Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 74 Settling

[Possible. It will take 849 reality points]

'I still can't get over the fact that I need more reality points for humans and less for doing such large things,' Arkhen wryly smiled. He knew the reason why that was the case and it even made sense, but it just felt weird.

'Anyway, do it. Bring their palace and other things here.'

[Yes, my lord. It will take ten seconds to scan everything and pull it off the ground perfectly and put them here]

The 48 people on the 11th floor were soon dumbfounded as they saw things appearing out of nowhere. They saw houses, roads, grass, trees, and other things manifesting on one side as their jaws dropped to the ground.

Soon, they also saw the entire Eldian clan structure also appearing in the other part of this 100,000-square meters empty space.

"You can live in your clan area that I put here since it would be more familiar or live in those houses. Adjust yourselves however you want," Arkhen said before he turned to Lena.

"Lena, you will be their leader and manage the resources of your clan. You can use it however you want," Arkhen said before he disappeared and appeared on the 1st floor: Cozy Living Hall

"You really beat them all," Azela said with a dazed expression. She couldn't believe how Arkhen could fight so many and win.

"We told you, brother Arkhen can solve your problems," Zoe said with a pearl-like chuckle.

"Teacher Azela. Everything is fine now. You can rest assured and live however you want," Ellie said with a smile.

"Mhmm…" Azela nodded with a bright smile as if the pressure and heavy load on her shoulder disappeared. She walked towards Arkhen and hugged him tightly. "Thank you so much, Arkhen."

"No problem, hahaha," Arkhen said with a laugh while hugging her tender and soft body. After a few seconds, they separated as Arkhen said with a smile. "Now let's return. The world should have known the existence of this floating island with a castle by now. But it's not time to reveal myself yet."

'Velshi, teleport this castle on top of USA's Pentagon. That is the safest place for now and also the best place to attract everyone's attention,' Arkhen said as he inwardly grinned. If he put this castle somewhere barren with no population, it might get attacked.

"T-This…what is going on? Could this be USA's new project?"

"I am not sure about that. Like…who can create such a floating island?"

"But it's on top of the Pentagon!"

The entire world only had one piece of news. A floating island with a huge castle on it, that appeared on top of the Pentagon, USA.

Of course, Arkhen and the girls had left the castle and gone back to the academy's private training room.

"Arkhen, when the competition starts, a huge spaceship will come to earth," Azela said with a serious expression. "They will observe the competition and recruit Earth into their alliance. But the main requirement is the unification of the entire planet into one governing body."

"Oh? Such a thing is going to happen?" Arkhen was startled.

The girls were also shocked by such news.

"Yes. There will be a huge meeting soon among the leaders of big countries and the academy. The academy spent most of their galactic currency to buy those essence pools to make students stronger. Once Earth enters the Galactic Alliance of Milky Way, the people who go to the 1st realm can have certain guidance and initial safety," Azela explained and continued as she told everything she knew to Arkhen and others.

'Velshi, what about me? I have already reached the limit. When will I enter the 1st realm?'

[My lord. You are a special being. You don't need to follow the same procedure as others to ascend to the 1st realm by making the connection. Instead, as long as you upgrade the system to 2nd level, you can go there and travel between this gravel universe and 1st realm]

'Nice. But how can I leave before experiencing some galactic adventures here? I will transform this entire island into a floating galactic castle and bring the whole thing to the 1st realm. Oh yeah, can people who hadn't reached 10k EP enter 1st realm via other's help?'

[This requires a special higher dimensional portal and the Galactic Alliance of Milky Way has it.]

'Wait, wait. Then what's the point of making the connection with the higher realms to ascend? Then why that Zeus and Poseidon stuck in the 3rd realm?'

[There is a point. If you ascend there properly, you can get an ascension gift from the realm. Also, it's not a good idea to ascend without having sufficient strength]

'Ascension gift? Sounds cool. What's the gift?'

[it's different for everyone, but the gift helps one immensely. That's why they prefer to ascend properly by making connections with the high realms]

'Will I get the gift? After all, I am not ascending properly.'

[You will not get the gift from the realm. But you will get the gift from the system the moment you step into the 1st realm]

'Oh, that's good. Also, I want to take everyone with me to the higher realm. So, it seems that I need to let my whole castle into that whatever portal of GAM.'

[Hmm, might need to do that, but I have a hunch that you won't need to do that after you level up the system. You can take whoever you want to the 1st realm with the system's power]

'Let's hope so,' Arkhen thought before he started making some plans. He wanted to enter the galactic era before ascending to the 1st realm. But he didn't have the absolute power to bend the world.

'Velshi, I want power. More power.'

[The main quest and side quests are exactly for that. You have already completed the side quest and a new side quest will appear tomorrow.]

'I can complete the main quest right now if I want to, just by removing my mask of AX in public,' Arkhen said with a thoughtful expression. 'But I can't do that right now. I need more power.'

[The Doom Dungeon can give you more power. It is a bit dangerous, but the reward will be great]

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 74 Settling