“The young master?”Sun Lin frowned, his eyes moved left and right, he voiced his disagreements:”Qin Yu Zhuo is his woman, he probably will not try to get to the bottom of it, and......young master may be the one who told her this piece of news.”

“I think so too.”

“Old chap, this matter can not be passed on to the young master to handle,”Sun Lin analyzed several points:” First off if she complains in tears, the young master will definitely be soft-hearted, secondly, Young Master Heng’s commerce skills have been overly outstanding since he was young, it’s perfectly normal for her to want to raise his qualities, thirdly, if the young master were to start an argument with her because of the family of his ex-wife, it will definitely affect his relationship with his son.”

“The points you’ve mentioned are only ordinary reasons,”Old ginger is still spicier, Shu Gao is more comprehensive when looking at matters, and more thorough, that’s why he hates Qin Yu Zhuo:”Her goal for doing so is for Shu Heng, if not, do you think Shu Heng will come today?”

Sun Lin pondered quietly for a long time after being reminded of that point, he sighed with a disgruntled look:”That’s right, if the Mou family does not go down, Shu Heng will stay strong as well, Qin Yu Zhuo is......just paving the way for Young Master Ning.”

“Wrong again,”Shu Gao narrowed his eyes dangerously, with great peculiarity he said:”She’s pushed Ning Ning to the teeth of the storm.”

“How could that be?”She’s the biological mother.

“That’s why we have to pass this matter to A’Cheng, to see how he judges this.”

A mother and her child bears a bond, who would’ve thought Qin Yu Zhuo would use her son? Her starting point must be great, as long as they had goodwill, most people would think that what Qin Yu Zhuo did was not wrong, She’s weak, and deserves sympathy. Moreover, the Shu clan engages in business, it did not affect much, the only unlucky one is old man Mou.

The letter was held up in the capital, to be able to have so much authority, and to be able to reach this point, only the side of Shu Heng’s “biological father” has the power to do so.

Qin Yu Zhuo! this shameful matter, has thrown away a great deal of pride for the old Shu family, what will your father-in-law think? Old man Mou has been helping them a lot throughout these years both in and out, even if his daughter had entered through their doors those years with a child in her stomach, it was Shu Cheng who had to marry her no matter what, it’s not anyone else’s fault. Thinking of Mou Ying, Shu Gao felt his heart ache.

She’s a fine lady, knowledgable, elegant and graceful, she’s the most outstanding wealthy young lady in all of C city. She had forgotten about her first love after marrying into their family, and lived her days well with Shu Cheng, but on the day of her maternity checkup she was in Shu Cheng’s car, and got kidnapped by an opposing family, when she was sent to the hospital she had lost a lot of blood, but the child was saved, but the mother had hurt her body, there will be no hope for the child after that, she initiated the divorce, and was even stopped by Shu Cheng who disallowed it.

Shu Cheng and Mou Ying were both childhood friends, the two families had ideas for them since a long time ago, Shu Cheng had also really liked her, but the affairs of the world are inconstant, during Mou Ying’s studies in university, she had fallen for a senior......

What actually happened on that year, even Shu Gao was not too clear about it, and wasn’t able to investigate.

Sun Lin rubbed his forehead:”Old chap, what do we do now? If we don’t settle this well, with old Mou’s temperament, I reckon he would slaughter his way over.”

“It’d be great if he’d slaughter his way over.”

If they did not wash their hands of this, they would both go their own ways, never to contact each other again.

The Shu Ning at school had finished filling out his exam paper, and came out for a breather in advance, He Ran swaggered past him with a group of people, someone said something by his ear, he raised an eyebrow, and looked towards Shu Ning. He had a wanton gaze, and swept his sights up and down with considerable disdain, but he did not leave straight away.

A dog-legged guy stretched his neck and shouted:”Hey, You! Come over here.”

Shu Ning ignored him, he was afraid of this group of people in the past, but now he did not put them in his sights. The only good point about He ran was that he had some guts to do things, if not, how would he die?

If you did not pay attention to him, that would be even more thrilling for him, the clamoring group surrounded him.

“Brat, you’ve got guts, Shu clan’s bastard ain’t nothing remarkable, and I thought you’d grow a tail.”

One of the taller boys made the remark, and the irony was quite strong in this one, everyone laughed out loud. Another steamed bun dropped in, and just right he had not done well in his exams, he can use him to blow off some steam, give him a few slaps to vent wasn’t a bad idea.

Shu Ning laughed as well, his eery gaze fell on the body of those foul-mouthed people:”Gao Hua Ran, there’s a deep meaning for this name your parents gave you, filled with expectations, if they knew you knocked up a female student, would they beat you to death?”

Shit, how did he know? The people who were used to being aggressive were dumbfounded, they nearly knelt down to him, after a quick pause he immediately gave a currying smile:”Hey hey hey, it’s just a joke, don’t be so serious.”

“Am I being serious?”

This guy’s too damn badass, generally illegitimate children had their tails tucked in, why did it feel like he was very strong? This is too strange.

A kind horse gets ridden on by people, but a kind man gets bullied by people, Shu Ning straightened his waist, his stature was not tall, and he was neither overbearing nor servile, his gaze was bright and sharp.

Although they were a group of middle schoolers, but everyone had come from a big family, they’ve seen a lot, and one by one they got more clever, they immediately knew that this one’s not an easy one to pick on, but they wouldn’t care too much about it. Especially He Ran, he was the actual boss, Shu Ning’s daunting look had put him in a bad mood.

“Brat, you’re quite savage, do you know who I am?”

“He Ran.”

“It’s fine if you’re clear,”Hah, I knew there was no one in this world who wouldn’t give me face. He Ran lifted his chin high, and looked down on people with his nostrils.

“You’ve finished your mock exams?”

“......”What’s he trying to say?

“I came out after answering all the questions, how about you?”

“You think you’re good just because you’ve studied well? You need to know, people like us don’t rely on results to show our strength.”

“Is that so?”Shu Ning gave an ambiguous smile, it gave one goosebumps:”All the aunties participating in the He clan’s cocktail party loved asking about results the most.”

“......”How hateful, using me as an excuse to delay the cocktail party, when that time comes everyone would ask me about my results, heavens, don’t tell me I have to hide it, lying on the spot is no use, the results would come out in a few days, I’m dead I’m dead, He Ran’s face turned ugly, he pursed his lips.

Shu Ning curved the corners of his mouth:”I’ve seen all the examples of the previous year’s exams, and I’ve organized a set of exam guides, do you want to see it?”

He Ran:”......”

The other young masters:”......”

He returned to the ancestral home in high spirits, Shu Ning had just entered the courtyard and his phone started to ring, it was his uncle calling, Qin Yu Zhuo’s movements were quite fast, he had already received the villa:”Hello, uncle?”

“Shu Ning! Third sister she......she she she......”

There was nobody else around, but Shu Ning still whispered:”This is what she owes you, remember, if she makes you do anything in the future, you need to think twice before you agree, it’s best if you just refuse her, grandma is not here anymore, and the house in the village was also gone, this villa is your home now.”

“No no, that won’t do, this is too expensive, I don’t dare to live in it.”

“Why wouldn’t you dare to live in it? How much money did you give eldest and second aunt? Grandma’s body isn’t too good, you’re the one who played with me since I was young, uncle, if you don’t live in it I feel worried!”


“There’s no this or that, my dad is very grateful to you for caring for me all these years, so he specially send you a hose, if not he would feel uneasy as well, not everyone is as at peace as my mom.”

“Ning Ning, I know,”Qin Yu Fu felt uneasy, Xiao Ning had just been born for a short while before he was abandoned by third sister in the village, she was done here after the house was built, for ten years she didn’t visit even once, he had also complained that his sister was too heartless, but Qin Yu Zhuo was kind after all, always thinking about the good things, he felt that third sister must have had her difficulties, if not who would abandon their kid? And so he never complained:”It’s your holidays soon right? Come over to see your uncle, I’ve missed you.”


The villa was the furnished type, the location was good, two-storied, the acreage was not too big, there was a yard and a parking space, household appliances and etc. are all readily available, after the transfer he could move in on that day itself, Qin Yu Zhuo was also afraid of having a sleepless night, so she gave it to someone else to handle, gritted her teeth, and bought it, and now Qin Yu Zhuo’s wallet was cleaner than her face, not even a penny was left.

After their call ended, Shu Ning walked to the living room, on the surface he may only be thirteen, but the core was over thirty after all.

The atmosphere didn’t feel right, the servants lowered their heads and minded their own business, they were cautious even while walking, and did not make any noise at all, did something big happen? The occupants in this house other than himself, were all celestial beings, the only one who could have something happen to them was only Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, he walked calmly up the stairs, none of my business.

Shu Heng came home very late today, after graduating high school, there were many assortments of gatherings, and even teacher appreciation banquets and whatnot, if it was someone who managed to invite him their status must be quite complicated, or it may be a talent that caught his attention. But this day was weird, no lights were on in the study, he sat quietly on the sofa, his looks inexplicable.

He got closer, and only then did Shu Ning wrinkle his nose in surprise, he’s been drinking.

Shu Heng could drink a thousand cups without getting drunk, in his past life he had seen him drink quite a fair bit, but at that time nobody dared to force him, during his entire stay at the banquet, he did not linger around for long, and had also drank quite a few cups, yet no one had seen him drunk before. Now he was just a boy, maybe......he wouldn’t get drunk if he didn’t reach a thousand cups? This is the first time in this lifetime he had caught him drinking, Shu Ning felt quite pleased, he had to probe him out!


Shu Heng turned his head to look over, because the room was too dark, Shu Ning could not see his face clearly.

“How......do you feel? Do you need some hangover soup?”Shu Ning secretly smiled in his heart, hey buddy, does it feel quite fun, watching me drink Chinese medicine every day? I’ll just make you drink one packet for today, we’re both even:”Don’t be stubborn, if you feel bad just say it,”Throwing up is even better, in my past life this one waited to his death and didn’t even get to see you make a spectacle of yourself, it was such a shame.

Shu Heng was speechless.

Shu Ning frowned, he lifted his hand to touch his forehead, it was warm, right at this moment a strong force circled around his wrist, Shu Ning who had lost focus yelled out with an “ah” and fell into Shu Heng’s embrace, just as he was about to get up he was held tightly again, what kind of situation is this?

“Brother it’s me, Shu Ning, quickly let me go!”

“I know it’s you, only you could enter.”

What does this mean? You want to put up a lock? Till now Shu Ning still did not know how many bodyguards there actually were on the second floor. He saw Shu Heng stretch a hand over, Shu Ning immediately dodged back, even his voice was shrill:Brother!!!”

“I’m just touching!”

Did I hear that right? Shu Ning widened his eyes, his face, brows, and even the ridge of his nose was traced by his finger, especially his hair and little mouth, what on earth has happened to Shu Heng? He was secretly exchanged by someone outside/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“Hiss~”It hurt a bit when his thumb brushed past the lower lip, did he really get drunk? Shu Ning tried to weep but didn’t shed a tear, in the future if he encountered this situation again it’s best to just hide further away, just in case he got implicated again, his head dodged over to the side, the hand that had lost it’s target naturally landed on Shu Ning’s shoulder, then he gave the pale neck a touch, the arm at his waist tightened once again, there was no gap at all between the two.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”Big brother is too unusual, Shu Ning started to worry:”Should I get the steward over to take a look?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I want to bathe.”

“Okay!”Then you should go, I’ll wait for you to sleep.

His body was lifted, Shu Ning was carried up by Shu Heng, what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing:”Brother~I’ve already washed up, you wash by yourself.”

“Scrub my back!”

“I don’t know how.”

“I’ll teach you.”

“......”I’ve seen a ghost, this is a fake big brother!

“Ning Ning be good.”

What kind of pattern is being good? I want to go back to my room!!!I don’t want to serve a drunkard, is it alright for me to call for help now?

Shu Ning struggled for a bit and gave up, it was a rare chance for his brother to get drunk, taking care of him was something he should do, ah, life is hard! If Shu Heng wasn’t throwing a tantrum then he was harassing people, while filling up the bath he sat on the toilet and stared at Shu Ning’s profile, he stared at him fixedly, Shu Ning felt his internals hurt, this was terrifying, there was a feeling as if he was about to get eaten.

“Brother, did you get hungry?”

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