The night has ended and the drizzling morning has come.

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes slowly, he was sleeping on the bed.

As usual, he woke up and took a shower.

After that, he wasn't wearing a school uniform, but a casual outfit.

Today school is one day off because it coincides with a national holiday. Zhou Yuan just wanted to relax.

He went into the dining room and saw that Ji Luoxue was preparing food.

"Xiao Yuan, let's have breakfast together." Ji Luoxue smiled gently when she saw Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan walked closer and smelled the delicious food, he smiled in satisfaction.

Ji Luoxue smiled proudly when she saw the change in Zhou Yuan's expression, "What's wrong? Amazed by my cooking? I have some new food, you will like it."

"Sigh, I imagine your future husband, he must be very lucky to have you."

"Of course." Ji Luoxue said proudly.

"But he must be disappointed that I stole your first kiss." Zhou Yuan smirked.

Hearing this, Ji Luoxue's cheeks turned red. She felt embarrassed when she thought of last night's scene.

But her expression changed to normal again, "Let's forgot about it, I've cooked delicious food for my cute brother."

Zhou Yuan was still joking with Ji Luoxue, but they also had breakfast together.


Ji Luoxue had already left the villa to go to the Luoshan group company.

And now, Zhou Yuan was on the roof of the villa. This place is no less luxurious.

The roof of the villa is quite spacious, and the floor is grass and plants.

Zhou Yuan came here to try the Fire-breathing sword he got from the lottery.

He raised his right hand and focused his gaze on it.

Suddenly, a katana appeared in his hand, it was enveloped in red flame.

But strangely, Zhou Yuan did not feel the heat.

He swung the katana, it seemed to flow through the air and the feeling of swinging the sword was so satisfying.

"Not bad, now let's try splitting something."

Zhou Yuan jumped from the third floor and descended to the ground behind the villa.

He was a cultivator in the flowing qi realm, jumping from such a height did not affect him.

Zhou Yuan saw a large tree that looked sturdy. He made a move to cut down the tree.


One slash of the sword instantly made the big tree split open, even the tree was also burning with great flames.

Zhou Yuan was stunned, this was beyond his expectation.

But he smirked, this is a good weapon.


It was enough to test the strength of the fire-breathing sword, this time, Zhou Yuan was outside the villa and was meeting a man who was in his 30s and well-built.

"Young master Zhou, this is what you asked for, the identity of the two people, complete with their problems." The man handed Zhou Yuan two documents.

Zhou Yuan took the document and smiled with satisfaction, "Good job."

"Then I'll excuse myself." The man said respectfully.



Zhou Yuan sat on the sofa in the living room and opened the document.

It was Xiao Yan's identity.

Name: Xiao Yan

Age: 22 years old

Education: Qingzhou High School, Nanjing University majoring in arts

Origin: Xiao family from Qingzhou

Problem: Xiao Yan ran away from home because of a conflict with his father, he moved to the city of Shanghai. It is unknown what he was doing in there, but he once sold an ancient painting for 100,000 Yuan.

Zhou Yuan stroked his chin after reading about Xiao Yan's identity, he didn't know anything about the Xiao family, and according to the original plot of this world, the Xiao family wasn't mentioned, so it wasn't a super family.

Zhou Yuan put away Xiao Yan's identity document and read Liu Ruyan's identity.

Name: Liu Ruyan

Age: 21 years old

Education: Qingzhou High School, Nanjing University majoring in arts

Origin: Liu Family

Problem: The Liu family owes a huge debt to the Yu family. In fact, the patriarch of the Yu family did not attach importance to the debt. But his son, Yu Shuai liked Liu Ruyan, so he used the debt to threaten the Liu family.

Zhou Yuan smiled, this Liu family matter was like the plot of a novel in general. Yu Shuai liked Liu Ruyan and threatened them with debt.

Then, Xiao Yan would come like a hero, he slapped Yu Shuai in the face with his identity as the young master of the Xiao family.

Zhou Yuan couldn't help but laugh, it was a generic plot in urban novels. But, he as a villain would not allow that to happen.

Then, he opened his smartphone and called someone.

"Young master Zhou." Long Han's voice was heard as soon as the call was connected.

"Old Long, I want you to find out where Liu Ruyan is now, she is the daughter of the Liu family patriarch."

"Okay, young master Zhou."

After that, the call was hung up.


Zhou Yuan showered once more, he was sweating profusely from trying the power of the Fire-breathing sword.

He was about to change clothes, but suddenly, the smartphone in the living room rang.

Zhou Yuan looked at the caller, it was Long Han.

"Do you know where she is?" Zhou Yuan asked.

"Yes, she is in the nanshi district of Shanghai city, to be precise in a cafe called the old town and he drives a Mercedes Benz c-200."

"Okay, good job." Zhou Yuan nodded and smiled.

After that, the call is Hung up.

Zhou Yuan was truly amazed at Long Han's abilities, he was great at searching for someone's whereabouts, and even the details he gave were quite admirable.

It was only 10 minutes, and he had already found Liu Ruyan's whereabouts.


A Ferrari car came out of the villa, Zhou Yuan went to the nanshi district, it was not far from his villa.

This time, he was going to finish Xiao Yan quickly, he was also curious about what he would get if he could kill him.


Meanwhile, inside the old town cafe, Liu Ruyan was sipping coffee while typing on her laptop.

She was wearing professional clothes and looked beautiful. This time she wore glasses and her hair fell beautifully.

She closed her laptop, she thought it was enough to have breakfast here, it was time to go to the office.

Then, she headed to her car and got inside.

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