Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 79 Doom Tower

Arkhen disappeared from the office and found himself on top of a cliff. It was a night with stars in the sky and in front of him, he could see a vast jungle with darkness looming over its parts. It was creepy.

Way ahead of the jungle was a giant tower that was the tallest building that Arkhen had ever seen.

A second later, a screen appeared with information in front of him.


1) Cross the forest and enter the doom tower in 1 hour.

β€”>Reward: 1000 reality points and three options of superpowers. You can choose one superpower out of the three.

2)Enter the tower and climb the tower for rewards.

β€”>You get 3 hours of time limit after you enter the tower. Clear as many floors of the tower as you can for greater rewards.

'Nice. I guess I should start moving,' Arkhen thought as a countdown box appeared at the corner in front of him.

[59 minutes: 54 seconds]

'What if I failed to enter that tower in one hour?' Arkhen asked as he jumped up and created a force-field plate below his feet before he flew up.

However, the moment he crossed the cliff, a powerful pressure weighed upon him and send him down into the forest. 'Shit! I knew that flying would be impossible considering that task.'

Arkhen was slammed downward as he broke tree branches before crashing to the ground.

[If you failed to enter that tower in one hour, you will be kicked out of this dungeon and miss a chance to earn good rewards. ]

Arkhen got himself up and started running through the forest. But just after a few seconds, a skeleton hand suddenly came out of the ground, making him stumble as he fell flat on his face. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘀૦m

Arkhen was speechless. 'This dungeon wants to humiliate me.'


Arkhen released <Lightning Tendrils> and destroyed the skeleton that came out of the ground.

[1 doom point gained]

'Doom points? Where do I use them?'

[It is for the doom shop. You will know later. First, you should cross this forest in one hour and complete the first task]

Arkhen grinned as he cranked his fingers and jumped on a tree branch before moving quickly like money but even quicker.

He saw many skeletons in the front, both humanoid and animal-like, as he started raining down <Wind Fury Orbs> and <Lightning Tendrils> skills on them and destroyed them.

[1 doom point gained]

[1 doom point gained]

[1 doom point gained]


'Can you stop this sound?'

[As you wish, my lord]

Arkhen continued moving like a wind with his fast agility and immense knowledge of martial arts while raining down skills to kill undeads.

After approx twenty minutes, he started encountering stronger skeletons with additional bone armor of them and swords. But they didn't trouble him and his skill still one shot them all.

[2 doom points gained]

[2 doom points gained]

[2 doom points gained]


After another twenty minutes, he encountered slight trouble with skeletons with lances and riding on skeleton horses.

They were fast, and they shot toward him. Moreover, they would appear out of nowhere as he moved. Fortunately, his defense was top class as he quickly used force-fields to block them and uses his skills to kill them.

[8 doom points gained]

[8 doom points gained]

[8 doom points gained]


Arkhen could cross the forest faster, but he wanted to get as many doom points as possible, so he was killing everything in his path.

After 55 minutes, Arkhen finally crossed the forest and arrived at the entrance of the giant tower.

However, he didn't enter inside directly but went back into the forest to kill more undead.

After four minutes, he returned to the tower and stood in front of its gates, which were made of metal and had exquisite patterns carved on them.

Arkhen pushed open the gates and entered inside, only to appear in a vast hall with an empty throne in front of him.

[1st task completed. The 2nd task will start in five minutes.]

[Before the 2nd task starts, you can select one out of the three superpowers: 1) Undead Realm 2) Armament Modeling 3) Mechanized Elementals]

Arkhen saw the screen panels in front of him with three superpowers. After looking at the three options and their details, he felt that all of them were equally powerful, but he decided to go with the superpower that felt fun and exciting, along with saving his time in some matter.

[Undead Realm]

-Level 1 superpower: (0/100,000 RP)

-Undead Army level 1: Limit (0/10,000 units)

-Passive Trait: You can enter the undead realm and add the undead monsters you kill in the undead realm into your personal undead army.

-1st Active power: Call of the Undead.

β€”>You can summon all undeads in your Undead Army whenever you want.

-2nd Active power: Unlocks when the superpower reaches level 2

-3rd Active power: Unlocks when the superpower reaches level 3

"Undead, hahaha. When I will have a big army of undead, it will be a sight to behold," Arkhen laughed.

[That is true, but if you chose one of those two superpowers, you could climb higher floors of the tower now and earn better rewards. But no problem, this tower has been set as a function in the system, so whenever you earn a Doom Tower key, you can enter the latest floor you cleared before leaving]

'Oh? That's awesome. What about the doom points? When will I use them? Is the Doom Shop also a new function?'

[No, you can doom shop in the 1-minute break after clearing and entering each floor of the tower]

'Alright,' Arkhen nodded before using the remaining time meditating.

When the count of the five minutes was over, Arkhen saw a portal appearing in front of him along with a notification.

[Enter the portal to reach the 1st floor of the tower]

Arkhen went into the portal and arrived on the 1st floor of the tower, which shocked him.

The ground was grassy plains with nothing in sight except for grass and uneven, hilly lands.

Suddenly, a screen box appeared in front of him with details.

[1st Floor challenge: Stampede]

-Survive the stampede


-SSS-rank Item selection box

'Woah, I get such a cool reward on the first floor?'

[Ahem, my lord. The 1st-floor reward is good but 2nd to 10th-floor rewards won't be this good.]

'I see. So it's like starting boost.'

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 79 Doom Tower