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Chapter 17 The Celestial Elf - Part 1

"I am..."

The person paused just by saying that. His eyes were opened wide as if he was surprised by something.

'No way...'

'Did this wolf pup just speak in Elven language?'

He stared at him for a minute and then said, "I am just an elf who was passing by..."

Shin looked towards his ears which were pointy. He had missed this detail earlier and due to that he thought that the person might have been a human. But right mow he finally understood who he was.

"An elf?"

His eyes were sparkling because he had never seen such a race even once in this life. Of course, he knew about them a but in his past life while playing some games when he was a teen.


"Yes, I'm an elf...."

Shin couldn't cease the excitement just by hearing that, but then all of a sudden all his excitement was lost when he received a system message.


[ Warning ]

[ Excess amount of blood lust detected ]


Shin paused when he read the text. He slowly yet steadily lifted his gaze towards the elf because he was the only one around.

But all that he could see was just a smile and nothing else. However, instinctively he knew that the smile was fake.

'But... I don't know if the blood lust is coming from the elf for sure...'

That was true, one cannot just judge the book just by it's cover and in a similar fashion, one cannot blame anyone just with what he or she feels.


[ Would you like to use the skill 'All Seeing Eyes'? ]

'Ha? When the heck did I receive such a skill?'


[ After evolving into Wolf Warrior Lv.1 the host has received 3 Class Specific skills namely ]

1) All Seeing Eyes Lv.1

2) Intimidation Lv.1

3) Bloody Fang Lv.1

[ Host can use the spells at any moment with least mana consumption ]

[ After Evolution, host has received 4 Evolution Specific Skills namely ]

1) Transformation Lv.1

2) Flame Wave Lv.1

3) Moonlight Warrior Lv.1

4) Dark Manipulation Lv.1

[ These skills consume a large amount of mana based on the usage ]


Shin was awed when he saw so many skills that he had gained. Of course, he was unconscious when he got so it was only now that he realized this. Furthermore, the names of skills sounded cool so he did think that he got something extraordinary!

'Yes, use all seeing eyes.'

Just after he said that, his eyes started to shin with faint green light. The moment that happened, he could clearly see a red color aura that was being emitted from the elf which confirmed what he was thinking.

"Now way...", now that he could see the massive aura, he flinched. But since he was sitting, he couldn't move back. Also there was tree blocking his path right behind him.

Shin unknowingly had started to speak in elven language which was the main factor for the blood lust of the elf.

Not everyone could speak elven language. The only ones who could do that were the Elves, the Dragons and the Supreme Celestials also referred to as the actual Gods and no one else.

Even the Celestials of other race couldn't learn their language no matter what.

And no matter what, a wolf species was seen as an insect. Thus, it felt really nostalgic when Shin ended up speaking the elven language.

Though, he himself didn't feel any difference.

"Tell me... who taught you the elven language?", that was what the elf asked while continuously emitting blood lust and glaring at Shin.


"Elven language? What do you mean?", of course, Shin wasn't aware of it yet.

"Don't you dare lie...", the elf was losing his patience which was a bad sigh of Shin.

'Just what is he talking about?', the moment when Shin asked this question to himself in his mind, the system responded right away.


[ The Elf Celestial is speaking about the elven language that host is speaking in ]

[ Elven language is the second most difficult language to master ]

[ Just after transformation, system language was set to Elven language by default ]


Shin finally realized what was happening.

"Then can you do something about this? I don't want to surprise anyone and make enemies out of them..."

He was telling to himself in a low voice, and of course that wasn't audible to the elf no matter how sharp his ears were.

"Just what the hell are you doing?", the elf asked.

Shin ignored him and didn't answer him. He was quite busy himself at the moment.

'Can't you really do anything about this?'


[ The feature of the system can be converted to Active skill 'Language Translation Lv.1' ]

[ Would you like to proceed? ]

'Ah, if such a thing was available you should have done it earlier...'

'I accept it, do it quick!'

Right after he said that in his mind to the system, the skill started to generate.


[ The skill will be generated in 00:00:01:00 ( 1 minute ) ]

After seeing the notification Shin grinned and said, "I will tell you everything in 1 minute duration..."


The elf who seemed quite agitated now calmed down after hearing that.

Although he couldn't completely believe Shin, he could wait for at least one minute to find out of he was telling the truth or not.

Shin also just sat calmly without even thinking about anything else.

He didn't even see how he looked after evolving nor did he try to think any difference in his powers other than the skills.

He was pre-occupied and thus he just sat calmly as if no one was standing in front of him because worrying about it could only make the matter worse.

However, he took this case too lightly. He thought that the person standing before him was some random elf, but little did he know that the system itself had mentioned something about the elf earlier which Shin could have never imagined - 'The Celestial Elf'!

To be continued...

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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats Chapter 17 The Celestial Elf - Part 1