Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant
Chapter 776 258.5 - Certain Type

Back in the Aspakeony Academy in the headmistress's office, the gray-haired necromancer was having a well-deserved nap after dealing with the formalities.

She was enjoying a quality rest cuddled up to Zoemi's copy that was gently patting her head in a loving embrace as both of them were surrounded by pillows and plushies.

"...uhhh... Zo-mi why is this timeline so messed up too? I thoughts things would be fine after I subdued the Ghosts of Bellcephora before they grew into a threat, but now another war is on the horizon and one of my underlings, a guy who I trusted with teaching all those kids, turned out to be conspiring with enemies of Bellcephora kingdom... Where will this end?"

Aspakeony complained, kicking up her feet and sending a small pillow and a round plushie flying.


Zoemi's copy smiled at her and moved his hand towards her face, gently caressing her face which made her let out a purr of comfort as she leaned into his palm.



But then just as the wound on the right half of Zoemi's face disappeared, the gentle caress turned into a pinch and the gray-haired necromancer experienced her cheek being stretched out as if she was a kid that spoke something rude to their parents.

"Aspy, if you have your memories intact, then why on earth is Burushi the only healer magician AGAIN?!"


Zoemi asked, continuing to pinch the necromancer's face.

"Nwhuah...! It should be obvious that I regained my memories AFTER I made the same mistake, okay?!"

Aspakeony managed to free her face as Zoemi wasn't holding her that hard and scoffed at him with a grumpy expression.

"And since when do YOU have your memories back in the first place?!"

The gray-haired girl pulled out a reverse card and questioned the black-haired boy stabbing the air in front of Zoemi's face with her index finger.

"Only a few hours ago." *chuu*

The boy answered and kissed the fingernail of the finger that the girl was pointing at him.


"I already know that you are doing your best in searching for Roiso considering how much you care about your students. I only hope that you will inform me as soon as you will learn about her location."

Aspakeony went silent and only looked at Zoemi with a frown while he was explaining his real reason to talk to her directly.

"Okay. I see no problem with your request..."

The gray-haired girl nodded looking away shimming away from the black-haired boy.

"...and since you have your memories back I assume that you no longer want to lend me your copy..."

She added a bit sulkily but with a composed and serious expression.

"Aww~! The kingdom is in trouble and you have such cute worries~!"

"Don't mock me. Without Ghosts of Bellcephora, my army never diminished, I am far stronger than before. Not to mention I never made a promise about taking the strength of multiple corpse puppets as my own."

Zoemi chuckled but Aspakeony wasn't amused by his joke and scoffed.

The next moment the air filled with an oppressive amount of mana causing the inside of the room to blur as if someone put frosted glass over it.

Zoemi still vividly remembered the power that the transcended magicians had at their disposal in the previous timeline – himself included – and honestly, even Benevirau and Horeo put together could not measure up to the pure concentration of mana at the proud necromancer's disposal.

But instead of pulling away, recalling his copy and disappearing, or trying to purge all that mana with the law of Aquarius, the black-haired boy leaned forward until his lips were almost touching Aspakeony's forehead.

" you want to know a secret that even Miri isn't fully aware of...?"


Zoemi whispered in his low, captivating voice, and chills of excitement run through Aspakeony's entire body causing her to unintentionally arch her body and clench her thighs together.

The oppressive aura subsided and she could clearly see the young man's confident expression with a seductive look in his eyes.

"When I like someone I want all of their attention. I want to be the one to spoil them and want to be the one being spoiled. I am aware that the intensity of my feeling can make them uncomfortable for the other party, so that's why I do my best to not get too invested before it's too late."

Zoemi revealed and Aspakeony gulped down her salvia unable to take her eyes off him.

"It also helps that I am naturally dense. And thank Guide for that, because otherwise, I would be way too obnoxious to show up in public around so many people~"

The young man hummed smiling devilishly and just like that making the necromancer's heart skip a beat.

"Now tell me... with everything you've done with that copy of mine, am I in the wrong in thinking that you want my attention the same way I want yours...?"


Zoemi asked making Aspakeony bite her lips as if she was barely able to hold herself back.



The air was filled with the smell of ozone and the platinum-haired girl materialized next to the drawer where the two were laying in...

"I'll have you know that I know when you mention my other name now too! I definitely told you to not cheat on me with someone I don't approve of!"

Miriette stomped her foot and reached down, grabbing Zoemi's hand and trying to pull him up from the plush toys and pillows, visibly struggling to do so as she was not using her godly powers in the slightest.

"Wah?!" *rustle* *pomf*

Zoemi turned to her and he smirked teasingly, pulling the girl towards himself instead of going along with her adorable outburst of jealousy.

The next moment she was in Zoemi's arms and the drawer became really cramped.

"I was hoping that you show up~ I wanted to ask you this in case anything changed. You see, I have memories of a different timeline where you approved of Aspy in that way, and I'm curious whether it still counts."

The young man asked while playing with Miriete's long platinum hair that kept on curling lovingly under his touch.

"...tsk... I am not such a lowly person to take back my word..."

The platinum-haired god clicked her tongue and tried to sound grumpy while cuddling herself up to Zoemi. Nonetheless, her words were that of approval ~

"'s not like I need your permission anyway, youngest one..."

"~?" iπ§π“ƒπ’“π’†π‘Žπ™™. π˜€π˜°πš–


As the two were talking, Asepakony pouted and snuck her way to Zoemi's side, shimming her way under his other arm and scoffing grumpily while cuddling up to the young man's side.

"Don't make that face, this Zoemi isn't even the original one, you can leave him to me anyway as long as he wants to stay. I am not willing to chase him away."

Aspakeony added in a voice that suggested she was ready to throw hands, staring at Miriette.

"Oh. About that. I happened to have a breakthrough with the law of Gemini not too long ago. Now it doesn't matter which body is original or not~ There's essentially no difference anymore, so it's not like the current me is a copy that can be treated as something lesser~"

Zoemi chimed in humming softly making both girls stare at him in surprise.

"So, Miri, don't be mean to my Aspy, and Aspy, don't be mean to my Miri."

The young man asked, protectively hugging both girls.

"...technically speaking I know him longer..."

Aspakeony rested her chin on Zoemi's chest and smirked at Miriette.

"Hmph! What can I say? You snooze you lose."

The platinum-haired god scoffed back, peering at the gray-haired necromancer from the other side of the black-haired martial artist.



All of a sudden someone knocked loudly on the office's door causing the girls to jolt.

"It's okay to open."


Zoemi pointed out looking at Aspakeony.

The necromancer furrowed her brows but ended up summoning one of her corpse puppets – the gold-haired Moxeoni showed up in the flash of light and opened the door just a little bit...

"Hello, I came here from the royal castle."


The person who knocked turned out to be... Zoemi... the black-haired boy raised his hand and greeted the corpse puppet in a friendly manner and using her hesitation entered the office.

Then he walked straight to the drawer and leaned down, grabbing the slightly confused Miriette and throwing her over his shoulder before glaring at the other Zoemi.

"Miri. You have me. Don't stick to me who already has another girl."


The newly arrived Zoemi declared grumpily before leaving, taking the speechless god with him.

While one Zoemi left, the other hugged Aspakeony protectively, moving her on top of him and holding her head with one hand as if blocking her from looking back at the one who left with Miriette.

"Aspy. You have me. If you believe that I will not get jealous over you looking at me with another girl, then you underestimate how possessive I am."


Zoemi declared sounding almost upset and a jolt of excitement shook her whole body.

It didn't matter whether there will be other girls. This Zoemi will always be hers.

"...before you regained your memories you told me that you liked strong-willed girls... you weren't just saying it for a joke, were you...?"

Aspakeony twitched and pulled away, ending up sitting upright on top of the black-haired young man.

"I was serious."

Zoemi furrowed his brows and tilted his head curiously before confirming.

"Well then... My Zo-mi... Who do you think you are talking to?"

The gray-haired girl grinned, pushing down on Zoemi's chest with one hand.

"I am a necromancer. Someone who doesn't allow even death to take things away from me. If you believe that you are the more possessive one between the two of us, then you better prepare yourself to be proven wrong~!"

She declared proudly with the fire of excitement burning in her gray eyes.

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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant Chapter 776 258.5 - Certain Type