Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 66 W-What… What?

"Arrrrrrggghhh!" Arkhen roared in the pool for a short burst as he endure the bone-piercing pain in his entire body and the internals felt as if they were burning in lava.

"Pull him out," a middle-aged man teacher said with a frown.

"Mother fucker, if you pull me out, I will kill you!" Arkhen shouted as he looked at the teacher with a beastly expression. Through his stubbornness and resolve to go through this and attain maximum results, his willpower had actually increased and refined to a new peak.

The roar of Arkhen was filled with his Gaze of Conqueror, it ingeminated everyone around him as they backed off involuntarily.

Nobody stayed there to convince him after that and left.

Arkhen's body was still trembling, but he closed his eyes and continued to endure it.

Ellie and the girls just stood there in worry, but they were also filled with absolute trust towards Arkhen. They were just worried because they didn't want to see Arkhen in such pain.

Sierra didn't back away fully, but just stood beside the girls. "Stubborn fool," she muttered.

"Humph. What do you want from him?" Evelyn said with a snort as she looked at Sierra.

"I wanted him to spar with someone in pure martial arts," Sierra said plainly. "Let's hope he doesn't die inside."

"He won't die!" Zoe said with puffed-up cheeks, her eyes showing anger.

"Fine, fine, don't get angry. I am not cursing him," Sierra said with a frown as she looked at these girls' reactions.

On the other hand, Arkhen clung to his life through pure willpower and stubbornness. 'I can do it, I must do it, I can do it, I….'

He didn't know how much time passed, but the pain suddenly disappeared, making him open his eyes. "Is it over?"

Arkhen created a force-field below his feet and flew out of the liquid pool which had turned transparent from black with white sparks.

The girls rushed towards him and hugged him.

"Hahaha, I absorbed it all," Arkhen laughed loudly.

"Yes, you did it."

"You are the best, brother."

After separating from the hug, Arkhen looked at Sierra before asking, "what do you want?"

Sierra was doubtful and confused about why these girls were so attached to Arkhen. Shaking her head, she didn't linger on that and focused on why she came here.

She looked at Arkhen and opened his mouth, but his image in her mind had changed. He appeared towering in front of her, full of domination and oozing out a domineering aura. For the first time in her life, she felt something unknown in her but couldn't describe it.

It was a sense of inferiority.

"I want you to spar with my aunt…please," she said and even added please at the end of her sentence, something that she can't even remember when she said the last time. But it just left her mouth at the same. A tiny frown appeared on her face but she returned to her normal expression. What's done was done.

"Spar with your aunt? Haha, sure," Arkhen said with a grin. "Let's do it now because I have some work to do later."

"Ok," Sierra said with a plain nod. "Follow me."

"If it's far then hop on, we'll fly there," Arkhen said as he created a force-field plate in front of her and stood on it. "Come on, girls."

Sierra raised her eyes, but Arkhen smiled. "They will also come."

"Fine," Sierra nodded as he stepped on the force-field before saying, "to the north of the headquarters. From there, keep going until you see a small forest at the end of the island."

"That's pretty far, but won't take long with flying," Arkhen said as he manipulated the force-field and left the glass dome containing these pools before flying up in the sky and moving towards the north of the headquarters.

After a while, they entered the lush forest and went to the area where it was only bamboo trees and a river flowing inside from the sea and entering the jungle before leaving back into the sea from another part of the forest.

There was a big hut there with a middle-aged woman sitting on a big stone in meditation. She looked beautiful and captivating with her lush black hair in a long ponytail and a mesmerizing face. Her smooth skin was the color of slightly tanned, but it just enhanced her beauty even more.

"That's my aunt, Ruchina," Sierra said as she jumped off the force-field and landed beside the stone. "Aunt, he is here."

Ruchina nodded without opening her eyes. She first took a deep breath that disrupted the atmosphere of the forest, shaking every tree and blade of grass before she exhaled again, producing the same phenomenon.

Only after that did she open her eyes with a faint smile appearing on her face. She looked at Arkhen who had descended with girls before speaking, "come on, boy. Let's see how good you are."

Arkhen jumped with his hands behind his back and landed on her right side, approx ten meters away. 'Velshi, show me her body status.'

After watching her status, Arkhen was surprised. She also had over twenty thousand EP, full body stats, and her charm at 9. Well, that was evident in how beautiful she looked. Her beauty matched Haruna, Makoto's mother.

[My lord, she is suffering from an internal curse injury. As it stands, Heavenly Massage Art can actually cure it. Aside from that, she is also accumulating a lot of frustration]


Stretching one arm from his back, he pointed his hand at her and beckoned, "you can make the first move."

Ruchina's lips twitched as she smiled with narrowed eyes. "That's pretty arrogant of you."

"Yep. So, come. I'll show you good I am," Arkhen said with a dominating grin.

Ruchina was slightly pissed. She didn't expect that this boy wouldn't even display a shred of humbleness.

Taking a stance, she dashed towards Arkhen, deciding to start without holding back.

Arkhen saw her coming, but he could see through her attacks easily. A hint of a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he took a sidestep right before Ruchina's punch could hit him, but Ruchina also displayed masterful footwork as she changed her momentum in half a second and did a side palm attack.

However, Arkhen blocked her attack with one hand while his other hand sneakily but strongly clawed at her left breast. He pressed tightly before exerting his strength to push her as she flew several meters away.

Ruchina was dumbfounded as she felt a cold breeze grazing her nipple. She looked at her chest to see that her kimono-top outfit covering a part of her left perky breast was no more. It was out in the open, showing its glorious big and perky shape.

The girls closed their mouths with their hands. Sierra was also dumbfounded, and her brain stopped working for a moment. 'W-What…what?'

However, Ruchina was shocked also because she could feel the cursed power inside her getting moving and even her injury was healed. 'H-How did he do that?'

"You..." Sierra looked at Arkhen with a cold expression.

"Ah, my bad. It was just...."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 66 W-What… What?