Realm of Myths and Legends
Chapter 21 Its Only the Beginning

Quest Name: The Beginning of Beginnings

Recommended Level: ???

Recommended Party Size: 6

Quest Rank: SSS

Quest Objective: The ’Relic of Power’ is a divine item that should not be in the hands of mortals, as it contains the power to corrupt the strongest of beings. Gilidore has unsealed the guardian of the firmament and corrupted them with the ’Relic of Power’. If Vozrak is permitted to become fully corrupted, there is no telling what will become of the entire world. You must put an end to this before the day of beginnings. Adventurer, know that this is only the beginning.

Time Limit: 90 days

Part 1:

-0/1 Find clues regarding the background of Gilidore.

-0/1 Find the lost page belonging to the ’Book of Beginnings’.


-Gain +3 levels

-10 gold coins

-Gain +3 skill points

-Gain +300 world fame

-One Epic rank equipment

Failure Penalty:

-Lose -3 levels

-Lose -300 world fame

-Destruction of the Capital Amaharpe

Special Note: This quest may be shared with up to 5 other players.

As Izroth read over the quest information, an odd expression formed on his face. It was a fusion of excitement, confusion and a bit of regret. Izroth was no fool, he understood that those two bosses were unique and would probably be very difficult to find again in the near future. One was an epic boss while the other was legendary! After facing multiple bosses in a short period of time, examining the corpse of the ’Mysterious Goblin’ when he entered the room, and how those two revealed themselves; I was much easier to piece together precisely how the bosses of this game worked.

"If I’m correct, then bosses should be ranked similar to that of equipment. The only difference is that it seems like common and uncommon are just normal boss monsters like the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ and the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’. The ’Mysterious Goblin’ was a rare boss, Gilidore became an epic boss using the power of the legendary boss Vozrak. The world bosses may fall into the same category, but I’ve only met one for now so I can not say for sure..." Izroth was quickly piecing everything together to make some sense of it all.

Izroth felt excited due to the various rewards he would receive if he managed to complete the world quest. The most valuable thing was definitely that epic ranked equipment since it would help him to become stronger just by equipping it. However, he could suffer a tremendous loss if he failed by not only losing 3 levels and 300 world fame but, if he invested too much time in the quest then it was possible that his leveling speed may slow down and he comes up empty handed through it all.

The source of his confusion came from mainly three things. The first was finding out clues about Gilidore’s background. He had no idea where Gilidore was from or where to even begin, so how was he supposed to find clues to his background? The next was finding a lost page from the ’Book of Beginnings’. Once again, he did not even know where to start searching for something by that name! It was as though the game wanted him to fail by leaving him no hints at all. The final thing was the destruction of the Capital, Amaharpe. Izroth possessed absolutely no knowledge of a place called Amaharpe, so why was it so important that it was a potential target for destruction? There were too many unclear things and unanswered questions, Izroth could only sigh and shake his head a bit.

The reason he held onto some regret, was the fact that he was not yet strong enough to fight against an epic or legendary boss! How could he not be frustrated by his own lack of strength? Though if any other player heard him say that at this moment and knew of the skills he had, they would want to strangle him to death. If he lacked strength, then what was left for them to lack?

As far as accepting the world quest went, so what if there were failure penalties? On the path of cultivation failure often meant certain death. How could he possibly fear those penalties more than death? Of course, he would accept the quest!

Ding! The world quest ’The Beginning of Beginnings’ is now active in your quest logs!

Ding! The quest time limit of ’The Beginning of Beginnings’ has been started! 90 days remaining!

Izroth released a small sigh of relief. With this, everything was settled for now and he could finally leave this place after having gained many benefits. As Izroth began to walk away and go back towards the way he came originally came from, a loud ringing sound echoed in his ears causing him to come to a sudden halt. It was as though something was crying out for attention and did not want to be left behind.

It did not take long before Izroth found the source of the noise. A single small bright orb shaped item was placed on the ground where Vozrak and Gilidore had gone in through the void. Izroth turned around and stepped in the direction of that small orb object, arriving before it and reaching down to take it into his hand. When he inspected the item, it dawned on him that he was indeed left a small hint after all!

Magic Item Name: Vozrak’s Gift

Magic Item Rank: S

Magic Item HP: ∞ (Indestructible)

Magic Item ATK: 0

Magic Item DEF: 0

Usage: If the user of this item is close in range to a page from the ’Book of Beginnings’, it will lead them directly to it. This item can properly store pages from the ’Book of Beginnings’ and cloak its incredible energy.

Detection Range: 1,000 meters

Special Note: This item cannot be traded or sold. If a page from the ’Book of Beginnings’ is not held inside of this item within 90 days, it will shatter and turn to nothingness.

"An indestructible magic item that’s rank S?" Izroth muttered to himself in a low voice. Ever since he began his journey inside of this cave, there has been one surprise after another. When Izroth first started playing this game, he believed that it was going to be dull and boring. After all, it was just running around and killing things, right? But even he had to admit that he may have judged it too soon. Every time Izroth believed he had something figured out, another event would happen that altered the already preconceived notion he formed of it beforehand.

Izroth put away ’Vozrak’s Gift’ into his inventory before looking around at the room once more. After not finding anything else, he decided it was finally time to leave from this place as soon as he finished up one last thing. "The skull key..." Izroth removed a skull-shaped key from his inventory. It was the same key that he looted from the ’Goblin Archer’ a good while back in that room filled with traps.

Izroth had already looked all throughout this room and the boss room. There were also no doors in that huge open field area where the red orbs were located. So then, what door could this ’Skull Key’ possibly open? Was there something he missed? Izroth just shook his head, "If it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be". Just as he was getting ready to return the key to his inventory as he moved outside of the room inside of the stone wall, the ’Skull Key’ shook slightly in his hand before flying out of it.

A few moments later, a small clinking sound was heard, as though some gears were shifting around into place. Izroth had a puzzled look on his face as he watched the key levitate in midair above the space where the red misty light of those strange totems all converged at.

"This...?" Izroth dashed over and stood directly in front of the key and when he reached out his hand to grab onto it, a line appeared in the middle of the air and slowly opened up as though it were a doorway! What surprised him the most was that something like a random elite ’Goblin Archer’ was holding a key that opened a strange doorway within the boss room.

When the door opened a bright light flashed blinding Izroth, causing him to squint his eyes as a strong force pulled him inward while the door shut itself tightly after he entered. The ’Skull Key’ that floated in midair vanished and the door that was just opened up was nowhere to be seen.

For a moment, Izroth felt as though he was floating just before landing onto his feet without much issue. When the blinding light faded, he stopped squinting his eyes and his vision became clear once again. In front of him was the waterfall area where he began his journey into the dungeon ’Goblin’s Paradise’.

"So it turns out the ’Skull Key’ did not give any treasures, but rather just allows for one to return to the beginning of the dungeon" Izroth thought to himself. Although, he would be lying if he said he was not a bit disappointed by that outcome.

A light smile surfaced onto Izroth’s face as the waterfall started to split apart in front of him. A clear pathed formed leading straight into the area where the dungeon was located. Though he had no idea that after someone cleared a dungeon in RML for the first time, it would no longer stay hidden and reveal itself to everyone.

Izroth no longer had anything else to do here, thus it was time for him to return to ’Opal Town’.


At the moment, Izroth was utterly clueless as to how famous he was becoming amongst the players of RML. Not too long ago he was in a 3-man party that cleared the first world boss. Just a few hours after that, he managed to clear an entire dungeon by himself and it was one that he was the first to discover! Everyone was curious as to who this player was and why he belonged to none of the big guilds or pro teams.

There were only a handful of people who’ve met Izroth so far and that was Luna, Halls, Mick, Ryder, and Tina. So there was not much information to go on since Mick only spoke to one of the seven captains of the guild ’Blue Oasis’, Niflheim about him. As for Ryder and Tina, they would naturally follow after Mick. Luna and Halls just decided to keep quiet about the entire situation, even from the members of the original party they were in. They knew how powerful Izroth was and so they would not go carelessly speaking of him behind his back.

While most were happily discussing Izroth, there were a few people who were unsatisfied with the attention he was getting. They felt that it was undeserved and all of that attention was supposed to belong to them. Of course, it was Mick, Ryder, and Tina. Niflheim tasked Mick with looking out for Izroth arriving in ’Opal Town’ and to inform him immediately if he returned. He promised to take care of the "problem" for good. This made Mick extremely confident since he had such a large backing now.

An evil grin appeared on Mick’s face as he spoke to Ryder and Tina, "Hah, that noob better pray that he stays away from ’Opal Town’ or else he’ll only be walking into his own demise. Even if killing isn’t allowed in a safe zone, if he refuses to leave then he won’t be able to level up. If that happens then hehe, we can kill him any time we want when we become even stronger".

"Hmph! Serves him right for trying to toy with us!" Tina had a smile of delight on her face as though she could not wait to see the show!

Ryder chuckled a bit as his eyes turned cold. He was the first one killed by Izroth, so of course, he hated him to his very core.

"Oh? What’s this pile trash doing here? Could it be you didn’t learn your lesson last time? Or have you come to beg for forgiveness?"

Mick, Ryder, and Tina suddenly heard an extremely familiar voice coming from the side of them.

"It’s you...!" Mick facial expression turned extremely ugly when he saw the person who dared to talk to them in such a manner. But shortly after, he couldn’t control his happiness at the thought of what would soon happen to this person before him as a huge grin formed on his face. Izroth, at last, returned to ’Opal Town’!

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Realm of Myths and Legends Chapter 21 Its Only the Beginning