Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats
Chapter 14 The Final Phase Of Evolution - Part 3

'No way, I never expected them to make a move right when I'm paralyzed!'

It was indeed out of his expectations, but then again not everything would have gone as he wanted.


[ You have been paralyzed ]

The notification kept on popping up again and again. It wasn't helping Shin in any manner.

'No, don't come this way...'

For a brief moment, Shin felt as if death was approaching him. All this time he had been quite careless and was taking everything for granted.

He had even got a system and was feeling as if he was the protagonist. But no matter how lucky he was, he has to fight for himself because right now this was not the world he knew about.

The spiders all of a sudden threw webs at Shin which trapped him completely from all sides.


[ Your agility has decreased by 80% ]

[ You have been paralyzed ]

The system said the same thing which he expected to happen. Although he was in a pinch, he hadn't given up.

He was constantly thinking of a way to overcome this and emerge victorious but unfortunately he couldn't find any way out of this predicament.

The only thing he could do now was struggle for survival. He mustered all of his strength and tried to get out of the web.

But the paralysis was making his efforts fail again and again.

The spiders were just 10 meters away from him. They were quite agile so obviously it wouldn't take more than 2-5 seconds for them to approach him and start attacking with various poisons.


"If only I was a bit stronger!"

Despite the paralysis, he was trying to get out of the web.


[ You have used the skill Dash ]

[ Error ]

[ The skill has failed to get activated due to Paralysis ]


[ You have used the skill Dash ]

[ Error ]

[ The skill has failed to get activated due to Paralysis ]


[ You have... ]

Indeed, even his skill was failing him at the moment, but he was quite desperate to live.

More than that, he was actually salivating as if he wanted to eat all those spiders that were coming towards him.

"No matter what happens, I will definitely get out of here!", he howled at the top of his voice right after which a system notification popped up which showed the light at the end of the dark tunnel.


[ You have gained a temporary skill 'Paralysis Resistance' ]

[ You have gained a temporary skill 'Poison Resistance' ]

[ Your immunity has risen sharply ]

The moment that happened, all the remaining strength that was present in his body started to gush out as if an outlet was provided for all the pent up pressure to burst out!



[ You have used the skill Bite ]

[ You have used the skill Dash ]

[ The skill 'Dash' has leveled up ]

[ Dash Lv. 1 -> Dash Lv.2 ]


He shouted because all the leveling up and gaining of skills happened at the same time as if he was provided with the golden opportunity.

Earlier he was trying to run away from the spiders by tearing off the webs, but right now he faced the spiders and used all the skills while dashing towards them.

The webs tore as if they were nothing. Since his speed had increased thanks to the leveling up of the skill Dash, he was able to appear right in front of them in a mere second.



[ You have killed a purple poison spider ]

[ You have gained 150 exp ]

[ You have killed a purple poison spider ]

[ You have gained 150 exp ]

[ You have... ]

In a matter of few minutes, he finished off all the spiders and ended up eating all of them.

Since he had gained resistance to poison and paralysis, there was nothing that could hinder him while feasting.


15 minutes later...


"Wow, that was quite splendid."

"I never knew that the spiders could taste this way!"

"They were indeed delicious."

He was lost in his own thoughts as he rested just below the tree where they were present earlier.

"Now then, what should I do next?", he asked himself after resting sufficiently.

"Hmm, let's see..."

Just as he was thinking, a system notification popped up which made him glad.


[ You have met all the requirements for evolution ]

[ Please select your future evolved form - ]

-> Midnight Wolf

p -> Dark Wolf

-> Flame Wolf

-> Half-Dragon Wolf

When Shin saw the texts, his eyes started sparkling.

He was finally able to choose a form into which he had to evolve. All this time he was thinking about how he would look once he evolved, and now finally that opportunity arrived when he could evolve into a much stronger form.

'Hmm, indeed, the names do sound cool."

"But it would have been better if I could see their abilities!"

Just as he said that, the system started to display all the characteristics of the options that was provided.

[ Midnight Wolf ]

-> One of the strongest predators among the wolf clans.

-> Usually nocturnal.

-> Due to the silver fur, it's often confused with the inferior species of white wolf.

-> They have extremely sharp fangs and strong limbs that allows them to run faster than any other wolf.

-> Their strength increases by 500% during the midnight for 10 minutes. ( Duration may vary from one wolf to another )

-> Chance of evolution to this race --> 87%

[ Conditions -> White wolf species with at least one titles ]

Initially he got angry when he saw the texts saying that white wolves were inferior ones since he himself was one of them, but more than that he was quite surprised.

"Wow! This one is so damn cool!", Shin shouted when he read the details about the midnight wolf.

Indeed, the midnight wolves were considered to be one of the leading race in the wolf clans and thus could be easily compared with a royalty!

He was almost ready to choose that but he held himself back and took a look at the other options that were provided.

"Uh, it would be better if I were to see others too!"

[ Dark Wolf ]

[... ]

To be continued...

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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats Chapter 14 The Final Phase Of Evolution - Part 3