng came out of seclusion, his Cultivation Power had risen to the ninth level of the Emperor Level, but it did not increase much.

Ten days of time passed in a flash. When a huge ripple appeared in the sky, An Zheng and the others knew that what was about to happen was about to happen.

North of Yancheng was Yan Shan. An Zheng and the others gathered at the highest point of Yan Mountain, looking up at the sky.

This scene seemed somewhat familiar.

“It seems like everything is going back to where it started.”

Gu Qianye clenched her fists: “We cannot leave the battlefield here.”

That’s right, the battlefield couldn’t be placed in this world. There were too many people who weren’t able to move in time, so where could they move to? No matter how big the fusion was, it wouldn’t be able to contain this world. Furthermore, because the fusion process was just too big, the possibility of being discovered had no limit, and when Tan Shanse’s physical body descended, there was no room for concealment at all.

“To the alien region.”

An Zheng took in a deep breath and directly jumped down from the cliff. Everyone followed after his jump, and then, a huge battleship started to rise from the canyon. The disciples of the Heavenly Awakening Sect s on the black battleship made their final preparations.

This enormous fleet was built for today. In the middle of Swallow Mountain, there waidden space, where every battleship was built, to avoid being discovered by Tan Shanse to the greatest extent possible.

From the very beginning, An Zheng had not concealed anything from them. All of them knew that today, they would most likely die fighting for this land, and it was impossible for them not to be afraid, but they were more eager to win this final battle.

From the east, a group of battleships flew over. They were from a large and small sect and their strength was limited, but they were unwilling to be trampled on by others like this.

Lotus Seats flew in from the west sky one after another. This was the last of the Buddhist Sect’s power, and all of its disciples that could participate had arrived.

Gold dragons flew over from the south. They were the last hope of the dragon race. Although they were few in number and their blood wasn’t pure, the strength of the dragon race was still not to be underestimated.

had already informed as many people as he could of the situation in the world. Originally, An Zheng did not have much hope that they would all come, but upon seeing this scene, An Zheng knew that people were still not willing to give up on him.

This was the human race. When they were needed to unite, they would never fall behind.

The war chariots from the north, the golden dragons from the south, the lotus platform from the west, and the warships from the east, all merged with the Heavenly Awakening Sect’s fleet and rose up into the sky.

An Zheng, who was standing on the flagship deck, extended his hands and opened the spatial teleportation array, causing the battleships to leave the world one by one.

This was the second time in history that all humans had joined forces. The last time, the scale was larger than this, but there was still no final victory, nor was there any loss.

This time, his strength was less than the fifth of what it was last time, but hope still remained.

There used to be two moons outside of this world, but on one of the moons, An Zheng brought the Human Alliance Army and fought in the first battle. Millions of faceless monsters were killed, and the Human Alliance also suffered heavy losses.

The first line of defense was broken with the collapse of the moon, and the Heaven’s Expanse Array was also broken. The final battle still ended up in this world, with the mountains and rivers shattered.

That scene from the past was still fresh in his mind, causing him to sigh with emotion.

In the universe, a giant physical body stepped out of the time forbidden array. Both of its hands tore apart, and the time forbidden array that had trapped him for tens of thousands of years was completely torn apart.

The physical body raised its head and roared, a huge sound wave was released and several nearby planets were immediately shattered.

What kind of power was that? What kind of power was this?

Somewhere in the Western Regions, Tan Shanse’s smile was exceptionally carefree. He placed his hand on the mirror, and the mirror immediately emitted waves of intense light. Tan Shanse’s body was sucked into the mirror, and disappeared in an instant.


A soulless physical body also had the same madness and excitement after being released. That physical body let ouoar and shattered the planet. It opened its arms violently and a vast and mighty power swept across the entire universe.

In the depths of the universe, in the middle of the Seven Leaves of Tathagata’s imprisonment array, Emperor Yu seemed to be dying. He raised his head with difficulty to look at Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun, “Another reincarnation.”

The Emperor looked equally weak, as if he would vanish into thin air in the next second.

“We failed to protect our home, but we became accomplices to destroying it.”

Emperor Shun sighed, “This feeling is the worst …” “It’ity that I can’t personally chop that bastard into pieces. However, that’s fine too. For us, this is a kind of release.”

Beneath Emperor Yu, Pre-Qin Emperor, whose white hair was already covered with wrinkles, snorted, “I can’t stand to see you old fellows so reluctant to part. I never admit defeat, but when it is time for me to withdraw from history, I won’t hold back. The glorious future that I have created will also be broken.

After saying this, his body began to dissipate like it had turned to dust, little by little vanishing.

And below him, the supreme emperor level and peak emperor level ancient cultivators had already begun to dissipate. Each of them faced the direction of the world that they once lived in. Originally, the concept of a family with their level of strength wasn’t important to them, but on this day, each of them were thinking about one thing …

If only he could go back and have a look.

Pre-Qin Emperor watched as his legs turned into powder and gradually dispersed into the air. He could not help but feel some sadness in his eyes.

“I have let down many people in this life, but I have never felt guilty, because what I want to do is the only one in all of eternity. There are two things I want to do the most right now. First … Bai Luo, Xue Kuang Zong Zong, it can be said that we have let you down, and there are also so many people that we have schemed against. Second... I want to f * cking eat a bowl of instant noodles! ”

With that, the Pre-Qin Emperor completely disappeared.

Emperor Yu looked at the spot where the Pre-Qin Emperor had disappeared and laughed, “Looks like people really do have more good thoughts when they’re on the verge of death. His character has already changed, what else can’t it be changed?”

Emperor Yao also laughed. “That’s right, there are people who say that it is difficult to change one’s nature, but those words are actually wrong …” It is precisely because people can constantly correct themselves that they are the spirits of all living things. ”

“Speaking of which, this seems a bit unreasonable.”

Emperor Shun stayed silent for a while before saying, “He just said that he wanted a bowl of instant noodles … I want to, too. ”

The smile on Emperor Yao’s face grew wider. “I want to eat as much as I can. There’s so much, ah …”

He actually started drooling.

“Red Burning Tofu, Mab Tofu, Steamed Fish, Lion Head, Buddha Jump Wall …”

The Emperor drooled as he spoke, but he didn’t feel that there was anything shameful about being the Supreme Emperor.

He lowered his head to look at Emperor Yu. “What about you?” What would you like to eat? ”

Then, he noticed that Emperor Yu only had half of his strength left.

Emperor Yu had disappeared from his waist down, and his body was still turning into particles that floated away … He lowered his head and watched his body change little by little, but there wasn’t the slightest fear on his face. Instead, he had a very relaxed and joyful feeling.

“What are you thinking?”

Emperor Shun couldn’t help but ask.

Emperor Yu stared at his body that had already disappeared to his chest and laughed. He laughed like a child.

“It’s quite fun.”

He said these four words, then raised his head to look at Emperor Shun and Emperor Yao. “It’s a little unrealistic to say goodbye. I hope that in the future we will be all right, and that our homes will be all right.”

Emperor Shun and Emperor Yao nodded at the same time. “Let’s go.”

Emperor Yu made a sound of acknowledgement before letting out a long sigh.

He disappeared.

Then it was Emperor Shun’s turn. Emperor Shun watched as his feet gradually disappeared, but he didn’t feel any pain. He shouted towards the sky, “Quickly help me think about what else I have yet to say. Fragrant Fish shredded meat, Gongbao Chicken Ding, Boiled Meat, Soft Fried Inside, Red Braised Carp … “No no no, carp have too many thorns, it’s so troublesome to eat them.”

“I still want to eat pasta,” he said after a moment of deep thought.

Emperor Shun was stunned for a moment, then swallowed a mouthful of saliva in satisfaction, “That’s right … White rice is also fine. ”

“Mm. Take care.”

The Emperor said three words.

Then Emperor Shun disappeared, and before he did, Emperor Shun looked at him and said one last sentence: “It was quite fun.”

Next was Emperor Yao. He was the only person left in Seven Leaves of Tathagata who was originally trapped here, and even though he knew that he would soon disappear, this was the first time he felt lonely. This feeling was very terrifying, he actually wished for him to disappear a little faster.

“Oil Splash Noodle?” “White rice?”

He found that he too was drooling.

With all his might, he lowered his head to look at his body, which was now eighty percent gone, and an expression that was like this appeared on his face. “It really is very interesting.”

It was just like when he was young and forcefully blew the dandelion.

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 1632 - Fun